Hello and welcome

I’m Shibby.
I create Erotic Hypnosis MP3 files, as well as Erotic, Femdom and ASMR files. Tomboy roleplays are another favorite of mine- but I do a bunch of other stuff too. I created the Shibbydex to help you to easily locate my files through tags, descriptions and other personalized options in order to more efficiently enjoy my content.
I do so love being efficient.

I do not and will not, ever make financial domination files. I clearly mark all my files with a tagging system- you can find out more about that over in the FAQ. Remember, all files have a “Spoiler” tag- just click “spoilers on” to find more information about them if you want to know what you’re getting into.


I’m deeply fucking passionate about my art, writing intense scripts, recording alluring audio, editing in layers, binaurals and a multitude of entrancing effects that will submerge you into a state of nirvana deeper than you’ve ever been… and that will fucking compel you into a state of submission that you’ve never before experienced.

What initially began as a hobby for me has (thanks to my supporters on Patreon) turned this into my full-time gig. I cannot even begin to express how wonderful it is, how happy I am, and how much your continued support is appreciated. I want to make and do so many things in this kinky world- and with your support, I will.

To newcomers, I’m glad you’ve come here, stay awhile, look around, and listen to a file or two. I have a natural affinity for dirty talk, there is nothing quite like it for me, that heady dominatrix feeling of bringing you to your knees with nothing but my voice.

And... Trust me, I know how to make you like it.

As you feel increasingly sexually stimulated, I will continue to guide you towards tempestuous, explosive experiences and sensations that you will never find elsewhere. Let me guide you… mentally and physically into euphoria.

Deeper and deeper...

Additional information

I take pride in writing, recording and editing most of my files, managing my platforms and content almost entirely by myself. I have a minion or two to help me (it’s in their contracts that I get to call them that) - but you can be assured that it’s not some man’s mind behind the content - it’s me… my desires for you, my control over you… They’re genuine and personal.

Peruse my plethora of free files either on my YouTube channel or here on the Shibbydex. Try one out to discover why I’m regarded as one of the premier dirty talkers within the industry.

Additionally, I encourage you to check my “links” section and consider joining my Patreon for early releases of content, behind-the-scenes and exclusive recording sessions.
Also, it’ll make me smile.

My content

I have various kinks, primarily related to Female Domination. While that is conveyed through many of my files, I also have a massive exhibitionist kink. I like to make all the things. Let me help you accept yourself as the naughty slut you are- safely knowing I consider it a good thing.

I derive great pleasure in being the one to expose you to new and exciting kinks. However, I also create non-FemDom Erotic Hypnosis files; both kinky and vanilla.

All of my files are fully labelled with triggers and how I want you to feel, as well as what I want you to do. If you enjoy demanding regimens, I urge you to try out my Cum Calendars. With the HypnoSlave Calendar, you’re permitted to cum everyday… BUT only under my instruction. With the Sissy Calendar, you’re permitted to cum only on specific days. You’ll have to earn it.

That being said, Hands-Free Orgasms and commanding Guided Masturbation is generally the norm. I’ll make you my hypnoslave. As you delve into my files, you may become increasingly addicted to my voice as I brainwash and condition you into the good pet you are.
Don’t worry, I only want the best for you.

What is Erotic Hypnosis anyway?

For me, erotic hypnosis or “hypno-sex” means more than just giving you orgasms. My Erotic Hypnosis recordings attempt to elicit a specific sexual goal (i.e., hands-free orgasm, relaxation, pleasurable state of mind).

My audio files suggestively guides you into a trance-like state using only my voice to suggest specific attitudes, behaviors and/or actions.

Erotic hypnosis is a method through which I assist in enhancing the fantasies, actions, desires and emotions that you already enjoy. I find excitement in helping you draw out things that you would otherwise keep concealed; allowing you to become more sensitive and lower your inhibitions if that is what you desire.

If you’d like to find out more about erotic hypnosis, I’d encourage you to visit the r/EroticHypnosis subreddit which is full of educational information and a wonderful community that loves to discuss it.

Disclaimer: You should not listen to my recordings while driving, operating machinery or things that you would not otherwise do while intoxicated. You have been warned.

Some suggested files to start with

For men who are new to my work, I generally recommend the following free hypnosis files as an introduction to what I can do:

- Good Boy Series: My starting file in Erotic FemDom Hypnosis is a 25 minute Hands Free Orgasm (or HFO) file called My Sweet Boy. This recording installs a return to trance trigger, and a reward trigger whenever I call you a good boy - right before I snap you to orgasm.
- Clench
- Slave. Obey.
- My Sybian
- Object of our desires

* The above-listed files can be found for free on my SoundGasm page with the exception of My Sybian 2 which is currently only available for Patrons.

Improv Romantic Hypnosis

For those of you seeking to experience the comfort and excitement of improv romantic hypnosis with a laughing, dominant girlfriend, I highly recommend the initial autio from my ongoing series, “Sex with a ‘Tist” - Blowjob from a ‘Tist (21 min)... not your typical hypnosis recording.

Have you ever wondered what would happen when I’m in the middle of sucking and my jaw gets tired? Ironically, I just use it more to finish you off with my words. Blowjob from a ‘Tist contains some triggers from my Good Boy series, so be sure to listen to that first.