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Thank you so much for considering supporting me through Patreon.

I always seek to challenge myself in whatever I do, and whilst you can still expect just as much (if not more) of the content you’ve come to know me for, I like making new things! <3

If you are new to my work, or supporting me, you may find my Patreon a bit confusing at first.
In regards to my Erotic Audio files, I am moving to only using Patreon as the payment portal.
You signing up there, results in you being able to access files and rewards here.
I don't really want my Patreon to be blank though.
So since I have you as a captive audience anyways, I will start sharing photos, videos, cute gifs and content of my non-human pets.
That’s why you will see a whole lot of cute cat and horse content. Safe for work audios and guided meditations are shown there as well, as well as some of my twitch streaming.

New audios will still be put up on the Shibbydex every week!

And you will still get access to those new files according to your tier on this Patreon.

I also have exciting plans for my vtube-avatar that is finally finished, which I am sure you’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of very very soon, and will hopefully mean a lot more streaming on twitch and other places. For that reason I intend to rebrand the ShibbySays Patreon.

Supporting me on Patreon is all about exactly that. Supporting Me. In all my creations.

As an added bonus for supporting me on Patreon, you also get access to a whole host of content on the Shibbydex! Once you sign up, and register here, simply visit your profile page to link this site to your Patreon account. You can find a comprehensive list of the Tier rewards that unlocks below.

Tier 1 - Hypnosub - $5


You will always be ahead of the general public as I release each of my audio files to them months after you've already experienced it.
- You get Early Access!*
- Exclusive access to over 20 files to tempt you. No waiting, just lovely trances.
Here is a list with links of files that are currently for patrons only. You can also filter files by each specific tier here on the Shibbydex search page.

* This only applies to nsfw audio I script and record myself. Script fills come out free when they are released, unless otherwise agreed upon with the writer.

Tier 2 - Hypnoslave - $10


Welcome to a melty mind, and my Minion army. Every so often, I will make a bonus loop from one of the files I created, and will frequently release extra variations and versions of files exclusive to this tier and above, to give you choices in how you go down into trance with me.
- Extra Content!
- Hypnosis files with a Naked option — free of music or binaural beats, and sometimes special effects as well — so you can put your own sounds in the background, or simply listen to my natural voice.
- Bonus Loops
- Extra versions and variations of files, including loops, for a more tailored experience under my control.
- Scripts
- Access to over 50 scripts from my collection, and sometimes live scripts I’m currently working on writing.
- You also get all lower rewards included as well.

Tier 3 - Hypnoslut - $15


Since Hypnosluts just can’t get enough and crave the intimacy of enjoying my voice live, they will also get access (when applicable) to my previous uncut live recordings, allowing them to listen on-demand.
With 10 episodes for Hypnosluts out in the first year already, I plan on releasing many more in the future.
- Extra Content!
- Access to Naked and On-Demand live recordings when they first become available.
- Discord rewards + Exclusive chat channel
- You also get all lower rewards included as well.

Tier 4 - Devoted Pet - $25


You want to be that Devoted sub who gets to hear my unfinished work before everyone else. You want to be the one to proof-test my audios to please me. To get to see little special snippets from behind the scenes, as I work on discord, and upload pieces of audio seeking feedback.
I’ll treat you like my little rubber ducky to bounce ideas off of, and you will hear things that may never reach the ears of others, or be posted like my finished files.
- Beta Tester!
- Access to unrealised files and ideas from my collection, and sometimes snippets from what I’m currently working on.
- Discord rewards + Exclusive behind the scenes channel
- You also get all lower rewards included as well.

Tier 5 - Worshipful Subject - $50


Some slaves are so devoted, they don’t need anything extra.
You want nothing more than to make me happy, and to support all the devilish little plans running around in my head.
You enjoy what I do to you, and simply want to see what I come up with next, only desiring the pleasurable feeling that comes from knowing you were useful to your Domina.
- My Pleasure is your pleasure
- You also get all the lower rewards as well

All Tiers

Good sluts.
You are all the reason my files are getting better. You are the reason I have more time to spend on this amazingly fun kink.
I have lots of kinks, but this one has become one of my favorites thanks to your support.
Please. Only pledge to me if it is something you can comfortably do within your finances.
If you can go out and buy a coffee without stressing over it, feel free to subscribe and support me!
But if you are not in a comfortable enough place where it is trivial to do so, don’t worry about subscribing!
Use your money to invest in yourself until you *are* in a place where it is trivial- You can always support me in other ways, with comments, shares, and upvotes on my content.
Especially now with my animal related content, helping me succeed by sharing and commenting is the best support of all you can give. <3