Shibby gets Spanked


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As far as I am aware this file is the first of it's kind. I know there are a few of you out there, that are switches or tops, who secretly just want to take me over your knee and spank me red. So I’m going to take you down, because my devotion to you requires me to give YOU pleasure. Masters cock is so important, what true slave wouldn’t want to entrance you into feeling the pleasure of my lips on it with a word?

While you’re down I make you feel like the king you are, and I your devoted pleasure slave. While you’re down, you take me across your knee and give me the spanking I desperately need as each time you hear your hand coming down on my ass, your dick grows harder, your arousal grows stronger… as I feel your cock, pushing...pressing against my belly. Rubbing faster and faster against me as the spanks get harder and harder.

And if that doesn't make you explode in an amazing HFO, a good girl would naturally get on her knees, with her mouth pressed against your cock, speaking softly into it as my lips and throat pump your cock as I speak softly against it, words of devotion taking you down further as my greedy mouth urges you to explode inside of it.