Shibby’s LIVE Recording

Here’s how it works

First off- It’s free!
Well, one version of it is.
No money needed to listen, just a respect of those on my discord server, and a lust for my voice.
You can listen LIVE on discord.
For patrons on my Hypnoslut tier, you will often be given an exclusive link to listen to the LIVE recording in stereo sound. You can find that link in the discord channel “Patreon Live Recording”, or on patreon itself.
Here is a short video showing you how to connect discord integration with Patreon

How to Listen

Listening is easy, I have my own discord server, and youtube channel.
You can listen on your mobile, or at your computer.
Just download discord Here- it’s a free app.
A lot of people use this app for gaming… so you don’t really have to worry about someone finding it on your computer so much.

And then once you’ve done that come to my server by clicking this link.
It will bring you to my welcome page, where I go over the rules for my server.
The main one is don’t annoy me.
Once you have the rules down pat...
On the left you will see channels. Just scroll them down a bit (the scrolling down is independent from the chat box) until you find the one marked “Recording”
Click on “Recording-Channel-Chat”
Here you can check out the chat and where I announce my live recordings, and the files I will be recording. The chat is also what I am reading to interact with you guys while recording.
Once in there it’s time to hop in the voice channel!
It’s the one that says “Recording” with a little sound icon to the left of it. You’ll probably see a whole bunch of other people hopping in there, and once your avatar is with theirs you will know you are in!
I generally join 5 or so minutes before the time I have announced to start recording, so you won’t hear anything until I do.

Everyone but me is muted in my channel- so just consider yourself gagged ;)
If you want to communicate, type in the recording channel chat. I don’t always answer, but there are a lot of helpful people who might.

Make sure you go into your discord settings and turn off notifications of when people enter the room.

Otherwise, you will hear a “ping” every time someone joins in to listen, which can detract from your trance or listening pleasure. Also a lot of people can come in at once, making it really annoying.
1. Go to settings
2. Go to notification settings
3. Scroll down to the sounds section, look for the “user join” and “user leave” option and turn both of them off
4. Save setting and enjoy

What I Record

Record all sorts of stuff! Everything from me playing with myself, to scripts I like from GWA or wrote myself, to Hypnosis files which will get a lot of editing later but still sound really good in a natural format live.
Sometimes I need layers of moaning, or blowjobs, handjobs, or other sounds- and a lot of times that leads to an impromptu session of me popping in the recording channel so anyone who wants to can listen in.
In case you haven’t noticed… I’m a tiny bit of an exhibitionist. Having you there listening… makes it sooo much more exciting for me.

When/How often I Record

It kind of boils down to when I feel like it.
Sometimes I will plan it out ahead of time, and give a few days notice- some weeks I even make a schedule for the weeks recording.
Sometimes I just get horny and want to moan a little and pop in and start recording with minutes to no warning.
Occasionally I see a script on GWA that is so me I just have to make it right away!
The best way to find out when I am recording is to keep the discord server online. I generally try to send a @everyone message before I begin recording live, so it will ping you and give you a notification.
Full schedules(when I have them) I sometimes put on my subreddit.

The one issue I have with schedules is sometimes the appointed time comes… and I’m not in the mood. And I feel my best work is done when I am in a horny or toppy head space.

Or lawnmowers. They are the bane of my recording existence.

When live recordings turn into edited files and I release them

It depends. Some are simple, I can edit them in an hour or two for a finished file. Others, needing sound effects, layering, and especially hypnosis files can take up to 20 hours to fully fine tune.
Once I am ready, if the script is from GWA it is released for free, to reddit and everywhere else all at the same time. Now, GWA only allows one posting a day, and I feel my files each deserve their own time to shine, so it can take a few days to weeks before anyone sees them.
If I wrote the script, or if it was an improv, or one of the scripts someone on my patreon commissioned me to make, or occasionally a hypnosis file that took a lot of work and so the author is ok with it- than most likely it will be held for patrons only for a month or 3 before being released for free on reddit.

Why you should listen live

Well… for one thing, it makes me happy. :)
I perform better when I have an audience, and I get off on it more recording my creations when I know you’re listening.
It’s also a different way to experience me.
There is something so much more intimate about listening while I am moaning and saying dirty things, giving you commands and taking you down into trance.
I enjoy interacting, I’m in my dominatrix headspace, and between sets of me recording files is a great time to ask questions, or tell me what a good boy you are knowing I am reading it right that moment. Sometimes I just go into top space and start talking low and dirty and fucking with your head from nowhere.
I like to banter, and you might find it fun to hear about what goes into files, or what I am planning- or input your own ideas and encourage me to start editing your favorite file as opposed to another so it comes out first.
Getting to know me as a person, can also help you to trust me more, allowing you to go even deeper into trance with this added connection for a more rewarding experience.

It won’t be as polished as my files are

When I am recording live, I make mistakes- so unlike my finished files where those mistakes are edited out, you’re going to hear the bumps, the stumbled words, the clearing of my throat I do to make it easier to find and fix, and the repetition of whatever sentence I just fucked up.
A lot of files I like to do have sound effects and backgrounds I put in later, and discord only allows for mono recording- So for the stereo version,(which sounds so much more yum and leads to ASMR) you’ll have to wait for the finished file.
Also helicopters and really loud trucks can cause me to pause until the sound is gone so my recording will be clean.
Lawn mowers shut me down and force me to reschedule.
However you can always stream background binaurals or music while I record...

Awesome Links you should check out for hypnosis recordings

Ultimate Binaural Beat Generator

When I am recording a hypnosis file, it doesn’t start off with binaurals, I add them later. So listening live if you enjoy the enhancement binaural beats bring to trance, this is hands down the best site. Just click the link, play with the tones a bit, and search for a tone that draws you in, makes your mind a bit fuzzy… your thinking slow.
And just pop it on a bit before I begin!

Alternatively, youtube has a lot of really great background hypnosis music for free you can stream behind my voice while I am recording. It adds a nice peaceful feel, and will help keep any mistakes or bumps from disturbing your trance too much.

Spirals via Nimjas awesome site

Now while in many of my hypnosis files, I have you close your eyes… it’s not immediate and a good spiral works wonders on the visually inclined. Eye fatigue as your brain tries to process the fast moving lines, leads you to start feeling a bit sleepy… which is amplified by my voice and commands.
So if you like spirals- well, Nimjas awesome site is the go to.
Check it out, customize the spiral or image that draws you in, and also see how easy it is to add text to them.
Sometimes I will give a list before recording a hypnosis file, of trigger words or conditioning phrases from the file I am about to record.
Just add those words/phrases to the text adding thing, and this will help draw you deeper and increase the effectiveness of your trance.