Tutorial and Support

Patreon Integration Guide

Linking your Patreon account to unlock exclusive files is as simple as going to your Profile page on the Shibbydex (shibbydex.com/profile) and clicking the big “Patreon Integration'' button. Follow the on screen prompts and you will see your Profile page on the Shibbydex now displays core integration information. If for whatever reason you would like to unlink the ‘Dex from Patreon then click the red box “Remove Patreon Integration”.

If your Patreon integration on the Shibbydex is not display the correct Tier then here are a few tips to fix your issue:

1) Make sure Google Chrome is updated to the latest version

2) Clear your browser cache

3) Try unlinking and relinking Patreon Integration on the Profile page of the Shibbydex

4) Wait until the next day - Patreon API can take a day or so to update

5) Contact the support team directly if the issue does not resolve itself [email protected]

Haptic Support Guide

The Shibbydex is proud to offer integration of haptic vibrations for over 100 files. You can find links to recommended devices and affiliate links to support me in the descriptions for enabled files. Every supported file has a little spiral haptic symbol, so it is as simple as syncing your device and the Shibbydex will automatically connect with it. The new Profile page also offers users the ability to customize both the haptic vibration strength, and delay of the pattern. This is especially useful for those who want to experience files all the way to the end but might find the vibrations too powerful. And users who have poor internet or wireless connections.

Please note that you must have a PC with Bluetooth connectivity or Android phone (with Bluetooth enabled). At this stage we cannot offer Mac or iOS support, but we will soon!

Here are the basics of how to link your device with the Shibbydex

1) Download Intiface App for PC, Android, Mac or iOS.

2) Run Intiface, and click the big green “Play” icon. Keep the App running in the background for as long as you’d like to keep your device synced with the Shibbydex.

2) Make sure your Google Chrome is updated to the latest version, and do NOT have the Lovense App open.

4) Go to the file page of your choice on the Shibbydex, if everything is syncing correctly then the haptic icon should automatically turn Green.

5) Click play on the file, and enjoy the good vibrations!