Scratching Sounds

The audio includes sound effects of fingers scratching across varied textures.

Brain Squeeze

I love having an obedient toy who will let me experiment with all sorts of new and wonderful things. Especially ones I can use on someone else. On a boy who's open minded, and eager to see all the different ways in which I can work my hypnotic magic. On a good boy, like you... You don't mind letting me explore you a little do you? To be my little test bunny? You see I just found this new...

Hypnotic ASMR Blowjob

Every sensation you feel, caused by me, meant by me. I am here to help you experience pleasure. Just relax and close your eyes, enjoy the intimacy of the sounds I make as I whisper in your ears and play around them, causing shivers and tingles to spark all over your body. Concentrate on the tingly sensation, let it expand and run rampant over your body until you a quivering mess of pleasure....

Headphone Play ASMR

Get ready to feel muffled and bound, my naughty little pet. A snippet from a live recording I thought you might like :)

Come Get in Bed with Me

Just a short little snippet born from playing around a live recording. Great to put right before a file, to help relax you into bed before listening to one of my files. Perfect to listen to before any of my files, to help you relax and get comfortable for me, so you can sink even deeper when the hypnosis begins. Just slide under the covers with me.

ASMR Moaning and Tingling

Just relax and focus on the sounds I make. Let them wash over you, and concentrate on how they make you feel, the responses they bring up from your body. The tingling... My whispers will guide you into relaxing trance and tingling. No formal induction. No wakener. This file should be used as a body or deepener in conjunction with other files.


A short clip, where I whisper about scratching.