What is the "Shibbydex"?

The Shibbydex is a detailed catalogue of all files that I (Shibby) have produced to date, totally over 500 audios thus far. It is designed to be a comprehensive breakdown of the hypnosis techniques used within each audio

How long have you been doing erotic hypnosis for?

Since 2016

What is your accent?

At this point it's my accent. I use a lot of voices in my work and they all seem to blend together sometimes. The specific combination is Australian and North East American, but once I've had a few drinks it tends to go all over the place

Can I listen to you live?

Yes you can! I usually record live a few times a month on my Discord, but that can vary. Check out my schedule for further information

How do I setup this Discord thing

Easy! Theres a bunch of rewards for patrons too as well

I'm new to hypnosis, where do I start?

Anywhere is best at first. Repetition and a willing mind is the key to going deeper down. The shibbydex will have its own “Beginners” section, but for now here are my recommendations:
Shibby's Series
Orgasmic Training
HFO help
Self improvement

I know you like board games, what are some of your favorites?

For two player I love:
Clank! (all of them, I love all the clank games)
Hanabi for a really fun co-op game
Dice Forge