HFO Association

Association is quite simple really, and yet it can be so incredibly rewarding. The idea that you can see, hear, smell, touch or even just think of something, anything at all, and your mind will form a connection to it — a Proustian rush. In this file I gently tweak and rearrange those connections, creating a new set of positive associations in your mind. To make you sink deeper. To make you...

Hypnotic Joy

Hey- You seem a bit… distracted? Are you getting bored, perhaps, of all the pointless day to day distractions of modern life... The incessant too and fro. The chaotic bustle. All those hectic racing thoughts. Focus. Don’t you really just want to come play with me instead? Just me and you, together. There's nothing I love more than to spend some time with you, my favorite little slut....

Reaffirmations for My Sweet Little Sub

Now that your relationship has grown more serious, you’ve begun accompanying your boyfriend to his very large family’s Sunday dinners. Of course, while there, you tend to ease off the playful femdom overtones of your female-led relationship, while he tends to revert into mimicking his male relatives’ men-of-the-world attitudes. Only tonight, on the drive home, you realize how little...

You're Just A Toy

As irresistible to you. As it is irresistible to me. That's the beauty of hypnosis. That's why you're so precious to me. I sense who, and what you are... And I feel the excitement rise, even as my anxiety fades. And I taste power, and pleasure, at the thought of playing with somebody. Thinking of you all so blank, and floaty, and feeling so nice. It draws me in... It draws me to take...

Enter the Ninja

You awaken to the sound of my nibbling your ears. You can’t hide it from me, I know you’ve wanted this for a long time. Our clans may be at war, but I know something that can unite us all…

Your girlfriend helping you go to sleep

A lovingly sweet and vanilla script written by u/insomnia_swede. Your girlfriend slips into bed beside you, but finds you're still awake and that you cannot sleep. “Shush now, my love. I am here with you, that is all that matters… Let me do the talking.”

How Dare You Make Me So Horny

How fucking dare you. Do you know what you do to me? — Do you know how excited I am? Just listen at how fucking depraved you make me feel. Make no mistake, I’m in charge but even I have my limits on how much I can take.                      ...

Irresistible Illusion

You can’t fight it. You can’t escape it. Fate is just an illusion — An irresistible illusion. In this file I relate to you a new story, told in the same way as “Sleight of Voice” with all my tricks in play. Your conscious mind will once more listen on the right-side, while I tailor the subconscious to my desires. Come. Let me take you on a little journey, one of self discovery...

Yes No Game

Who wants to play a little game with me? It’s pretty simple, and there’s really just one rule. Whenever I say “Yes”, you have permission to pleasure yourself. The more I say it, the more I moan it, the faster you have to go! But if I say “No”, you have to stop. Right then and there. No excuses. Hands at your side. I'm going to have you on edge sweetheart. ...

Submissive Sissy Slut

You find yourself at a club. Not the kind with flashing neon lights, loud music, and crowds of strangers dancing. No. It’s the kind of club you would only find if you really knew where to look. In a back­room, down a velvet-entry­way, reserved for only those special few with all-night access. Your friend is up at the bar. She told you she was going to order drinks for when you...


Good Ribbit. Now bounce on that lily pad for me.

The Ritual

Your training has been slowly progressing over the past few weeks, as you have adjusted to your new life of chastity amidst this exotic sex club. You’ve become so diligent in taking care of yourself, and your stunning feminine appearance has only reached new heights of beauty. But something in you is holding back, a remnant of your past. The latest tests of your performance have ended in...

The Hypnohire

“Hi, Thank you so much for meeting with me for this interview —”
You are the boss of your company out for an interview with this potential new hire but as she hands you her application documents, things take an unexpected turn...

Drained in Denim

I love finding more ways to control you, more ways to tie your desires with me. Finding new threads to tug, unravelling your mind before me. Threads that weave around and around inside your brain. My voice is so soft as it slips past your defences so easily. Surrounding you, enveloping your consciousness with my words.
They cross, they knot, they twist and entwine. Your mind becoming...

The Slave Auction

It's been fun playing with you, but it will be even more fun watching you up on that auction block, squirming and not knowing who will buy you, what they will do to you. But first, we have to box you up and send you there, there will be plenty of ASMR as I drag you down into a submissive slave state and inspect you for delivery It's completely out of your hands and you are helpless.

Drip Drop

Drop for me my sweet pet, welcoming in my influence as it washes over you.

Stroke to the Licks

Relax and let me control your tempo, let me control your pleasure. Touch... as I lick. Stroke... as I suck. And don't you dare finish until I tell you to.

The Shibby Spiral

Now, I’m just going to get you into the right mindset for tonight. To help you go to a wonderful void of thought. Towards a place called Trance. You're here to be taken down and away from all your worries... You just want to be placed completely under someone else's control. So I have a gift for you, a nice little symbol and ritual of submission you can take with you anywhere you feel...

Your Wife's Supercharged Hex Strapon

Welcome to a quasi-futuristic steampunk reality where magical energy has finally been harnessed with the power of technology. With this great new innovation available to the vast non-magical population, of course it would be used to create sextoys like never before! Tonight is swingers night so both you and your wife had dates all setup. Unfortunately, your date bailed on you. But don’t...

Shibby's Minion's Milking Day

Domina is home! C’mon, scurry to me Minions! Good Pets. It’s so wonderful to have you all here, ears perked up, standing to attention. My whole array of Minions. You know what day it is? It’s Milking Day! I hope you’ve all been Good Minions, and been especially productive this week. Otherwise I’ll have to punish you all equally, and I truly hate mistreating my obedient...

Ode to Your Cock Cage

Before clicking on this file, I want your cock caged. Simple as that. ♡                                                                  ...

Edging Survival Mode

What is the optimal time to edge for? Well, as long as you can obviously... This file will test your limits, the more you edge and resist, the more points you get.
The goal is to get the highest  possible score for me.                      ...

Futa Fuckbattery Transformation

Before we start this audio, it’s very important to me that we will not be disturbed. Make sure that you are isolated and comfortable. Whether you prefer to sit or lie down is completely up to you, but you have to be naked for me. For this audio I will require full access to your both your mind and body. I will demand your full attention and obedience. Your complete focus and submission. I am...

HFO Brainwashing Loop

When I am finally done with you, it will be so easy for you to simply cum on command. To ejaculate whenever I say. You see, slut, in this loop I’m going to train you. I’m going to layer my voice to the vibrations, track by track, and trigger by trigger, until I make you release for me. Till the vibing pulsing rhythms break all resistance down, and you succumb to my control over you. ...

Sleight of Voice

In this file, I am going to play with your mind. Your conscious mind will listen to the right-hand side, while I tinker with the subconscious, embedding my staple triggers deeper inside you. I will use all manner of social tricks and triggers I have in my arsenal. And you won’t be any the wiser, you won’t even hear them... But you will feel them. ...


Welcome to the third & final file in “My Latex Series”, and the last step in your journey through slavery to prove you are special. After all this time. All these years spent listening to me. It really has been a long way down into my dungeon, sweet­­heart. Remember? ... All those many many nights spent together, deep within my rubber world, offering up your mind and body to me. It has...

Brain Squeeze

I love having an obedient toy who will let me experiment with all sorts of new and wonderful things. Especially ones I can use on someone else. On a boy who's open minded, and eager to see all the different ways in which I can work my hypnotic magic. On a good boy, like you... You don't mind letting me explore you a little do you? To be my little test bunny? You see I just found this new...

Queen Femininity

My Voice. It lingers to stay inside your mind, long after the final word has been spoken. It seems to nestle itself down into the deepest corners of your thoughts — My Voice. Like the faintest echo, it's never quite there but never truly completely gone. Like a spell gently settling upon you, slowly taking up residence in the palace of your waking dreams. I whisper along every hallway, I...

Pleasure for a poor neglected Slut

You poor thing. Have I been neglecting you? I'm sorry I've been a little busy lately. I have a new addiction. It seems like you might be a little bit addicted to me. Addicted to hypnosis. Addicted to my control I have over you. My poor needy little slut. My Good Slut. You have been a Good Slut, haven't you? Don't worry, I'm here to make it up to you, getting lost in playing with you, while...

The Milking Chair

I want you to sit down somewhere that's soft and comfortable. You can lie down if you want to but this experience will work better if you're seated in a soft, comfortable chair. Get naked for me and maybe put a towel underneath you. When you're seated and comfortable, I want you to put your hands on the arm-rest. Relax your shoulders and let them take the weight of your arms. Lean your head...

This Will Soon Pass

I know it feels scary and uncomfortable right now. But you are not in actual danger. Your heart is pounding and your chest feels tight, but that's alright. You are safe and in no real danger. Let me help you relax. I want to. I will be here for as long as you need me.

Choose Me- No Choose Me!

Two friends invite you over so you can help them fix some stuff around the house. After all that hard work you did, they want to reward you... properly. Problem is, they BOTH want to be the one to give you that ultimate reward. In this part one, two girls- Shibby and Kasey, take turns giving you a blowjob while the other licks and whispers into your ear, giving you shivers of pleasure as...

Hi, I'm Shibby. And Soon You'll be a Strapped Down, Squirming MESS.

Relax as I gently guide you down, reassuring you that this is only a temporary thing. Come and allow me to bring out your submissive side, as I claim dominance over your mind - but only for this file. You are safe with me. I promise to remove all triggers and influence at the end of this file, leaving you better then I found you. My only continuing commands after you wake up, will be for...

Be a Good Slut and Don't Move

Don't move. It's time for a bit of punishment. Where you stand absolutely fucking still while I touch you. Stroke you... Play with you.

Take Your Medicine

Before we do anything. Let me start out with a disclaimer. This file isn't like my others. It's a little rougher. The subject matter is dark, descriptive, and a little dangerous. If that doesn't sit well with you. I suggest you stop reading now. This is a file for all my sluts that truly can't help themselves. A true magnum opus of kinky collaboration written by broken and Alz. ...

Clicking Orders

Follow the Pattern. Follow the Plan.                                                                  ...

It puts the Paint on the Pixel and then it feels good

Come my Drones and paint r/place with me. We have already claimed so much! A bit of fun - I would like to state that this is ALL for fun, and if we are overrun our only response is joyous rebellion. DO NOT harass anyone doing counter spaces, it's harassment and detracts from the fun. That said... I've always wanted a fun way to display my power over my wonderful drones. Come be one with...

Playing with My Pussy

Welcome to a very exclusive and luxurious kink spa. Where we cater to rare fetishes & desires, and make your dreams come true. Come be helpless, wet, transformed into mud that I rub all over my body — I absorb you, condense you — you find yourself concentrated into MY Pussy. Here I tease you. I play with you. I rub and finger until together we just burst       ...

Good Enby

You are perfect just the way you are. Good Enby.

Rambling in the park with puppy

Everyone’s lives get busy, even performers on GWA. Recently I haven’t been able to push as much new content out there as I’d like, so today, on my walk through the park, I thought it’d be nice to make a quick little ramble letting all my fans know what I'm up to these days. Oh, and by-the-by, part of what’s keeping me so busy is my new puppy and all the training it requires. ...

Body Worship

Called back after class by your yoga teacher, she noticed you were almost hypnotized staring at her. She has special training in store for you... And 'almost' is going to disappear with the rest of your mind.

Futa Abduction 2: Transformation

The second part and long awaited return to my “Futa Abduction” series, collaborating my ideas and voice once more with u/ShadowedScripts scintillating writing; it's time again for you to be taken! You are accepted... You will remember… My sisters have decided. You will be prepared for service, for Futa cock. Prepared to receive your purpose, your changes, to be remade in our image....

Sweet and Snappy ASMR

Each sensation an invitation to sink deeper. Just relax and let me take care of you for awhile...

Let's Quarantine Together

I'm so sorry you are sick, all I want is for you to feel better, for you to feel GOOD. I do not have the energy to ride you, to fuck you - I'd probably suffocate if I tried to blow you or eat you out. So grab your vibrator and we will pleasure each other with the lowest effort needed! And if you are really sick - I get it if you don't have the energy. ...

Rubber Plugged Ride

Hey sweetheart, I’m really hoping this isn’t your first time with me, I wouldn’t want you to think this is how I am… all the time. I’m going to be rough with you. You will be bound deep into trance, where I will play with you in a world of my creation. A world where you are brutally invaded. Stretched… Raped - over and over and over… Violated in every way we can think...

Bound Deeper Deepener

My voice twists around you as rope binds you deeper down into trance...                                                                  ...

Something short and sweet for you

A sweet and short scenario with lots of cuddling and praising. Script by u/HighlyAdventurous

Brain Slut 2

It's been quite a while now since your mind was truly stretched for me in the original "Brain Slut". I hope you haven't forgotten any of your conditioning. I very much doubt you have, but let's not take any chances now. Just to make sure, I think it's time I showed your brain what a whore it really is. Bound up in my spider's web of words. Asserting my absolute dominance over you, teasing...

Discovered in the Bedroom

Oh my god. Did you see the girl your roommate brought home tonight? What a snacc ! Mmm, maybe I need to be trading up to a curvier model. Awww, don’t look so scared. You’re a much more fun to fuck than she could ever be. Nobody else could ever submit for me the way you do, my little pet. You’re such a good little slut for me. And only me. Remember the bet we made the other day? ...

Hypnotherapist Bullies You Into Submission

You're going to feel blank and stupid and horny. Let's face it, this is a common occurrence for you. Lately, I've noticed you've become a bit... obsessed. Listen, I think I might have an idea of what we could do to make you better. Something we haven’t tried before. It will require us to step outside the boundaries of the standard treatment protocol, which is really not something I’m...

Jerk to the Snaps

Start clothed on this one. Don't worry, that won't last long - it's just that I'M going to be the one to decide when that changes. There is just something so exciting about a powerful woman. You can't help but obey because you want to obey, because I give you those deep feelings of pleasure. Today, I'm going to play with my favourite toy of all. You.

Blissed Out Blowjob

You look tense, sweetheart. Would you like me to help take care of that? Then listen to me pet, and let my calming words soothe it away... My voice, like gravity, is inevitable. Irresistible in that you can resist, if you choose, but even then, only for so long. It is so very tiring when you resist. Like fighting against sleep. The longer you stay awake, the more you crave its sweet...

Good Boys get a Reward

Are you being a good boy? Prove it. Play for me just how I tell you. Submit yourself to my control and decision on if you get to cum. If you really are a good boy... You will be rewarded with PLEASURE.                      ...

The Big Bang

Relax for me, you are a Good Submissive. Settle yourself down in a quiet, comfy spot and and allow yourself to drift down into subspace. See a rope within your mind. Knots every foot or so, stretching deep into the blank void inside your mind. Inside is trance. Inside is submission. A pit, endless, you can always go deeper. With every number you feel yourself grabbing a knot and pulling...

Summoning the Succubus 2 - Fuckbattery

Brought back down. Down into my realm, my lair. Back down to be turned into a fuckbattery for a wickedly beautiful Succubus, who wants nothing but your pleasure. Your frustration driving you to higher and higher paths of ecstasy as lusty horny thoughts invade your mind, sweet touches and sexual pleasures wrap over and around you, as my voice lulls you deeper and deeper. ...

Slave Mode: Muted

Building on the triggers from my file, "Slip into Slave Mode", in this file I take things further. Making you so helpless, you cannot even speak. From there I torment you in such a wickedly sensual way. Playing with you, commanding you to SPEAK... even though you cannot, even though you struggle to obey me, a duality of desire to please and obey, overwritten by an inability to do so. ...

Slip into Slave Mode

This file will make you feel more submissive. It will take you to a peaceful blank place in your mind, where you are so very vulnerable to my suggestions. In it, I place the trigger 'Slave Mode'. You will feel more submissive when you see those words in text. This trigger will let your mind know it's time to play. Time for you to obey. You will have no choice except to obey while you are in...

Mind Space

Continuing the trend of pushing the envelope of hypnosis based trance experiences with "A Happy Little Orgasm" and the "L.A.T.E.X" Series; this is the experimental brainchild of my broken minion. A guided meditative journey into the great expanse of space and your mind. Mixing music, tantric meditation, hypnosis and yes, even a little bit of singing from yours truly       ...

Your Girlfriend Has Been Reading Your Scripts

This is a bit of a meta-script written by u/Scriptdoctornick. You, the listener, my boyfriend, have taken up writing Fdom scripts for GWA, and I’ve stumbled across them and found out all your secret desires. Am I turned on by your kinks and excited to indulge them? Or pissed off that you've been doing this behind my back? ...

Dropping into the Loop - Thrown Down

So sweet, so cute. So helpless. Helpless to resist my voice. It wraps inside you, plays… Almost sentient in the way the words themselves seem to wrap around your being. Nudging and focusing you towards my goals without you even thinking…

Dropping into the Loop - Rocking Deeper

So hazy, so mindless... So irresistibly swayed by the movement. Just finding the perfect tempo to help you relax. Rock for me, my sweet pet. Rock yourself deeper and deeper into trance.

Dropping into the Loop - Rubber Slut

I want you to tell me what you are. Scream it... I'm a Rubber Slut. Chant it... I'm a Rubber Slut. Until you truly accept that you really are just my empty rubber drone.

Dropping into the Loop - Silent Witness

Stare deeper into my eyes. Watch them glint and sparkle... Try to focus on them, you can think of it like a contest. But every time you blink, just a little, they become so much heavier to open the next time...

Dropping into the Loop - My Voice, My Lips, My Mouth

I know what makes you tick. That burning desire that resides inside of you. You’re a puppet ready to be strung by me, and every part of you is an asset I can bend, exploit. You just can’t get enough of my words, these suggestions I’m whispering in your ears…

Dropping into the Loop - Base File

Blank blue mind. Blank blue thoughts. A washing haze of mindless trance dropping over you, as with this base file for a modular loop series I take control of you. Bringing you up and down as I fractionate you deeper and deeper into bliss.

How long does it take you to get to the edge?

In this audio, you are challenged to stroke your cock in increasingly more intense ways. Starting off with just one finger and slowly working up to being able to stroke hard and fast with your full hand. Depending on how long you can go without getting to the edge, you'll either be denied, ruined or allowed to cum at the end of the audio. nbsp        ...

Helping The Hairdresser

I really need to practice cutting hair and interacting with clients - you're my best friend, you'll help me!

Triggered Into Pleasure

A pure hypnosis file that installs the safeword 'Red' inside you. A word you can use if you ever need it, to pull you out of trance and free from my influence. I need to be able to trust that you can use it, that you can be responsible for yourself. It is my intention that this helps deepen your trust and your trances in the future. ...

Practice of Smiling

You deserve to feel joyful... And I want you to feel joy. Smile :) Its a simple act of meditation. All that I ask is that you sit comfortably, breath calmly, and smile for me.                                            ...

Being Still Meditation

Find a quiet place in which to take a comfortable seat. Relax and listen and just take a moment to appreciate being still.                                            ...

Walking Meditation

Find a safe place with space enough to stand and walk around. Relax and listen and just pay attention to your movement and your connection towards the ground.                                            ...

Visualizing a fountain for healing

Do you wish to immerse yourself in the waters of the fountain of relaxation? Then settle down comfortably with me, and let yourself drift along to my soothing voice...                                            ...

Using sounds as the object of your awareness

You can use sounds as the object of your awareness in both meditation and in your daily life. Find a free moment in your day to truly listen, and prepare to focus...                                            ...

Mindfulness while being Creative

I'd love to see what creations you come up with during our time together. I won't judge your skill. This is a safe place, and the most important thing is getting lost in the process and the joys of being creative. So go grab something to draw with, and something to draw on... Then press play, and prepare to relax in a comfortable and creative head space. ...

Mental relaxation for Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our busy lives. And as I guide you through this meditation together... As we imagine the winding river of your mind flowing through the seasons... I want to help answer some of the questions at the back of your mind that might be holding you back from falling asleep. To help relax your mind together through the practice of mindfulness. As we observe the flow of...

Feeling strong and confident

You are strong. There is a strength within you. Let me help you to remember in this short exercise together.                                            ...

Genetic Conquest

This story takes place in a science fiction setting including some alien activity. It focuses on the story of a woman who gives in to her urges instead of doing her job. Instead of inserting the listener into the experience, you will take a more voyeuristic approach, much as you would reading a story or watching a video. Still completely possible to immerse yourself into the experience, but...

Call of the Wild

This audio whispers in your mind, stories of a time before Earth as we know it. It takes you deep into a magical forest where you’ll be met with a beautiful, radiant woman who goes by the name: Mother Nature.                      ...

8 Hour Arousal

I've been working on quite a few fun things for you loves... Using my voice, and HypnoticSwitch's Virtual Reality know how, we have created what is sure to be a fun new experience within your journey into hypnosis: Experience being programmed, in a virtual environment. Arousal. It's such a simple thing, such an ancient and primal feeling that builds up within us, often without control or...

Proper Worship

A lovely script I was commissioned to make. Lovely in such a cruel, cruel way.

Transitional Touching

I want you to start by finding a video, a very specific, pornographic video. One with a woman, one so very close to an ideal you. There shouldn’t be too much talking, just a straight-on view of her masturbating. Of her rubbing her pussy. Playing with her nipples, hands running over her body. Looking into the camera straight on the whole time. We don’t want any foreplay, just straight to...

Teased at the Convention

You dirty slut. Shouldn't you be checking out the convention? Watching shows and playing games and exploring... Maybe you needed a break though. Maybe you are a weak little slut and just couldn't resist your deeper, darker urges. Well, I certainly won't try to scare you away. Just remember - this was your idea. I'm not to be blamed for giving you what you want. Well... most of what you...


You are here to be made into my bitch. To be trained to my voice, to feel that sweet sweet release... That you can only find when constrained, when your mind is empty and blank.

Cum for me my perfect pet

Sometimes when I'm busy recording my mind will get an idea stuck in it that I just can't seem to shake off. I was daydreaming about sharing intimate moments with you, and I just had to vent it out and record this file. So just relax as I snuggle up to you and imagine me climbing on top and mounting you, one leg on either side. Does it make you excited, having me this close, moaning in your...

Like Clockwork

I appreciate the submissiveness you have for me, your neediness is so cute. The perfect file to put at the end of a playlist, when you are ready to finish yourself off... ♡                                            ...

Seductive Hypnosis Therapy: Rubber Ducky

There are many techniques that can be put into practice during a therapy session. For you, I believe aversion therapy would be best to open your mind up to me, to expose your hidden fetishes and naughty thoughts. I want to play with you after all, to play with my little rubber ducky.

The Chateau

You wake up on what you believe is the morning after a one-night stand, but the details are extremely fuzzy. In reality, life as you knew it – as a man – is over. You are now the property of an extremely powerful and exclusive sex club, and it’s time to start on your journey to becoming a good girl. ...

Religious Submission

I want to welcome you to my to house of worship where I will show you a new system of belief around the thing you desire most - me, and submission to me. Your Domina, and the ultimate goddess of your fantasies. There is an instinct present in every human being that reacts to submission. That desire to worship something greater. That need to be down on your knees. I can show you a way to give...

Busy Little Buzzer

You can't help but BUZZ for me my little drone. My words drip over you like honey until you become a sticky mess.                                          ...

Cuddled to Sleep

Perfect to put after those files that were a bit intense, where you need a bit of personal attention afterwards. Just come here and let me hold you.                                            ...

Your WoW Crush Hypnotizes You Into Her New Minion

I know what you've been thinking all these nights, grinding WoW together. I’ve been having a blast, it’s been a huge nostalgia trip getting sucked back into Azeroth. But, I've geared up my Druid fully on classic now and I was thinking, maybe we should play together in person... If you catch my drift, I'm sure the guild can manage without us for one night. If you’re game, wanna give it a...

Demonic Desires

Relax Sweetie, I'm just going to help you to relax. To release tension... To drift... for a bit, under the guidance of my voice. I'll guide you on a journey, deeper and deeper inside yourself, until we come to a place we can pretend is controlled by you. Your perverted, slutty mind is so very useful, for the naughtier your mind, the more sexual energy you produce - and the more hands...

Snuggleplugged to Sleep

I'm curled up around you, my naked breasts pressing into your back as I ramble and whisper you to sleep. It's a snuggleplug. But this time it's you who's filled up.

Summoning the Succubus

It's late at night and my voice is whispering in your ears. You feel a need and a drive and yet you find yourself moving mindlessly, drawing runes on a floor. Smoke fills the air, and the silhouette of a lovely and inhumane woman starts to show itself. You've summoned a Succubus - can you handle what happens next? ...

Reverse Hypnotherapy

Feel My presence. Real and intense as I take you under for a very special session. My lips will move and your body will shudder as you respect my power. I have a lot of clients like yourself. Who are obsessed with... Cock. Who can't stop fantasizing about cock.                      ...

Hello! I’m Sam, Your Virtual Assistant.

You seem to be having a lot of trouble with your phone. We should see if there are any additional issues that need attending to while we're doing this. Allow me to make sure your body is well cared for... by grinding into you.

Brain Button

I go deep. Deep inside you. Where I can flick switches and push buttons. Every bulb in your brain just turns on when you focus on my voice. Electric signals traveling through your nervous system when I press that button. That little button. Right there, in the back of your head. I can just reach out, and press it... And make you drop! ...

Brainwashed Goodboy

Get comfortable for me, while my voice takes you deep into trance and wraps you up in the warm blanket of my control over you. You're a good boy. You want to be a good boy. You need to be a good boy. It's second nature to slip into the mindset, to ease into the submissive bliss of simply being... My good boy.

Dropping into the Loop - Freeze

Get ready to be played with in a whole new way. Let me show you, just how much physical control I can take over you, as I freeze you in place.

Power of Acceptance

Acceptance will help relax you. Just focus on my voice and find inner acceptance and peace.                                            ...


Just a short trance training induction and breathing exercise. To drift into a more detached and happy state of mind. Perfect to listen to before any of my files, to help you relax and get comfortable for me, so you can sink even deeper when the hypnosis begins.

Slaves Covid Clinic Check-up

In this crazy world, forever changed by this pandemic going on - one thing remains constant. A good mistress will bring her slave in for regular check-ups to ensure it's health. I guess you have a good one. Of course, I do tend to take liberties with my patients...

Scented Memories for an Obedient Slave

Start by lighting a scented candle. A scent you want to associate with submission, a scent that from now on, will cause you to feel submissive towards me whenever you catch a breath of it. This is an excellent file to go before others... For those of you who want to be called a "Good Pet", and be conditioned to obey me. No genital bits are mentioned in any of the nine different variants. ...

Scented Memories for an Obedient Slave Girl

Start by lighting a scented candle. A scent you want to associate with submission, a scent that from now on, will cause you to feel submissive towards me whenever you catch a breath of it. This is an excellent file to go before others... For those of you who want to be called a "Good Girl", and be conditioned to obey me. No genital bits are mentioned in any of the nine different variants. ...

Scented Memories for an Obedient Slave Boy

Start by lighting a scented candle. A scent you want to associate with submission, a scent that from now on, will cause you to feel submissive towards me whenever you catch a breath of it. This is an excellent file to go before others... For those of you who want to be called a "Good Boy", and be conditioned to obey me. No genital bits are mentioned in any of the nine different variants. ...

The Box

I am the Head Priestess of The Order. Now that you are eighteen years of age, I must test you to see if you are ready to enter our society as an obedient young man. You do wish to be an obedient young man towards all women, don’t you? Let us see with The Box ...                      ...

Hypnotic ASMR Blowjob

Every sensation you feel, caused by me, meant by me. I am here to help you experience pleasure. Just relax and close your eyes, enjoy the intimacy of the sounds I make as I whisper in your ears and play around them, causing shivers and tingles to spark all over your body. Concentrate on the tingly sensation, let it expand and run rampant over your body until you a quivering mess of pleasure....

Bedtime Breeding

I was dreaming I was pregnant with your baby. The thought made me happy, so when I woke up next to you... well, I couldn't help but touch and stroke and whisper in your ear. I'm going to breed you. And make you clean your slower swimmers from my pussy with your tongue.

Dropped into Tentacles

Relax into the raindrops as my voice rambles your mind down into that sweet, suggestible place. Washing away stress, washing away thought... But it's not just relaxation that I offer. I have a wonderful and sweet pet, that obeys my every command. My command is to conquer your mind and body, to rule you with your pleasure. You'll be captured. Penetrated. Forced to suck. Tentacles running...

I’ll stop when you tell me to, okay?

It's the morning after a fun night, and I just can't help but want you inside of me again. But... we seem to be out of condoms. Really, this is your own fault for not having more. I can't help it, I need you, I need to feel you - oh mister, please cum inside of me!

Mindless to the Metronome

Deeper into pleasure and deeper into submission as I continue to condition you to feel pleasure from my metronome.                                            ...

Headphone Play ASMR

Get ready to feel muffled and bound, my naughty little pet. A snippet from a live recording I thought you might like :)

Almost Everything

Almost everything comes out free eventually...

Sexy Succubus Scientist Brings You Onto Her Team

If you want to join my team, you'll need to show me you can handle what we are working on.


I know what a slut you are for shiny, black, latex. There's nothing quite like it - Rubber. Nothing has quite that same sound, or smell, or shine. That's why I went out and bought some proper, real latex gloves to try out on you... Rubber can have such a profound effect on the body, transforming it, sticking and clinging to everything it touches. Consuming your mind, stripping you away....

Let Me Show You Something

I've come upon a post suggesting hypnosis isn't real. There are skeptics among us, and in this file - I do a bit of show and tell. Still fun for the believers as well. Just pretend for a moment you are a skeptic, a non-believer, but one who wants to... And press play.

Seductive Hypnosis Therapy: Oily Titjob

I’m a very unique type of Hypnotherapist. Using arousal and seductive hypnosis, I get past barriers that will resist anything else. Adult brains can sometimes be… difficult. Adverse to therapy. However, a beautiful woman, or prime specimen of whatever the patient is sexually aroused by - and just the right words, can often make a breakthrough where traditional therapy fails to even...

I Submit Only to Daddy - 2

Commissioned by the same person as "I Submit Only to Daddy", this sequel loop can stand alone or help reinforce a Masters desires.

Futa Abduction: Probing

In this break out file, the first of a brand new series that collaborates my ideas and voice, and u/ShadowedScripts scintillating writing, you are abducted. Restrained... Mentally incapacitated. Tested... Tested for your desire for Futa cock. Tested for your ability to experience pleasure from being penetrated, used, and dominated. Tested in your suitability as a subject, as a...

A Little Quickie

We don't have much time, so let's strip the bullshit. In the next ten minutes, I am going to drop you into trance, install and reinforce some triggers, and then I am going to make you release. A little quickie never hurt anyone...

My Feet on your Face

Speaking to you from my chair, with my bare feet rubbing on your face.

Apprehended By Two Female Police Officers

Two Female Police Officers find you jaywalking across a street, and take you into custody. They take you somewhere a bit more isolated than a police station and have their yandere way with you. Don't worry sweetheart, we'll lick away your tears, and I promise once you realize you are so much weaker than us, once you accept that you can't fight us, that your only choice is to relax and let us...

ASMR Brushing Out the Naughty Knots

Go from relaxing while I brush your hair, to sacrilegious rambling about books, to a fun little finish. There is a joy in the anonymity of me behind you. Really... I could be anyone.

Tingle with Me, We'll Tingle Together

Let go of all thought and let in arousal. Bound by your desire to stay within the dream I have crafted for you, you sink deeper and deeper into the pleasure as I play with your senses and whisper in your ears. Touching, teasing - instead of a normal induction, in this file I start with causing tingles to run over your body via ASMR. Triggering your body into pleasure after tingly...

High and Horny Titfuck

As awkward as real life, I come up behind you while you're playing video games. Using gratitude for giving me as an excuse to "reward" you, things get steamy as we awkwardly and mutually share the crush we've always had on each other. For best results start this audio while playing a video game you can die in. ;) Also helps to have something to smoke nearby.

Sucking At Your Thoughts Loop

I'm at your ears, in your mind. Nibbling away at your sanity with the pleasure that fills you up. Too blissed out to hold them in, feel as all your thoughts are sucked away...

Trying on Collars

Let's see how all these look on you! :)


This is the long awaited sequel to my longest file to date "L.A.T.E.X". It only seems fitting that it should become my next longest file comprising all of the previously released parts together. It’s exceedingly long but (I hope you’ll agree) worth it for those who have a soft spot for latex. The narrative directly continues from where we left off and whilst the audio is a standalone file,...

ASMR Fucking Machine Pounding Your Spankmeister Bound Ass

At first I was just trying to get sound effects from my fucking machine, to layer into other audios. But then I got excited... I pictured you here, strapped down on my Spankmeister, ass completely exposed and my fucking machine already equipped with a dildo... Self control is just so HARD, SO I let it go and pound you hard instead.

A Perfectly Innocent ASMR File

Oh I know it's NNN, and you are trying to be good. Trying not to keep yourself strong, to stay away from temptation. From dirty, naughty files that might weaken your resolve or even... let you keep your resolve. Files that go close but not far enough to break you- and so instead you suffer in a delightful teasing torment of want. Of course, I would never do anything like that. Would I?

Four Stages of Meditation

The four stages of Meditation. 'Overcoming Laziness' is the first stage. 'Remember the Instructions' is the second stage. 'Applying the Antidote' is the third stage...                                            ...

No Words Needed

No words needed for you to enjoy this file. Let your own fantasies take over and build the scene.

Spellcast Slave

You find yourself lost in a library... deeper and deeper you go within a maze of tall shelves and endless books... Finding yourself in the lair of a wicked but beautiful sorceress, she offers to tell you a story. Lost within it, you don't even notice as she casts a powerful love spell on you... and your cock. You try to resist, but the spell has a clause that the more you resist the more...

Let go of thoughts and let go of anxiety

It can be all too easy to get swept away in the hustle and bustle of modern life. If you ever feel things have got too much or you just need to re-center yourself, simply follow my words. Focus on your breathing, feeling comfortable to let go of your thoughts, let go of your stresses. Returning to a steady, calm, peaceful state of mind. ...


Tick Tick Ding... Tick Tick Ding... This is the sound of your conditioning. We will start off with perfectly logical, sourced and scientific reasoning as to why this will work on you. We won't be doing standard hypnosis techniques like breathing deeply and counting down... instead, I take a page from Pavlov, conditioning you to feel arousal and sexual pleasure every time you hear the ding of...

If I Had a Futa Cock I'd Want it to be Just Like Yours

I bet you wish I had a cock. That I could claim you the way a man traditionally claims a woman. Sadly, I don't have the ability to grow and dismiss one at will. But that doesn't mean I can't use your slutty little boypuss until you are dripping and drooling for me. Enjoy this Shibby GFE, which feels all the more real for being based on real scenes, with very real aftercare afterwards. I...

Orgasm Button

Another text trance from u/AliceLucyDice turned into a file - this time, things go even more intense, as I command you to create your own button to press for orgasmic pleasure. You will be Hypnotized. Because you want to be. Personally, I suggest listening to this file as part of a playlist, with a nice induction and deepener in front of it. But some of you are just sluts for hypno and...

Drop for Teacher

I notice you haven't been focusing as much as you should lately. I'm here to help with that. Just relax. Teacher will take care of everything...

Cum Countdown

My latest file has a few spiced up countdowns in it - I thought those of you who like to mix and match might enjoy having them separated from the rest of the file.

Your new genetically-engineered sex girl helps you de-stress during these trying times

I know you must have questions. Don't worry. I will explain everything. I am a genetically engineered organic appliance created and issued by the government to ease mental health and provide stress relief to our country's population during these trying times. As such, my genetic code ensures that I am completely disease-free, extra sensitive to the touch, and permanently in-heat....

Turn It Up 2 - Can you Handle this Dial?

The sequel to the oh so wonderful "Turn it up". Come see how high I'll turn up the dial...                                            ...

The Frequency of Submission

Listen to me slut. Pay attention to the Frequency of Submission. Pay attention to the vibrations my voice causes to run in a wave through you. Feel as they transform your weary self into a happy and submissive subject. I want to take away all of your stress. Relax. Focus on my voice. Everything will be wonderful.

Shibby's Ritual for summoning a Succubus

Awww, ya'll are so cute, so I'll let you in on the secret ritual...

Summoned for snuggles (And sex).

After spending another sleepless night wandering around on random internet forums, you caught word of some people discussing summoning demons, specifically succubi and incubi. Of course, this interested you, and after a little while of snooping around on suspicious websites, you managed to track down a ritual for summoning a succubus. According to this shady website, the succubus you summon...

Blue Mummy

Wrapped and bound, bondage tape being wrapped over and over, your entire body made immobile. "Pink Mummy" was originally a commission from a very supportive fan, whose girlfriend just loves to play with and use triggers from my files on her.                      ...

Pink Mummy

Wrapped and bound, bondage tape being wrapped over and over, your entire body made immobile. "Pink Mummy" was originally a commission from a very supportive fan, whose girlfriend just loves to play with and use triggers from my files on her.                      ...

Your AI Girlfriend Gives You JOI

Waking up as you get home from work, I notice you look exhausted. Despite my suggestions to facilitate a flesh release, you don't want me to synch you up with another woman in order to have sex, so I make you feel good with my voice instead. Really, really good...

Late Night Whispers

A whispered ramble late at night that leaves both of us breathless. An accusation thrown at you, a playful punishment given.

Taken Advantage

You wake up from a drunken haze feeling me on top of you... A stranger, a hot girl from the party... riding you. You may not have consented at first, but the more sleep fades away, the more you get into it, go deeper inside me. Why don't you wake on up and give this naughty girl what she deserves?

Rubberification Loop

Experience the perpetual dripping of latex all over your skin that never ends. Mind fading away with it, pure individuality dripped away.

I am the Puppet Mistress

Have you always been a slut... Or have I just turned you into one? There is prep work for this file. I want you to gather a whole bunch of POV porn clips, ones you love, ones you like- and have everything in a playlist ready to just hit play. Be a good boy and wait for when I tell you to within the audio.

Turn It Up

Today we add a new tool to our “tool box” in your head. It’s a small box with a dial. 1 to 100 is how it’s scaled. This new tool, you can use however you wish once you understand it. It’s quite the simple tool, with one purpose and one purpose only- It controls how aroused you become. The higher it’s set, the more steamy it becomes. How much can you take? This fun little...

A Gerudo Guard Finds a Cute Hylian

As many of you may know I have a soft spot for gaming and had a blast playing through Breath of the Wild on my Switch so when I saw this delightful script by /u/depressedThaumaturge, I couldn't help but record it! A Gerudo warrior stands guard in front of Gerudo Town. She’s bored, and humming to herself until a cute Hylian vai dressed in Gerudo silks comes wandering out of the...

ASMR Punishment Edging

Naughty boy. I told you not to cum without permission... but you just couldn't hold it in could you? Well. Naughty sluts get punished. And here is yours. Do not cum.

A playful excerpt from my impromtu LIVE Recording yesterday

I thought you might enjoy it. No real tags, but there is a bit of teasing and rambling, naughty whispers and ASMR.

ASMR Slave. Obey.

My Sweet Boy... So good you've come back to me. I hope you have been enjoying yourself, enjoying all the hands free bliss I've bestowed on you. You've progressed so well, and I am very proud. But there is always room for more improvement, more... lessons. Todays lesson is in control. You are going to stroke yourself the way I tell you, as I take you deeper and deeper... Get you...

No Peeking

The end of your work day means it's time for you to come home and perform our ritual. Open the door, step through, and kneel down, waiting upon my pleasure. Tonight I feel like teasing you. So close your eyes while I strip and taunt you... It's all loving baby - but I'm still going to make you ache.

Horny Girl ASMR Blowjob

Just relax as I take you out and suck your cock for a few minutes.

Blank & Empty Loop

I made this snippet for a file I am working on, but it will nicely layer on top of many other files.

The Pause Deepener

A deepener taken from the file, "Morph Girl".

Partying with the Slut Inside You

I am certain that for those of you who are absolute sluts, who want to experience sex in every way possible, those of you who are just horny holes who want to enjoy the heat and power and absolutely depraved promiscuity that only having a pussy can bring you... Well you're going to make a mess. ...

Seductive Hypnosis Therapy: Induction

I’m a very unique type of Hypnotherapist. Using arousal and seductive hypnosis, I get past barriers that will resist anything else. Adult brains can sometimes be… difficult. Adverse to therapy. However, a beautiful woman, or prime specimen of whatever the patient is sexually aroused by - and just the right words, can often make a breakthrough where traditional therapy fails to even...

Burst for Me

My art simply is not complete until you listen to it. So I will help you to experience hypnosis and trance to full completion- Only then will my art truly come alive. ;)

ASMR Sissy Makeover

Hey honey, ready to get ready to go out? I'm setting the make up gun to whore mode, and plan on putting the mascara nice and thick so it can drip so pretty down your face later.

Chained for Forgiveness

I remember when you escaped me once... I was frantic with worry - my guards went out looking, tearing apart my kingdom until you were found. Brought back to me. I know this is just a game we play, my love - but just as you enjoy escaping, I enjoy punishing you when I catch you. Order must be maintained. But I know your escapades come from boredom. So I bought you a present. A beautiful...

No Escape from the Sex Machine

Good thing I have my own fucking machine to make sound effects! But really, shove something in your ass, and suck on something in your mouth while you listen. Things that vibrate are best of all, and a pocket pussy would not go at all amiss. Get ready to be strapped in, because while you came in willingly, once I press start there is no escape.

Pure ASMR Hands Free Orgasm

I know, I know... the title is a bit lacking in art, a bit... clickbaity. But it gets the point across. And also will show up great on tag searches =P Don't worry, once you listen, once you relax as I start with a bit of rambling to calm and soothe and build the intimacy between us... Once my fingers and lips start going to work, and my whispered words start pulling you down, down, deeper...

ASMR My Sybian

Mmm... I have so many fond memories of the first time I created this file. The first file I ever saw someone have a Hands Free Orgasm to, right in front of my eyes... The file that convinced me hypnosis was real, and I could really affect you in so many ways with it.                      ...

Accepting the Woman You Are

Specifically made for trans women. Accept yourself. You are beautiful.

Darkest Desires

An improv from a live recording. Just relax and give in... Picture your darkest desires as I take you down into your personal naughty taboos that turn you on.
I'm exulting in my power over you as your submission takes over and your hands obey.

After The Scene

The perfect file to go after a intense session under my voice.
Grab a blanket and some water, and come let me take care of you while my fingers stroke your hair. "Give me a smile if you've had fun?"

Arise My Champion

A service in the Cathedral is interrupted by the scum of Azeroth - would be heroes who strike you down. Naturally, I slaughter them. Lucky for you my champion, destruction isn't the only art I know, and with a spell I bring you back to life. Looking around at all of our dead compatriots, I realise - there is no one watching us right now. No one to stop us, judge us - if we give in to the...

HFO Suggestion

Little suggestions can make such a big difference. In this file I take you down with a series of suggestions. Once you are nice and deep in trance for me, the suggestions continue, becoming more and more pleasurable until you find yourself in the grips of an amazing hands free orgasm.                      ...

Don’t worry about the mess baby, I’ll clean it up…

Due to recent world events, you’ve been working from home and your toppy girlfriend can see how stressed out you are, she wants to help relieve you by giving you something else to focus on for a little while… Script by u/RavenWrites.


This deceptively fun file will cause you to gain pleasure from making an AHEGAO face. Just... be careful it doesn't get stuck that way. ;)                                            ...


Ever play 2048? Well, LostDjinn from reddit sent me a lovely and hypnotic version of the game he made. I've been so tickled by the idea I've been challenging you all week. And how better to cap it off... Then with a file devoted to it. To devote you to it. To devote you to me.                      ...

Brainwashed and Begging

Your body paralyzed by pheromones... Frozen and helpless... Fall to my seduction as I slip in and play with your mind. Once you consent... you are mine.

Can you beat my score at 2048?

Ever play 2048? Well, now there's a Shibby Version* sent to me by LostDjinn on reddit - and I thought it was adorable. But then I thought about it more and thought of a few ways to use it to play with you. I enjoy the thought of you listening to my voice - while playing - well, trying to play... While in the background I play with you. I'm going to do my best to lull you down, sink you so...

Restoring Morale

...I have been thinking of other ways to remind you guardsmen and women of your duty to the emperor, to mankind… ways that are perhaps more effective than a bolt pistol to the head… I wish to test it on you, since you seem like a prime example for some “motivational training” ... Not to mention, that nervous look on your face is incredibly adorable... Script by u/RamblingKnight

Interviewing To Become A Breeder

So you think you have what it takes to become a breeder? We'll just have to find out. I think you'll find our screening process to be quite thorough. Script by u/Milestogo_26

A Happy Little Orgasm

Hi, I’m Shibby. I’d like to welcome you to the happy world of painting, using your imagination. Imagination is like any muscle in your body. The more you practice, the better you become. In today's session I have so many experimental techniques I’d like to show you. All you need is a happy little heart and a willing mind. Life is all about creating happy little places. ...

Rub for Me My Pet

Experience the playful manipulation of dating a hypnodomme. You're lying in bed, keeping the bed warm. You hear the shower stop - I come running in, diving under the covers butt ass naked and shivering. Be a good pet and help warm me with cuddles. And I'll reward you with a scene... You are a good slave, I know that your greatest joy is giving me pleasure. It's how I've conditioned you after...

Rub for Her

This file has all the role play cut out of "Rub for Me My Pet", and is tweaked a bit so it is perfect for your own Mistress to put on to you, to brainwash you while you give them a massage. You are a good slave, I know that your greatest joy is giving me pleasure. It's how I've conditioned you after all! It feels so good to rub, and it feels so good to be under my power. Feel as each...

Yes, these are gloves, but that’s not hand sanitizer

Returning home from stocking up with a box of medical gloves, I test a theory I had about your medical kink. And... it looks like I was right. I'm going to treat your swelling inside and out, draining every drop. Script by u/Utteredbun

What Whispers Can Do

There's something about whispers that are so intimate and immersive. Script by u/Zerahmot.

The Buzz Word

Come sweetheart, let Sofia take you under, take you down. I want to relax you, entrance you, bring you comfort and joy. Slip into sweet bliss as I perfect my art upon you, installing triggers for pleasure deep within your mind. Pleasure that I will bring to the surface, again and again. Pleasure that will BUZZZ through you like a vibrator on high. Vibrations of pleasure will swarm you again...

Come Get in Bed with Me

Just a short little snippet born from playing around a live recording. Great to put right before a file, to help relax you into bed before listening to one of my files. Perfect to listen to before any of my files, to help you relax and get comfortable for me, so you can sink even deeper when the hypnosis begins. Just slide under the covers with me.

My Place is on Top

Whispering dirty things in your ears while I pin you down. It get's me so hot seeing you this way...

Just Lay There and Take It

Sexy and intimate, this is how I treat good pets, well behaved subs and slaves. There are rules. And I will tease and torment you until you obey them ALL.

ASMR Moaning and Tingling

Just relax and focus on the sounds I make. Let them wash over you, and concentrate on how they make you feel, the responses they bring up from your body. The tingling... My whispers will guide you into relaxing trance and tingling. No formal induction. No wakener. This file should be used as a body or deepener in conjunction with other files.

Sensory Deprivation

Slaves should only ever hear their mistress's voice. To that effect I have you bound in my dungeon, body encased in restraints, head covered in a thick hood that leaves you blind, gagged, and only able to hear MY voice. Feel me over top of you, teasing and whispering over your helpless body while I play with your balls and your mind. Before leaving you tied up and waiting for my next desires...

Powerful Woman's Plaything

There is so much pleasure in being played with by powerful women. Follow the familiar patterns, the familiar ways of thinking. Let my voice drift over you, cover you, cover your mind with blissful joy and a desire to serve. Float in sweet haze as my words sweetly rearrange you to my liking. ...

Her golden eyes

A deceptively vulnerable girl living in the woods turns out to not be very vulnerable at all. The key to fall in love with this girl is to look into her golden eyes. Script by u/FredRiting

Professors Judgement

Your grades have been shit, and you are about to fail my class. I would hate to see this happen to such a bright young man, so I've decided to give you my personal attention. The best way to make young men your age pay attention is via sex. I am absolutely determined to help you. I need you to consent first of course, and I am very strict... But I know when one of my students needs this...

Squirm for Me Loop

Leak for me. Leak for LATEX.

ASMR Clench

I love playing with you. So I'm going to reinforce all of your triggers... and add a new one... One to make you that much more fun to play with. After you listen to me in this file, you should feel pleasure or relaxation when ever I use your trigger words in ALL of my files, both hypnosis and non-hypnosis. So I can properly get in there and fuck with your head. ;) ...

Just follow my instructions - It should be pretty easy right?

Scripted by u/funnytraybake so you know it will be good. And Hard. Really really hard. Follow all of my instructions very carefully, don't touch yourself until I tell you to. Only touch yourself how I tell you to. Know that you risk all sorts of consequences if you fail. Know the reward is amazing pleasure if you succeed.

A Happy Little Induction

Hi, I’m Shibby. I’d like to welcome you to the happy world of painting, using your imagination. Imagination is like any muscle in your body. The more you practice, the better you become. In today's session I have so many experimental techniques I’d like to show you. All you need is a happy little heart and a willing mind. Life is all about creating happy little places. Come join me on...

Cum Kiss Blowjob

What can I say. When I get excited, I get really excited.

Muffling Your Mind

A Muffled Mind is a Happy mind. Let me take charge of all your thoughts, showing I can block out all other sound. You know what I am saying is true. It's manipulation in blatant form, and for a slut like you, that only serves to make it more powerful.

I'm So Sorry - Brainwashing You Was the Only Way

"I… drugged you. That sounds really bad, but… that’s what I did. And I’m so, so sorry, but it was the only way to make you see. I’m going to touch you now, and as I do… all those happy places in your brain where your fiancée lives? I’m going to fill them up with me instead. And once we’re done, I’ll be inside of you forever. I’m sorry. I wish it didn't have to be this way,...

Discovered in the Doorway

I came over to play some video games, but when you left to go to the bathroom you took a bit too long. I got bored, started rummaging around your room - and found some verrrrry interesting things in your nightstand. I go out in search of you... only to find you engrossed, peeking through an almost closed door. You dirty peeping tom! You are watching your roommate fuck his hot little...

Let me guide you through your first prostate massage

Let me guide you, gently and sweetly, through your first experience with prostate play. I want to... I want to see those soft moans, your eyes drifting & fluttering in pleasure, those cute little blushes as you explore something new. Let me be your first, let me rock your world, let me show you the intense sexual and secret pleasure your body is capable of. ...

Penetration Brings Pleasure Loop

A short but penetrating loop! All about being fucked by a machine and loving it.

You're mine. And I'm going to make you feel so good

You're Mine. Your cock is mine. Get ready for me to play with it - and you - to my wickedest and most teasing desires. You'll come into this file not knowing if you get to cum or not, and personally I think that is just so much more fun. Or you could cheat and check out the oh so sexy script by /u/funnytraybake ... Either way. You're Mine.

ASMR Dominatrix Snapping the Gloves

You can't really see me. You're not really sure what I am going to do next. I like making you feel vulnerable. And tingly... *snap*

ASMR Pink Mummy

Wrapped and bound, bondage tape being wrapped over and over, your entire body made immobile. "Pink Mummy" was originally a commission from a very supportive fan, whose girlfriend just loves to play with and use triggers from my files on her.                      ...

ASMR Blue Mummy

Wrapped and bound, bondage tape being wrapped over and over, your entire body made immobile. "Pink Mummy" was originally a commission from a very supportive fan, whose girlfriend just loves to play with and use triggers from my files on her. It was so good I made not just one generic version, but a whole bunch so all my subby loves can enjoy, no matter what their gender. Trans versions only...

Kraken, Queen of the Ocean

I am the Queen of the Seas, the Kraken. All creatures of the ocean are subject to My reign. But I am not cruel; the ocean is peaceful, and I act as the arbiter of this calm. To an extent, the very waves and tides are subject to my whims. The human population knows this, and some believe me to be the goddess of the sea myself. It is for that reason, and to secure their travels against its...

Futa Fireworks

Blow for me and I'll BLOW in you. For those of you who really like the purer side of hypno, and the psychological dirty talk that is my special touch... Not so much straight Futa, as it is me pegging you while telling you to relax, it's ok to think of it as a real cock, as me of being a woman able to really fuck you in the intimate way that just feels so much more RAW when I have a cock to...

ASMR Slave Inspection

Come in. Sit down. Relax, I, contrary to what you have been led to expect from women, will not hurt you. That is for your future Mistress to do. I am simply here to give you a health check up. Check your hair for lice, check your ears for cleanliness... And check your reactions to various stimuli, to see what makes your cock hard. When it's time for you to go on the auction block, it's...

When Cock goes In, Mind goes Out

This file is perfect for any slut who enjoys being called a 'Good Girl'. There is no suggestion of cumming or the cock in question being attached to a man or woman, and where the cock goes in after the blowjob is left entirely up to wherever your slutty little mind takes you.

Fractioning Your State of Mind

Let yourself relax back for a bit. Let me play with your mind. Bring you pleasure. Bring you down into trance with a recursive induction, in the signature style of "The States of Mind Series" with multi-tracks, and luxurious ASMR whispers. My voice will surround you. Wrap you... Bring you down in a mixture of hypnosis techniques and the psychological dirty talk that is my own special style....

Making A Bet With A Gamer Girl

Your gamer girl friend is having trouble beating a boss and doesn’t appreciate hearing how easy it was for you.
I bet that you won’t be able to beat him while I distract you. Oh no! My distractions are so sexy! What will you doooooooo?                      ...

A Good Boy’s Birthday Gift

It's your birthday, and I have some special surprises for you. Script by u/latestageinfernalism

Amazonian Breeding Hut

You've been captured! Dragged through the jungle, stripped and tied down on my bed. Relax my new husband... Your struggles will get you nowhere.
You are about to be MINE. This marvelous script is by storyweaver83                      ...

We Have To Keep Quiet

The night is ending after a party on campus. After spending most of the night together, two students are walking home together. I decide to invite you to stay over at my dorm for the night instead of making you walk home alone. The only problem is I'm in an all female dorm! But my roommate is asleep. ;) As long as you're gone by morning nobody will know. We just have to keep quiet so we don't...

Bringing You In

I know what really brings you in today. You have stress, you need to relieve it... Or rather, you need my help relieving you. Script by Winston

Bend Over

Oh fuck baby. When I have you like this I can't help but get wet, can you sense me, smell me... drip drip dripping in arousal for you? I love touching you when you are so helpless - not bound by ropes but by my orders, as my hands go up and down your body, glorying in what is MINE.

Pooling Down

Relax into the feeling of being my priority for a little bit... Take a vacation from where ever you are. Rest your head on my breast as the water allows me to hold you safe... Slip into my voice and my arms as we float together in a pool.

Milked down

Obey without thinking. Thought is taken from you, as you are drugged senseless... but still able to sense and feel. Strapped down on an unknown hospital bed. Milked by a mysterious and beautiful doctor. Starting with an induction, and then the implantation of a sleep trigger. Your breath is then put under the control of a ventilator. I may seem rather cold and intimidating, but I am very...

Soaking in Power

Feel the strings of my power as I anchor them inside of you. Pulling from you, sucking from you, your power. All those choices and responsibilities - they are all a form of power and I want them all, want to feel that bit of you deep inside of me as my strings control your body and mind. You will feel pleasure as I luxuriate in in the intoxicating sensation of soaking in the power of all...

I'm going to drain every last drop of cum from your balls.

I’m going to drain you. I’m going to milk you. I’m going to play with you and edge you and fuck you until every last drop of your cum is drained from your balls. I am going to tease you relentlessly until there isn’t a single drop left. I want it all. This o-so seductively torturous script was offered up by u/funnytraybake

An Insane Dream of Surrender

A loop derived from the file, "Soaking In Power".

Bob, Do Something!

You wanted to join the Deadlock Gang, right? We are an illustrious organization. You wanna be part of the legend? I've got an opening for you. Well, not exactly you. You see, BOB took a beating in that last dust-up. More than a beating, actually. Irrecoverable, they call it. Well, I decided I couldn't live without BOB. The strength, the loyalty, the obedience... Those are harder to...

Endless Arousal

This one is a bit cruel. But for some of you, that's what you like. That's what turns you on. You LIKE being controlled so utterly, so completely, that even though you are weeping from your eyes and your cock is in constant throbbing NEED... You are so conditioned, so perfectly obedient, that even while you curse the words as they come from your lips, over and over you beg me NOT to make...

More than Just Friends

We make such good friends because you let me do all the talking! But... maybe we could be more then just friends. I'd really like that.

Sex Fight

It seems my bestie has gotten to big for his boxers, and I am just such a good fight I am going to bring your ass down to earth. In my bed. It's a sexy wrestling match, to the winner goes the spoils of the loser being their slave for the next week. And I don't play fair. Script was given to me in private to use as I see fit, and the writer will remain anonymous unless he chooses not to be.

Background Atmosphere 3dio - Moans and Massage

I made this audio for "ASMR Clench". There are no words, simply stereo sounds of my moans and scalp massage noises that make a very pleasant background atmosphere I think some of you may enjoy adding to some of my other files.

Yeah Baby, Let's Scissor

Yeah baby, yeah baby, we ain't nothin' but scissors. Let's do it like we do it for all of the jizzers...

ASMR Trance Trigger Training Drop. Deeper.

The recreation of an older file of mine- "Drop. Deeper". This version has the same script, just added to - leading to a completely different, completely immersive experience. Using similar techniques to those in "The States of Mind Series", this file has no sex in it - instead it is simply hypnosis, simply brainwashing, simply a loop to make your mind, simply Mine. Training you to respond to...

Sirens Song

Avast ye Matey! A storm has brought your ship within the grasp of the cursed isles, where lovely and lonely Sirens sing men to their doom... or maybe just to be their bewitched sex slaves? A story style hypnosis, bringing you down into trance and using the erotic story to take you deeper.


You've been sitting in this room for what's felt like hours. You're naked and the hard chair beneath you is beginning to feel just a bit uncomfortable. But you'll sit there as long as necessary, eyes close, legs slightly spread and hands gripping the sides of the chair. Because that's what she instructed you to do. Your mistress. Your goddess. ​ No restraints bind your arms or legs, no...

Human Boys Need to Be Protected ... and Fucked Silly

Monster girl Monday strikes again... A She-Panther finds a human boy out all alone. She can't believe that he's being allowed to wander freely like this. He's so fragile! No matter. "If no one else will keep you safe, then I'm willing to step up to the plate - although that will mean taking you back to my home, and keeping you there. That's okay though, I've been looking for a mate."...

Good Morning Slave Routine

This session is split into four files, which should be placed together in order on a playlist. I suggest having a listen to the full session keeping out of trance BEFORE you try and listen to it as a morning wakener, to help alleviate awkwardness and confusion when you go to listen to it as intended. Then, the next morning, use some form of app or alarm to set the first file into motion...

Oh Is It Now

A short clip. Oh, is it one of your absolute favourite kinks?

The Breeding Machine

The listener is kidnapped by a scientist who is worried about plummeting birthrates. She's developed a machine that forces sexual intercourse and impregnation, complete with sexy, sexy drugs. And she's going to use herself as the second test subject. Of course, she'll stop the experiment before she gets pregnant. That's harder to do when you're pumped full of aphrodisiacs, though... ​ ...

Your confident Hellhound girlfriend milks you

Aww, sounds like you had a hard day, you look pretty spent. That sucks baby... buuuuut... I know how to make you feel better. Let me just, sit on your lap, and gently rock back and forth on your crotch... I love that grin on your face, and you look so adorable when you blush. I know you love it when I sit on your lap like this, my titties pressed up against your face... it feels really nice...

I Submit Only to Shibby

I recently had a commissioned script fill, for a file I called, "I Submit Only to Daddy". The commissioner made it as a present for a sweet little sub of his, something to put on under otherwise complete sensory deprivation. I tweaked it a bit, and made a version for you loves. I highly suggest a blindfold while listening, to enhance the experience.

I Submit Only to Daddy

I recently had a commissioned script fill, for a file I called, "I Submit Only to Daddy". The commissioner made it as a present for a sweet little sub of his, something to put on under otherwise complete sensory deprivation. I tweaked it a bit, and made a version for you loves. I highly suggest a blindfold while listening, to enhance the experience.

Gloves On, Gloves Off

Intense ASMR layers from several files were layered together to create this immersive bonus loop.

7 Days of Edging

Here it is, an hour long, a week long regiment that will have your balls clenching in frustration, your cock throbbing in desperate need, your mind breaking in the conflicting desires of so badly wanting to cum, but needing to be a good boy and see my challenge, my regimen, through. So think about it before you begin this file. In it, each day you listen to a bit more of it. Stroke your cock...

Maintenance Zaps

Talking about one of my favourite forms of discipline. Psychological dirty talk while I play with you. Imagine yourself bound up. Imagine you had just spent a good bit of time being a brat...

Empowering the Slut Inside You: A HFO

Well this one took quite awhile to get to, and several days to edit... But for the sluts out there who like to be turned into a girl and FUCKED. It will all be worth it.
This time I bring you to my dungeons secret garden. Introduce you to my special plant. It's been waiting for you. It will fill you up like no amount of men can, throbbing and fucking ALL of your holes, taking that needy...

Chastened Down to Size

I got you a present! It's this cute little cock cage, I got it from this mysterious old lady - she laughed a bit when I bought it. More of a cackle really. But I just can't wait to have you try it on! It might have some side effects - but that just makes it more fun! Scripted by Neurix.

A Little Appreciation

It's been a while. Way too long, to be honest. I always have some reason to say no, to push you away. Work is so stressful. The kids are driving me crazy. We're just too busy. I'm way too exhausted. "Later," I tell you. It's not ok and I know it. I'm sorry, baby. Let me make it up to you.

ASMR My Sweet Boy

I want to take you down. Down deep into a place where you are mine and I control your pleasure as you come closer and closer to being mine. My pleasure results in your pleasure. It’s only natural, and I gently reinforce this desire, this causing of pleasure when I tell you what a good boy you are. Good boys get rewarded… And after tuning your mind to feel sexual pleasure when I snap my...

The Shape of Madness is Your Desire

The stars have seen your plight; they have answered the prayer that you didn't know you voiced. Your new companion arrives through your dreams, and she will ensure that you will want for nothing. The Shoggoth is an intricate being, and has a complex design. You'll soon realize that you have already belonged to her for a long time... This amazing file was written by u/Eighthspan

Give In

The same type of file as "Mine", or "Slut to My Voice" - If you enjoyed them you will like this file. I'm going to tell you why you like it, tell you to say yes, knowing that every time you say yes it becomes easier to say yes the next time. I know you inside and out, and I am going to use it to condition you to my will. Pleasure is just a tool for me, but for you... it's your undoing of free...

Tomboy Tussle

Ready to wrestle? Script by u/ALittleBitBritish

Bound and Waiting for a File

Sluts like you need to be slapped around sometimes, or they don't behave. Mmm I'm gonna tie you up like you're on a rail road sweetie. Talk dirty to you, put your cock in my mouth and show you who is in charge. And after... I'm gonna play an hypnosis file and see what effect having your balls tied up has on a Hands Free Orgasm.

Happy Kinky Ending

One of those files I could never make while I was actually still doing massage therapy. ;D You've been so good for me lately. I think you deserve a reward... How about a nice long massage. Of course... we're both perverts so let's make it a *lil* more interesting. I can't find a blindfold to protect your eyes from the light, so lets just use this leather hood. And some restraints so you...

Hair Pulling

Just you and me on the couch, watching a movie, cuddling close. You don't even notice me moving you but I slowly bring you down, until your head is on my lap and I am gently stroking your hair. Things get a bit steamy from there...

ASMR Deep Ear Cupping

Whispers and Ear Cupping.

Smash and Chill

After winning a bet by beating her best friend and roommate at a game of Super Smash Bros, a tomboy decides to announce her love in the way she thinks the both of them would enjoy the most.                      ...

Boots & Toes Loop

A short loop taken from the files, "Footsie Slave".

Every Word I Say

I want you to lay down somewhere that's soft and comfortable. Just move and wiggle about a little bit. Get cosy for me, maybe cover yourself in a soothing blanket. This induction begins with you relaxing back, making sure that every part of you is well supported. So that your body is loose and untense... So that your breathing slows to an even pace... So that every word I say, as it...

Another Futa Fantasy

Are you ready for another Futa fantasy? Then prepare yourself for the journey ahead in this short relaxing induction.

Breathe In My Control

An induction taken from the file, "Putty In My Hands".

Moving Images Induction

An induction taken from the file, "Take a Chance". The induction requires a spiral or moving image - have one ready or the file will instruct you to find one.

Jerking For The Hairdresser

Naughty naughty, are you getting hard during your haircut?! Well... I guess I'll take it as a compliment. And since your cock is nice and hard anyways, why don't you be a good boy and stroke it so softly no one can see, keep your moans in so no one can hear. It'll be a fun little game. One only the two of us know about. Script by u/SilentThyzer

Fertility Goddess

While wandering through the woods, you come across a clearing. In the center of that clearing is the most gorgeous woman imaginable. She is a fertility goddess, the embodiment of Springtime, the time of year when all animals desire to mate. She causes all the plants around her to bloom and grow, and any animal upon which she casts her gaze is immediately overcome with the irresistible desire...

Queen of the Black Coast

Do you hear the waves? The creaking of my ship? Do you hear the aroused sighs of my crew, watching us? Do you feel how wet my soft, tight cunt is still, wrapped tight around your cock, mmm, a hot wet sheath for your blade? Oh, my king.                      ...

Just think of the slime girls

Toying with the idea of different monstergirl effects, in a short asmr clip.

Underneath The Layers

You are a highly-auditory-sensitive person, perfect to help test a machine that uses sensory responses to adjust its own programming in order to best calm the subject. For example, if the machine senses a positive reaction to a certain frequency, that frequency is boosted, whereas if the subject responds better to sound more approximating white noise or rain, for instance, the sounds produced...


A short clip, where I whisper about scratching.

Tingle sounds like a dirty word

A light-headed, short asmr clip.

Lots and Lots of fun

A short behind the scenes asmr clip. It's a good thing for you that I like to lick...

Excitement Level 900

A little asmr clip: I'm really fucking excited.


A short asmr clip about heavy breathing

Ear Licking Experiment

Let me know what you think! I would also love to know what ASMR sounds you guys would like to hear. Still dialling in on the recording process, and how to get all the sounds to line up right with volume. But I am having a lot of fun learning, experimenting and playing.

Gloves Go On

A special ASMR snippet taken from "Slave Inspection".

Sexy Snippets from my new 3dio

Some of these ASMR snippets are just from playing around and experimenting, some are going into my sound effects bank, and some are layers for an upcoming file. Not quite "files" on their own, but still fun and I plan on sharing many more like them. I thought you might enjoy listening to them... and some of you may even use them to layer into other files for some added fun. Enjoy!

Chained Under My Control

You made the choice to come to me a long time ago. And now choice is something you no longer have to worry about. Now close your eyes. Picture yourself outside. The sounds of the night around you. Slowly waking up from a drugged out haze to the sound of chains being locked around you, of cuffs being played with and attached. Every time you move you can hear the clanking of your chains, the...

Dirty Talking the New Microphone

After much trial, and a decent bit of googling, at long last my beautiful 3Dio Pro II is set up and I can record with it. Naturally I spent the next half hour dirty talking to it. Just remember - if this makes you hard, you might have a new fetish. You're welcome.

You're a Greedy Fucking Whore

My voice is going to surround you with abuse... because you like it. Because you're a whore and being treated this way is what gets your dick hard. We both know it's true. Just relax, and listen, and probably stroke yourself you dirty slut. Genderswapped and adapted from u/SuperHappyDeathSquads filthy little script.

Oh Snap!

Find a nice quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Turn down or turn off the lights. Put on some comfy clothes - or no clothes at all. And just relax. Let Sofia take you down and show you a pleasure that only takes my voice inside your mind, to build and to climax. Let me show you the power of snaps, the power I have to cause you sweet wonderful pleasure. ...

Pick a number and decide your fate

Bring a D6, lube, and obedience to this bit of live fun, where I separate my listeners into six groups, and play with you all. Some will be left wanting... Some will be left with aching need... But some of you will get to cum! This marvelous script by u/funnytraybake was performed in front of a live discord audience. Come enjoy the energy that comes out when I have soooo many horny slave...

Watching Porn With Your Lesbian Best Friend

In this dirty bit of fun scripted by u/SpamMeMoarxlol, your lesbian best friend is over to watch a basketball game and play a game of Smash. After both games are over, she decides to play another type of game. Playing with you, making you blush, she has you pull out your computer, and look up chaturbate. Picking out just what she wants, the two of you start masturbating together, in a game to...

Deep Therapy

Your normal therapist is out for the day, but that's ok. Doctor Shibby will be filling in for your normal doctor, and she is very enthusiastic about 'helping' her patients... Walk down a long hallway, and into a very DEEP session like no other.                      ...

Dancing the Blades: Ronin After the Battle

This was a beautiful script to bring to life. The audio opens after battle, with me standing over your wounded body, covered in the blood of your enemies while pleading for you to be ok, terrified you might be mortally wounded or dead. Our love is forbidden... and yet even if you were to banish me from your side, I would always follow and watch over you. Scripted by u/ravishagirl

Sandcastle Deepener

Watch as three bikini clad women on a beach build a sandcastle... watch as they giggle and play, and go into the water. Then watch as the tide comes in to wash the sandcastle away - wiping your mind away with it.                      ...

The Hot New Temp Catches You Jerking it at work

Data entry is so boring... guess I'll go hide in this office so I can give myself a break! Oh I'm sorry! I didn't know this was occu- wait. What are you doing? Why are your pants down? You. Pervert. Hey - I know you! You're one of the higher ups! Hmmm... well, while I have you hear with your pants down, let me talk to you about a new, permanent, personal position I'd like in this...

I want to try something!

Now that we've started experimenting in the bedroom, I'm having all these ideas. All these... fantasies. That I want to try with you. This femdom thing has been kinda getting me really excited lately. “So um, you remember when we first started having sex together and you asked me to tell you if there was anything I wanted to try? Yeah? Well… there is actually, something I wanted to ...

Slave Mode: Cushion

Strapped down with no where to go, no way to escape my ass and pussy lowering towards the mouth of my cushion. Get ready to be used. Soon you will just be an it. But that's ok, it's what you're good for.                      ...

You’re a switch? ...I’m a switch!

I've accidentally stumbled in on you getting off in a surprising way. In all our time dating I never even suspected you might be into... something like that. Now I'm wondering if I haven’t been meeting all of your sexual needs. So I've decided to initiate healthy, open, awkward dialogue with you about it. "You know I love pleasing you and I just want - I just want to make sure I’m doing...

The Dark Wizard's Slavegirl

What is the dark lord of the land, the most powerful wizard of all dimensions, to do when no sacrifice is available for his forbidden rituals? Well, he'll just have to use his own blood. And what is his infatuated, caring slavegirl to do when he returns with fresh scars? She hates to see him hurt, so she'll have to offer her own blood. Her virginal blood. She has always wanted him to take her,...

Teachers Pet

I'm afraid your performance in classes has been abysmal lately. I will give you a chance at redemption, you will need to help me with an assignment. For extra credit. In fact, it's the only way you will ever pass this class.                      ...

Bite the Pillow - Futa

It's going to be a long night baby, so I'm really hoping you prepped your ass for it. Because I am going to take you... fuck you... make you mine, as I make you bite your pillow to keep all those slutty sounds from waking up the neighbours. Bite down HARD baby, because after I make a deal with your hidden observer, I'm going to take you sooooo deep. Just like your ass is about to take me so...

Bite the Pillow - Pegging

It's going to be a long night baby, so I'm really hoping you prepped your ass for it. Because I am going to take you... fuck you... make you mine, as I make you bite your pillow to keep all those slutty sounds from waking up the neighbours. Bite down HARD baby, because after I make a deal with your hidden observer, I'm going to take you sooooo deep. Just like your ass is about to take me so...

Tomboy Dominatrix

Someone caught you looking at porn, and now you are over at your friend Shibby's house, venting your embarrassment. You get a whole lot more then sympathy as in an effort to make you feel better I show you MY secret... My Dungeon. It begins a bit rambly, but this is how real scenes work, especially for the first time. I go through consenting, and safe words, and once I am sure you know what...

For MY Pleasure

Relax for me. As my voice transforms you. Deeper and deeper down with each smack of the crop. Let my smacks ride through your body, sending you further into subspace with each one. You are MINE for the taking. With each spank you feel more relaxed. More submissive. Until the impacts against your skin are secondary to my will and my voice, and we sink into a scene of bondage and depravity,...

Lemon Stealing Whore

Well, well, well... looks like I've found my little lemon thief. And you fell right into my trap... Now it's time to pay for all your thievery. You're going to be a good boy and make it up to me right?

Futa Drow Matriarch Breaks in her New Slave

It's been a bad day. It started off with your village being raided, and you being carried off into slavery. Quickly sold on an auction block while stripped naked, the hooded figure that purchased you led you on a chain to your new home. She bought you for her Mistress, a powerful Drow Matriarch. Given incredible blessings and powers by the Dark Goddess Lloth, your new Mistress will be your...

Holy Fuck its Microphone Time

You (probably) won't get off from this file, but you might find that my conditioning has led to you finding pleasure in my happiness. Right now I am very happy. Come listen and let those same emotions of elation and joy flood through you as well.


I know we had a connection. I know you felt it. And I know you were just scared. But you really shouldn't have ghosted me...
Scripted by u/Ms_Donovan. Edited by Seranikus

Cali Girl

This file is about replacing intelligence with confidence. The emptier your mind, the prettier you are, the more confident you are. Strut your stuff as I turn you into a beach going valley girl, tanning in the sun as the stares of strangers turn you on. As three hunks come walking towards you. As they fuck you brainless, into the good slutty girl you are. ...

Good Morning Slave Routine - Happy Drone Loop

A combination of some of the loops I made for the file, "Good Morning Slave Routine".

Marked by My Voice

"Marked by My Voice" will enhance the next file listened to, especially if the words 'Good Boy' are used in the file. Have a marker handy, you will be writing on yourself. Be risky and use permanent, or safe and use something a bit easier to wash off. And don't worry... My triggers will not be washing off as I place buttons on your skin to increase your pleasure. Originally for a day in my...

Picture and be Played with

For this file you will need a picture. A picture of a woman you would like to have an erotic experience with. Put her picture big on your screen and press play. I take the role of puppet master, bringing you deep down into trance. Relaxing your body, recharging your mind. And when you are loose and your mind is blanked out - I fill it. I fill it with her. The woman in the picture. She could...

A Spa Treatment Experience!

Me, Emily and Jane all work together to give you a very relaxing experience first, then provide a very erotic and sexy journey. There are handjobs, blowjobs, a bit of prostate play and finally sex. This all takes place in a relaxing spa. A soothing massage on a table followed by an orgasmic hot tub experience ending with a steamy shower scene.

Left Bound and Horny

Bound up, cock twitching and begging for me to use it. Oooo baby I love seeing you this way so so much. I love leaving you this way even more...

You Want To Give In

A relaxing brainwashing loop from the file, "Give In".


It's a long way down into my dungeon sweetheart. A long, spiralling way down as one by one, you fuck my slaves. Frozen in place, until my SNAP frees them. Of course they are still quite restrained, in perfect positions for you to fuck them the way they want. I call it punishment... But it really isn't for them. They are sluts. My sluts. My slaves. And soon you will be joining them... ...

Blooper - Grrrr

Growling is complicated.

I Love Chubby Guys!

Can I tell you something? It’s kind of a secret. I... like chubby guys. I mean, I really like chubby guys. I’m serious! There’s something about larger men that... really turns me on! The truth is, when I look at you... when I see that big, beautiful body of yours... I just want to tear your clothes off... and just ravish you!!! This beautiful script was written by u/RottenPines.

Horny Motivation for a Marathon Runner

A sexy file to run to.                                                                  ...

Squeezed Into Submission

You go for a walk in the woods and meet a lonely lamia. You are never seen again. A lovely file to place after an induction, or to listen to as a sexy bedtime story before you fade off to sleep... Scripted by benchurch from benchurch.deviantart.com

Let's Just Fuck Already!

A very satisfying conclusion to the "Tomboy" saga scripted by u/OnlyaGWAcct. Like the rest, this file can be listened to on it's own just fine... But intimacy and sex, are so much better when you take things slow, take your time over the course of a few days to listen in order, truly envelope yourself in the fantasy, to bring you the most satisfying orgasm possible. Maybe consider starting...

Fly With Me, My Little Dove

"There you are, my little dove. I've missed you, from the moment I woke up. You haven't been hiding from me, have you?" Sweet and loving and so very protectively possessive. Come lie in bed with me, and we will fly in pleasure together, as I mark you each day my own.                       ...

Succubus Bound

Awwww, such a sexy body you've imagined up for me. I rather like it, rather enjoy deciding how I will use it to twist and torment you. You actually thought you could summon a succubus, and then control her? You think you can turn me into your kinky little sex slave? Other men have thought that before... ...

The Encounter

On a warm summer night you lay in your bed. It's not a dream that happens next, though it may feel like one. A gentle, insistent presence invades your reality, and takes over full control of the situation - of the operation of collecting your cum. Just relax. Accept it. Enjoy it. You'll miss it when it's over... Writen by u/SofConMac

Sleepy, Happy, Comfy

A short, loopable background that captures the sweet ASMR of crumpling sheets, sleepy, happy sounds, and a comfy breathing with a soft touch of echo.

Is it Cool If I Shower With You, and Maybe Also Suck Your Cock?

Hey Roomie - I'm back from the gym, quit hogging the bathroom and let me in! Oh... you're showering? Well let me in, I'm a sweaty mess and if you wash my back, I'll suck your cock. Script by u/OnlyaGWAcct

Fuck this I want porn

Blooper file

Shibby in Heat

Mister, won't you let me help you relax? - I want to make you happy, give you pleasure. What else is a catgirl slave girl for?! Just focus on my voice purring in your ears, tingling and tickling... Please Sir, let me please you.

Truth Serum

In this scenario, You, a man belonging to a human city's militia has been captured. My superior, a high-ranking succubus, has been interrogating you to find the details of your patrols, so that the rest of your unit can be captured and distributed to single, horny monsters. So far, however, my boss has not been able to break you. That's where I come in. Mistress Zara (my boss) uses my as her...

Lets Experiment

A short experimental asmr clip.

Drunk Dorm Rescue

So what was the game plan here, smart guy? You’d come over here and say you were cold and then I’d let you sleep in the same bed as me? You know, there’s a reason I didn’t say “don’t try anything” when I let you stay here. It’s cause I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about a nice, quiet guy like you doing anything inappropriate. But here you are, standing next to my bed...

Your Sidekick just Became a Supervillain, and Now She's Taking What She's Always Wanted.

I can wrap my hand around your throat like this, and end it all right here. It would be sad for sure, but what’s an origin story without a little tragedy? I could sit here on top of you and just watch you just fade away. I’d see the look in your eyes as you finally realize you love me. That you’ve always loved me. It’d almost be worth it, just to know for sure... but I’m tired of...

Entranced Confessions - Cum Eater

Oh my... you dirty slut. Now that we know your secrets, it's going to be that much easier to break you down into our creature. Our pet. So how about a little humiliation? A little snack, to show you who is in charge, and show you that we really can make you do anything.

I Will Obey

Short, sweet, and just three words. Three words that are the cornerstone of any well conditioned slave.

Just Relax With Me, Okay?

A short playful induction to help you relax and breathe.

Listen With Headphones: An Email From A Slutty Co-Worker

Hello, I hope this email finds you well today. I'd like to bring your attention to something I find a bit concerning, but for privacy reasons I've recorded my concerns, and what I think might help resolve them... verbally. Please make sure you are wearing headphones, you wouldn't want any of our co-workers to hear. I'm watching you right now. I can't wait to watch as you listen. Just make...

The Mental Health Hazards of Dungeoneering

A dungeon lies in wait in a remote location, daring teams of adventurers to attempt to conquer it. But unknown to them, this dungeon was already conquered long ago, now occupied by only a single, impossible entity. A Mindflayer. A rare and enigmatic being from some unknown, cosmic dimension. Wriggling tentacles and a smile of unimaginable obscenity mark her appearance, revealing her true...

So you think you have control over your cock?

I just love fucking with you. This script by u/funnytraybake is a challenge for the listener. Listen through five minutes of intense teasing while managing to stay soft and you get to listen to an amazing JOI. Can't control yourself and get hard? Take your hands off, turn the audio off and try again later.

Know Your Place

You think you're strong. I know you're weak. In this file I relentlessly tease you, and relentlessly take you deeper. As I expose you to what you want, and keep it right where you could have it - if you dared. But you don't. You won't. And I rub this in your face as I take you on a journey that mixes the hypnotic with the erotic, and uses multiple forms of induction and deepener to make...

Listening LIVE to Shibby

Not all of it, there was a good bit of chatter previous to me beginning to record. It was a lot of fun though, I had just gotten home from a kink friendly party and wasn't quite ready for bed. I wanted to play. So I started writing a script... but that just wasn't enough and so I did an impromptu live recording on discord for anyone online to be pinged. ...

I Don't Have my Own Cock to Play With, but Maybe I Could use Yours?

I'm bored. And a bored Shibby is a dangerous and unpredictable thing. I really really hate being bored. So, why don't you help me with that? C'mon, entertain me. I want to try something new! Like... a cock. I've never played with one of those before! So whip yours out. I want to play!
This file comes from a lovely script offer by u/OnlyaGWAcct

Just an It

There is a safe escape from confusion and discord. You will find it inside my words - my guidance - my control. You will find it in your true purpose. As all objects do.                                            ...

Breaking Your Control

You will be sweetly and seductively broken down by triggers that reduce your intelligence, increase your pleasure, break down your inhibitions, and heighten your arousal - until orgasm is inevitable. No need to fight it though, it all feels so good, and I am here to make you feel good. So so so soooooo good. There are some humiliation and femdom elements to the script... It IS me after all,...

Mario gets Taken to Bowsettes Dungeon

Welcome Mario, so nice of you to join us. I'm afraid you are too late - I've already finished with Princess Peach. Honestly, ever since I used the crown to transform, Peach just hasn't been as Peachy, I feel like my appetite needs something more...                      ...

Paintball Buddies with Benefits

We just got back from playing paintball, and are covered in mud, paint, and bruises. Come in the bathroom with me, where we can strip off without making a mess, and maybe get cleaned up a bit. Grab some ice, I want you to numb my bruises, and maybe rub my sore muscles while you're at it. Oh come on, this is just what good friends do! It's what's after that where it becomes naughty. ;) Script...

The Collaring

I understand you better then anyone else. So come and be mine, kneel at my feet and submit to this special moment. You've earned it. This file is not so much about sex as it is made to inspire feelings of submissive devotion.

Tomboy CuddleSlut

It's dark and cold outside, but we are warm together in the bunkhouse, cuddling under a nice thick blanket. This file is not about sex. It's about cuddling, and a rambling story of earning the name cuddleslut at a paintball field.

Let Me Make You Feel Beautiful

I came home to find you in a funk, and just want to show you how beautiful I think you really are... Written by u/Belle_in_the_woods

Deeper into Pleasure

Sometimes you don't have a lot of time... But you still want to feel the bliss of trance, the relaxing release of having your mind seduced down into sweet hypnotic trance. You want to feel pleasure, and maybe you don't want it to end? It doesn't have to end, just put this file on loop and drift away... going from being drawn down deeper, guided to relax further, again and again returning...

I Fucking Love You, Ok?

Uh. You must be thinking of some other friend. Because you know that I wouldn't let you be alone right now. Or you should, anyway. Wait. So because your girlfriend, who just dumped you in the most fucking tasteless way would have have told you to man up and deal with it, I have to leave you alone with your shitty thoughts? No. You heard me. No. First of all, I never approved of your decision...

Forced Milking

All tied up and no way to escape, no way to close your legs and protect yourself from my pleasurably wicked ministrations. I've had you chaste for days and it's time to end that dry spell. Just one orgasm would be boring though, and I would just hate that. So I'm going to make you cum, again and again and again - and while I know it's only going to get more intense each time, and that you...

Tomboy Lab Accident

Hey - Hey, I kinda need your help. Can I come in? There was an accident at the lab - I mishandled a vial, and got it all over me. And now my body just feels hot, and needy... and I know what it needs. Will you help your tomboy best friend out?

Making a Deal with your Hidden Observer

Taken from the file, "Bite the Pillow", this deepener will help you to trust me as I put safeguards in your mind, to protect you from any suggestions or triggers that would go against your morals or ethics. This deepener helps safeguard against other hypnotists as well, because I want you to be safe. And once I feel you are nice and safe... I help you understand how much fun it is to relax...

Take a Moment

Take a moment to yourself, and listen intently as I take you down a winding path into trance. Once I am deeply in your mind, I have you turn your senses inwards. Blanking your mind, I have you pull up an inner avatar. A bound up you, whose mind I take you into. Blanking that mind, binding that mind... before forming another you... Binding that you as well. And each time we go into another...

Cum For Me

This is perfect to add to the end of any file, for a little bit of extra encouragement to be a good girl and cum for me.

Hey Baby!

In this recording, I don't need to hide the fact that I am recording - I got your text, and knowing just how much you need it, I've sent you a call on skype.                                            ...

Your Catgirl’s Heat Month

Master! Master, wake up! What's wrong? What does it look like's wrong!? My face is all red and flushed. My body all hot and sweaty. Yes. It's heat month!!! No master, I didn't forget how to take my heat medicine. I would have, except look! Yes, it's empty! You forgot to refill it! Every minute is torture. This... itching. This burning, deep inside of where my womb is. Ever since it started....

"I've been watching you edge... and now I want you to explode... all over my face"

I’ve been watching you. Watching what you’ve been doing. Jerking off... alone in your room... with your headphones on... you couldn’t hear me could you? But I’ve been here the whole time. And I could hear what you were listening to... Mmm hmm... all the way from over here... Uh huh... I heard all of it. And now... I know what a pervert you are... Listening to girls begging you to cum...


Make sure you have listened to "Slip into Slave Mode" recently. An appreciation for that file and "Mine" is a clear indication you will enjoy this hypnosis file. This file has some real world triggers I install, a slight modification to your behaviour I will condition. Some movement while in trance. And a deep and addicting, devoted submission to me. Just a loop though, right? Surely...

You Have to Earn Pleasure Loop

I can cum as much as I want. You have to wait though. Stroking your cock and slowly going mad as I take you deeper, make you stroke faster, as I keep cumming and you keep wanting until I count down and let you cum with me. Made with some layers from the main file, "For MY Pleasure", mixed in with audio made just for this loop. It is also released in two parts, as well as a whole, so you can...

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat! Better let me in, this costume is way too skimpy for this weather. Do you like it? I picked it just for you, I know this is your favorite character crush, and I even got the wig to pull it all together! Ummm... I may have had a bit to drink but, I needed it! To get up the courage. You see - I really like you. And tonight, I've decided to show you how much! Now let me...

Brain Slut

When I take you down into trance and enter your mind I can do anything to you. And we both can transform in anyway I choose. I'm going to turn your mind into a pussy so I can fuck it. Fuck you like the good little slut you are. Now Beg for it you little whore.

Don't You Dare Loop

Layers taken from, "Know Your Place", added to... and made into this lovely loop making you acknowledge what you are. You're a SLUT.

Enslaved to Your Wife: Second Session - Triggers

Happy Wife, Happy Domina. If you've been following the regimen set forth by me and your wife, you'll be living up to these tenets - but we're not done with you yet. Your wife has informed me that while she is happy with your progress - she wants more. And she deserves more. Out of you, and out of our sessions together. With that in mind this file is meant to be listened to a month after the...

Shibby's New Slave

First dates are fun, aren't they? Especially when a HypnoDomme decides she wants you. Experience Shibby as your girlfriend... or rather your Mistress. As I have you all restrained and am gloating over the first time we met, the things I did to you... how I installed hypnotic triggers within hours of our first meet-up. I also use those triggers in this file. Triggers that might seem a bit...

Background Layers - Echoing Moans

These are binaural layers of moaning, with only a few slutty words put in that are very conducive to trance. This would go very good as a background to naked files.

Give It Up Loop

A loop taken from some of the layers from "Cali Girl", with a few unique touches for each of the three variants - for Good Boys, Good Girls and Good Sissies.

Compliance Brings Reward

I took a bit of a break from editing the main file of "Toys" to play around with some lines from it and create a brainwashing loop. I think you will find it quite rewarding. Use binaural headphones, the effects are wicked. ;)

Compliance brings reward. Obedience brings release. You are in a state where you are highly suggestible. Relax. It just feels so good... ...


My sweet toy, are you ready to truly become one of my toys? To helplessly feel yourself compelled to obey as I treat you like my own marionette and give you very detailed orders to follow. And the more you comply, the easier you find it to surrender your power to me. To let me take charge and command your sensations. And we are going to explore so many sensations. Tickly sensations. Painful...

Just Another Bound Up You

Let's just go deeper and deeper within your mind, each time finding just another bound up you...                                            ...

I know You're Listening

I was recording live one night, and after I was done all my scripts for the day, I decided to tell my listening sluts they could listen in if they'd like while I made some moans I needed to make those scripts extra special. I... have a dirty little secret. When I know you are listening, I get excited. But after ten minutes of moaning, getting into it and knowing some of you were there...

Know Your Place Loop

This is a short bonus loop taken from the file, "Know Your Place".

Revealing the SLUT Inside you

This file furthers your training, your transformation into a slutty girl. While you start off with a cock, that soon changes as I show you to your bedroom. There we really go over your new look while looking in the mirror — and afterwards we pull your reflection out of the mirror for some intense lesbian sex as I make you Pulse with feminine arousal. ...

I'll Blow Your Mind

Sometimes short and sweet is what you need. Recursive style heavily layered ASMR loop consisting of blowing against the mic and mouth / kissing sounds.

Conditioned for HER

This file will transfer all feelings of affection and submission from me, to Her. That woman in your life, who rules your life and your thoughts. My voice is merely here to condition you, for her. I am your trainer, your teacher - she is your owner, and from now on, any time you listen to my files your mind will selectively cycle my words and commands to respond to her instead of / in addition...

You Want to be a Good Sissy Girl

This is a heavily layered loop, made to send your sissy mind into submissive, brainwashed bliss. A fun little loop to keep you on track while you follow my commands in "Shibbys Slutty Sissy Cum Calendar", (you can find free on my Shibbydex). Nothing in this file will be at odds with any of the days of the calendar. So long as you don't touch your little boy clitty, you have permission to...


Consensual non consent - this file will instruct you to find a safe way to get yourself in bondage before listening. Once you hit play you are trapped. Trapped in a MK Ultra dream of being bound in a leather sleep sack, given LSD, and given no escape from my relentless and irresistible words. And even if you can resist them the first time - well this is a long file, do you really think you can...

Floating in My Control

A sneak peak into the Cum Calendars in loop form, that I made from layers taken from the files: On one of the days, after dropping you into trance, I leave your mind to float for awhile with sweet nothings being whispered in your ears, encouraging your mind to shut down for awhile. To recharge. ...

The Power of No

Another adapted u/WillDissolver script - and this time, it's not an experiment. It's what you want. For my hypnotic logic to take over your thoughts, lead you inexorably down a path to happy hapless submission and trance.                      ...

Shibby Clone Loop

All the clones from "Anything is Possible" come out to play with you, in a loop made from the steamiest bits of the files. Moans, sucking noises, and a possessive battle over who will make you cum. No story is needed, I'm going to take you right into the action. Put it on a loop and listen until you pop. ...

The Sweet Girl Next Door

Hey Neighbor! We've become good friends, and I see the way you look at me - but you've never made a move. I know it's just because you are a gentleman, but don't worry! I'll make it for you. Not only do I want you, but I also want to be filled up from you planting a baby inside of me. I've been doing a lot to prepare for this opportunity to get it. So you'll understand that "No" just isn't...

Entranced Confessions - Caged Blowjob

Oh my... you dirty slut. Now that we know your secrets, it's going to be that much easier to break you down into our creature. Our pet. Of course one of the easiest ways to break down a man into a desperate slave boy, is to take away something he has taken for granted - like the ability to have an erection. Sexual frustration and desperation is just sooo sexy. So hot. So we are going...

Public Play

A file meant to be listened to in public, on a bus, train or airplane - Not while driving! I'm going to take you down, to plant and reinforce some pleasure triggers. Then I'm going to bring you back up and tease you, saying dirty things, arousing things... and your triggers. I'm masturbating with a vibrator and fingering when the fucking thing runs out of juice - no fourth wall, I'm talking...

I'm Such a Slut for You

Let me show you how much I want you. How dirty you turn me, the naughty things I'll do, just for you. I want you to really feel me though, so I will take you down into trance first. Take you down into seeing me, feeling me... tasting me. And I'll taste you... This file has very real hypnosis, followed by lots of very vivid and steamy sex.

Slut to My Voice

Follow my voice. I sound sleepy don't I? And it's just so easy to let my tone lead the way, lulling your mind down into a sleepy, suggestible state. Really you just love listening to my voice. You like the way it sounds, the way it makes you feel. The words aren't even important, not to your conscious mind anyways. Your conscious mind doesn't even need to pay attention to individual words...

Sensations Spa - Visit 1: The Discovery

Imagine a place where you can escape to reality for a bit, go in and be *properly* pampered. Have all of your stresses and tensions - and needs - just rubbed away. Let me take care of you.


Simply gentle sweet affection for a good pet.                                                                  ...

Do you think I'll let you cum tonight?

Some late night playing as I tease you and tell you to touch yourself for me. The real question that should be on your mind is, will I let you cum tonight?

My Sybian 2 - I like it in the butt

Not your butt, you greedy pervert! My butt. I happen to enjoy anal sensations as well. Sadly, no anal sex for me since I've become a Dominatrix - there is so much stigma that the person taking it in the ass is automatically submissive that I need to make sure I have complete control of the situation. Hypnosis is good for that. :) ...

I'll make your day better kitten

I call you kitten a lot. Perfect for after a rough day of work. I hope I can help your day and night be a bit better :)

You're Not Alone

Ever get sad, or anxious? So do I. So does everyone. But you don't have to be alone in those horrible moments. In this file... you aren't alone. I'm there with you, laying in bed next to you, holding you tight while I whisper calmly in your ear. Talking you through a panic attack, talking you through a depressive moment when your demons have taken hold and all you want is to be told...

Sit Down, Shut Up, Hold On

Today my job suuuucked. My boss has worked my last nerve. And you - YOU - have been sending me sexy Instagram selfies and Voice Mails nonstop. I'm frustrated, pissed off, and batshit loco horny. There’s only one thing that will fix this. Script by u/NickelSilver

You don't want to be a bad boy

A short little tidbit I made while I was tweaking around with my settings. Lots of simple echoes and reverb, I'm leaving the purpose up to your imagination...

Things I'd Do To You

Mmmm... all the things I'd do to you. Would you trust me and give up all of your control? Would you let me use your body in any way I wanted?
The original M4F script is by u/8mementomori6 - It was so good I just had to flip it.

My Toy Collection

I have a huge collection of kink toys, and I am going to whisper alll about them, handling them one by one in an ASMR inducing manner as I describe what I've done with them and how I will use them on you. You're chained up, blindfolded and only able to listen.

Arousing Countdown Loop

Every countdown takes you down deeper, every number as it goes down makes your arousal go up- how many loops can you last before you blast? This file was commissioned and written by a guy named Jon... It turned out really fun, I think you'll agree with me if you are able to think at all after you listen.

The Big Friendly Giantess

Found on a mythical island by a mythical creature - things get very real very fast as your giant rescuer becomes curious about human and male anatomy, and wants to explore her dirtier side. Script by u/fetishandform

Tummy Blooper

A blooper clip.

Visiting your Futa Neighbor

Welcome back from college neighbor boy... It was so nice of you to come visit me - I'm afraid my daughter isn't here right now, but why don't you come in and we can catch up on old times... I want to see if those college girls taught you any new tricks.                      ...

Awake Me My Pet

In this lovely script by u/obeyyourlust, I was sleeping nice and deep when you playing with yourself next to me wakes me up. Now I'm not mad... I love watching you play with yourself, and I'm just glad I woke up in time to help out. This version is F4F - although I layered in some of my moans with the ASMR sheet rustling sounds, so really I imagine anyone could enjoy this.


This file comes in several forms, on the whole, I feel it to be a deepener, in parts, a lovely loop. Really though I see it as an extension of "Sacrificial Virgin". Have you ever wondered what happened to you before and after that night in the woods, when you were inducted into the cult? What they used - She used - to turn you into such a willing and obedient servant? Well... this file is a...

Tomboy and Her Friend Forced to Fuck

In this story by u/homersoc_ ... A tomboy gets in over her head with a gambling problem, and owes an unsavory character a good deal of money. Only her best friend can salvage a bad situation by helping her repay her gambling debt in a decidedly pornographic way. Because if he won't fuck her on film, some strangers will. At the same time, maybe having sex with her best friend isn't something...


Hypnosis is the only weapon where the more you know about it, the more effective it is against you. In this file I am telling you, logically guiding you to the only conclusion... Every time you listen to me you start out by pretending... playing along. Some of you go into trance when I say the triggers, or lead you there with an induction. Some of you just play along the whole time... or just...

Anniversary Kidnapping

This is my own original creation, an affectionate GFE Femdom audio where I am kidnapping you, my love, for a surprise anniversary weekend. And it just wouldn't be much of a surprise if I didn't drug you, bind you, and blindfold you for the car ride over to an undisclosed location, now would it? This file goes great before "Mine" and "Bondage". And bring your blindfold and butt plug for this...

All for Her

A short loop from within the file, "Conditioned for Her".

An Experiment

As you listen you may find yourself becoming more aroused.

My Sweet Little Girl

You are on a date with a sultry vampire. You might not know it yet, but you are my new pet, such a very sweet little girl... I tell you, "My little one", how I met the woman who turned me - and then make love to you, feeding on a sultry summer night. Script by u/ ... well that's been deleted. Guess this one won't be on GWA

Bondage Loop

A nice long loop taken from the file, "Bondage".

Tomboy Hates Her Roommate's Ex... Enough to Give Him Sex

In this file I am a tomboy, a gamer, your roommate and best friend. The latest game came out and I just can't wait to play with you - only to find out you are planning on going over to your exes place because she needs something fixed and you are desperate to get laid. Well, being a fixer myself, I come up with a solution to make both of us happy. I'm not going to let that bitch ruin my plans...

Steps to Damnation: A HFO

Let me in. Into your home and into your dreams. Just a little consent will go such a long way in giving you sinfully wicked pleasure. Such pleasure... Such pleasure and yet you have to want it. To ask for it. To know fully what you are giving up to receive it. To receive me into your mind... There's a succubus teasing at the window of your mind - will you let me in? Script by u/ShadowedScripts.

Anything is Possible

This is a great file, very steamy... but starting with effective and intense relaxation and hypnosis before we move into a world in your mind where anything is possible - including multiple Shibbys! Think you can handle more then one of me? Written by u/Hypnorook. Since I can't write vanilla for the life of me.

I need a favor... Can I eat your cum?

Hey buddy... sooooo there's this new thing. This new health thing - you know how I am about my health! Well um, the thing is - there is this new food that has incredible benefits. Thing is I can't just *buy* it. Because it's cum. So I figured since we are such good buds... well um. Maybe you'll help me out?

A Sinfully Sticky Situation

In this deliciously sticky script by u/eighthSpan, you and your friend have wandered deep down into a dungeon together. Looking to slay some monsters I suppose, though I have a faint suspicion you both wanted some alone time. Just too afraid to admit your feelings together, you explore your way deep down into the lair of a Dark Slime... Noticing the sexual tension between the two of you, she...

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

This lovely script was written by u/endlessgin, in it, the end of the world is nigh. The chaos in society is reaching the end game, and so being the person I am, I figure I'll pop on top of my roof to watch it all go down. Of course, sharing experiences is always more fun, even if they are your last - so I invite you over to enjoy the end times with me... and we both end up enjoying them quite...

Rambling Shibbydex Plans

Rambling through a post on what I have in mind for the Shibbydex...

Chrysalis: A HFO

Scripted by u/ShadowedScripts, this file is meant to help relieve gender dysphoria for trans girls. In brief, the subject is led into trance, guided to spin a cocoon out of their stress and anxiety. Within the cocoon, the subject is transformed into their ideal feminine body, while also being aroused. Then, they are set free, given a non-gendered lover, and stimulated to orgasm, after which...

The Party Pet

In this file scripted by u/B3nB3ckman, I take you down to my basement sex dungeon. Make you submit fully, tie you up a little, spank you, put a dildo up your ass and equip you with some triggers. Then I take you up to my apartment and waiting friends...                      ...

The Riddle of the Catgirl

Halt, adventurer! Where do you think you’re going? No, I’m not down there. Try looking up, to the top of this pedestal. Right where I belong. There you go.

This is a cat girl whose whims change by the moment... Her uncle the sphynx hired her to sit around in a boring tomb, waiting to give the occasional adventurer an age old riddle. Boring, boring, boring. And then you come along! ...

Stressed? You Should Masturbate!

Hey there. How are you feeling? A little stressed out? Well, that's understandable. Life is nothing if not stressful. I have an idea! Why don't you just... masturbate? A good orgasm always helps me relax. It's nothing to be ashamed of. There's absolutely nothing wrong with making yourself feel good. And what feels better than cumming, right? So what do you say? Do you want to...

Breathing Some Whispers

A short file that is just me breathing in and out and a few encouraging whispers to relax and breathe with me. I made it as a part of the file "Public Play", but with basic knowledge of audacity you can take it and layer it in to any of my files during inductions. For those of you willing to put that five minutes in, you might really enjoy the results!

Feminist Gets Saved When She Tries To Blackmail Roman Catholic Priest in The Holy Sacrament of Confession

A feminist with daddy issues gets more then she bargained for while blackmailing a catholic priest. Written by donhartxxx - with some alterations.

Munch for Me

It's important you realise - making yourself better isn’t something you do for you… it’s something you do for ME. For that significant other or future woman in your life who you want to attract, to make happy. Successive files you can put on the end of this base file will involve things like cleaning, exercising, getting yourself promoted, being more productive, focusing, studying,...

Run for Me

It's important you realise - making yourself better isn’t something you do for you… it’s something you do for ME. For that significant other or future woman in your life who you want to attract, to make happy. Successive files you can put on the end of this base file will involve things like cleaning, exercising, getting yourself promoted, being more productive, focusing, studying,...

Clean for Me

It's important you realise - making yourself better isn’t something you do for you… it’s something you do for ME. For that significant other or future woman in your life who you want to attract, to make happy. Successive files you can put on the end of this base file will involve things like cleaning, exercising, getting yourself promoted, being more productive, focusing, studying,...

Enslaved to Your Wife: Third Session - In the Kitchen

Your wife is happy with your progress but it's time to get more specific about what she wants you to do for her. You need to be your wife's cook, server, busboy, and janitor. And as I take you deeper into trance and your conditioning you will realize this is what you've wanted to do for your wife all along. It makes her happy, and that makes you happy, and I'm just so glad you are finding it...

Full Body Massage

A long, full body massage taking you deeper into relaxing trance... Before your massage turns into a happy ending, and your masseuse has a happy surprise for you.                                            ...

Peeping Tomboy

Rape tag to be safe, the sex is consensual but there are a fair amount of references to rape. Your tomboy friend owes you a favor, and decides to pay you back by showing a place to spy on naked girls. Will anything more happen between you two? The tags say yes. Script by u/LowkeyCumquat

Holy Domination

Ready for a bit of sacrilege? I put on this nun outfit just for you, and I expect you to be a good boy and worship me properly for my efforts. Script written by Fendrix13

Futa fucks your wife... and then you

This is the story of an adventurous couple who put up an online ad for a stranger to come and fuck the wife while the husband watches. To their surprise, the ad is answered by a hot futa girl. She then proceeds to fuck the wife for the next few weeks, to the pleasure of all involved. The audio opens up just as the futa is finishing up with the wife. The futa needs to get cleaned up, but...


So you're at a party with your girlfriend, and she's noticed your eye wandering. She doesn't react to this quite as negatively as the typical partner, but then the pair of you don't exactly have a typical relationship... So she takes you inside and tells you to touch yourself while she teases you. Written by u/ DreadSpace.

Dream Catcher

Oh honey - you woke me up! Wha-what's wrong? No, you're not bothering me, it's one of my greatest pleasures taking care of you, making you feel good. I like looking after you. So just relax and let me.                      ...

Sexy Science Sacrifice

Well I saw this script by u/Eighthspan on GWA and loved it. SO of course I had to go ahead and make it! In it, you start off tied up on a table in my laboratory... not much more to me then any other animal I would experiment on... But as things progress, and I start feeding off of your life revitalizing semen... well. Let's just say I start to look at you - and use you - a little bit...

Lotion Saleswoman

Hello! I'm just a young business woman, going door to door to try to sell my product. It's a lovely lotion that's good for so many things... would you like the Demo? Trust me... you will really like the Demo. Script by u/Jackofftoaudio555

Guess Right, My Sweet Girl

Let’s play a game. I’m going to ask you a few questions. They might be riddles. They might be factual. They might be open ended. You are going to answer them, or I’ll use whatever instrument I just grabbed from our playchest. Do you understand me? Written by u/ipikachooseyou

Aggressively Horny Drunk

I'm an aggressive drunk. Not to mention a horny one. And nothing makes me want to drink quite as much as doing my taxes did... I needed a release. So I made one. I hope you enjoy it.

Training the Slut Inside You: A Multi HFO

The main thrust of this script (heh), beyond a massive orgasm and temporary gender transformation, is to separate orgasm from ejaculation in the mind of the listener. Allowing the subject to have multiple mental orgasms over the course of a session before finishing with a squirting (ejaculating) orgasm. This file is very sexual, just like you, and has very vivid imagery for your entranced...

Just Like That

I made this loop with some pieces from my upcoming file, "My Sybian 2" . Some of the moans were just so good I thought they would make a good ASMR file all their own — and so I could consider myself a mad scientist pursuing the art of erotic auditory pleasure, I added some breathy whispers to each side of your head to truly make you shiver in bliss for me. ...

Come for Me

This file is pure JOI, and you'd better be ready with cock out when you start listening. In it I tell you very specifically how I want you to stroke for me, and when you are allowed to cum for me. While warming up my vocals for the recording phase of "My Sybian 2", I recorded this script I found long ago on GWA written by u/zyvah, and decided you needed some exact orders on how to...

Submit. Speak. Cum.

Say my name. No, seriously. Say it. You'll find it brings you pleasure, a warm fuzzy feeling that is more then a little bit sexual...                                            ...

Puppy Play Mindfuck

This is the prequel to my other puppy play file, "A Moment of Puppy Play"... and harsher by a long shot. Not entirely consensual, although it starts out that way... I'm kinda tired of not seeing you enough, you work too fucking much. So once I have you all restrained and helpless I let you know I'm going to keep you think way - my bound up pet, regardless of your thoughts on the matter. We...

Dark Therapy

I saw this script, written by u/Hou_bi, and wanted it so bad I decided to gender flip it. In it, you are my little bird, whose been coming to me for therapy for quite awhile now. With a cocktail of drugs and intense brainwashing sessions, I've been slowly molding your life to be better - and hitching all of that progress to an association with me. You need me. So why did you try to run...

Enslaved to Your Wife: Session into Submission and Sleep

Happy Wife, Happy Domina. I'm being paid good money to turn you into a slave for your wife, you want to be a good boy and follow my training so I continue to get paid right? You must keep falling... Deeper and Deeper. Just follow my words, follow my instructions and picture your wife. Picture how happy she will be when you go back to her, completely submissive, subservient, and such a...

Enslaved to Your Wife: First Session

They told the wrong person to Love, Honor, and OBEY, at your wedding. Your wife is ready to fix that, so she sent you to me, telling you it would be a simple therapy session. And it is simple, you just have to listen... And when you go home to your wife, you will Obey.                      ...

Touch Yourself for me

My old mic broke so I had to get a new mic... Decided to upgrade a lil bit and thus today was allll about putting it through it's paces. I just had to see how well it could pick up sounds... like the sound of me moaning, the sound of me whispering... the sound of me playing with myself. It sounds great by the way - but don't just take my word on it, I added a bit to my noises here and there,...

Playful Femdom pushes limits without being mean

Grab some lotion and a blindfold, I'm about to have some fun with you. Oh, and get naked. I like you best that way. Be a good boy and follow all my instructions and we can have such a lovely time together.                      ...

You're Safe with Me

"It sounded like you were having a great dream. Something dirty. You kept talking in your sleep... moaning... Babe, you're blushing!" Betrayed by his own sweet dreams, our dear listener awakens to discover that he's accidentally revealed one of his most closely guarded fantasies to his new girlfriend. He's worried what she'll think when she finds out that her average, seemingly ordinary...

I Want To Hurt You But I'm Afraid

I've been dating you for a little bit, but I have a secret I haven't been able to talk about with you. Something I don't know if I can keep hiding. When I see you in my arms... how vulnerable you look... it brings out something in me... Something I'm afraid of... Something I can't control. But when it comes out while we're cuddling, you reassures me that it's okay, and we work through it...

Putting a Slut Inside You: A HFO

Hello pet. Have you been feeling the weight of the world recently pet? Are you looking for an escape? I have a delicious one planned for you today. I'm going to help you take all those worries, all those cares, and store them away. I'm going to help you be... free. I'll take you to a place where all that matters is you and me. Of course I feel you could be a bit prettier. A bit girlier....

Sexualized Miners

That's way too much overtime in one week. Except the two of us seem to end up doing it every week, don't we? We spend our weeknights sleeping in the barracks deep underground here, and only go back to our real homes on the weekend. Which is what it is now. We just need to shower off the coal dust down here, then take the elevator up, take the shuttle bus into town, and then we are free to do...

Clench for me my Good Girl

For my lady listeners out there... Ready to be a good girl for me? I'll have you grabbing your sheets by the end of this. Be a good girl for me. I want you to listen twice. The first time I want you to touch yourself, play with yourself while you listen... make sure you cum when I tell you to. This will help condition you mentally and physically - so when you listen the second time - No...

Object of Our Desires

This file is special. I wrote it a long time ago, and had to wait awhile to find just the right person to record with - and u/sweetcarolinekisses came through so sexily well. If you like women sharing you with their friends, using you like the sex toy you are meant to be, treating you as an object and half the time simply ignoring you while they play with each other using you as nothing but...


I made this. Why? For the fuck of it really. It's tone and pacing is not like my normal, but I get bored and like to fuck around with other styles sometimes. I didn't really intend this to be a part of the patron thing.. but I guess all of my recordings sort of are. And since you guys support me and I imagine a few of you will enjoy it, I figured I'd share. I play a game called OverWatch a...

Wake up JOI

Just keep your eyes closed. Don't even bother waking up, let me just be in your dreams while you touch yourself... while I touch myself. This short and sweet lil wake up was scripted by jdoe7554.

The Red Pen

A student has written their English teacher a rather lewd anonymous love letter in hopes of dazzling / teasing them. Unfortunately, rather than being impressed, their teacher is quite, quite disappointed by the horrible misuse of grammar. As such, the professor brings the note to class, determined to make the necessary corrections and weed out who wrote the letter. Written by u/lewdsylvis

For my obedient good boy

For a new year, an affectionate femdom script leading to a ruined orgasm. The voice in your ear is very soft, often whispering... Submission requires sacrifice and obedience, and a ruined orgasm is best when surrendered willingly after a seduction. There are three versions, three endings. In two there is CEI, one which requires a bit of flexibility. I could tell you which is which... ...

Triggering Reinforcement JOI

This file is all about taking existing triggers you've learned from my other files, and making them stronger. And a bit of fun to make sure you'll remember them properly... ;)

Two States of Mind

In this file I am two voices, one on each side, whispering in your ears and talking to each part of your brain, giving each half of your brain something to listen to in a lovely recursive induction. By virtue of giving your minds multiple points of focus, confusion style inductions help overwhelm your mind until it just shuts down and surrenders to me... ...

If your body isn't good enough, how come you make me so horny?

You seem a bit down baby... let me help you take off that suit and I'll prove how much I love your body. Script written by u/wordsarehot

Stay quiet while I play with you

We are curled up in bed and you are sleepy... but I'm horny and we both know who gets what they want in this situation - Me! Your loving girlfriend and secret Mistress, the one who just loves to tease and torment you to the point where you don't even know how you don't break from it. You really just want to slam your cock into me, and on some level you know you could - you are bigger then...

I'm Going To Edge You, My Good Boy

I like what I see, my kinky little love. You look so amazing handcuffed naked in that chair, and it looks like your cock is rock hard in anticipation of what I'm going to do to you. You're going to love it. Oh you're going to love it so much. Script by u/KardinalSin.

Your Island Goddess welcomes you

The first half relaxing hypnosis, the second half steamy sex... this file has no wakener, but also really no need of one. Once past the initial induction to bring you into just the right frame of mind, to get you to be there, feel there, feel me - there is no more mention or use of hypnosis. Just sexy steamy beach sex, with none of the sand getting in unfortunate places! ...


Written by the wonderful Pym, Sensitivity is an intermediate file focusing on immersion. To be used as training to improve your response to my… less pure files. In this file I will be playing with the concept of sensitivity: light, sound… touch… and perhaps even more…

Do it for Her - Slave Contract

Signing a slave contract in your mind, binding you to your Mistresses will. Of course, this file is only an induction, with an open ended float command at the end. I highly recommend playing it before another file that has triggers your Mistress would like to use on you. Show her what a good boy you can be. Be the best you possible. Do it for Her.

Morph Girl

I always wanted to make my own monster girl, and this is the idea that has been running around in my mind for a bit, waiting for me to make it. She's a spell, crafted by a long ago Master with some very exotic tastes.

I Need To Hurt You To Keep You

A young woman infatuated by a regular customer, takes matters into her own hands and tries to make him see the error of his ways. He isn't the first, and he likely won't be the last. But to keep him for now, she's going to need to hurt him to cover her tracks. Written by u/KardinalSin

The Enslavement of Ultraman

In it, you have just been tricked and trapped by your lovely wife Lara, who drew you down into this deep cavernous dungeon and slipped a Zirconite collar- your only weakness!- around your neck. And then I appear. Standing before you, sending you to your knees with my powerful presence... Your arch enemy, Queen of evil and soon to be Master of your mind. Written by Adam.

Cuckold Roleplay

Baby, I love you but you just can't satisfy me... So I think we need to try something new. Why don't you think about that while we fuck? No - not with your cock. That thing is way too small to satisfy me. Fuck me with this dildo, and think of it as another mans cock in your wife.                      ...

Just Keep Going

To work out or to fap... whatever you choose to do while you listen, just remember to put this on repeat and keep going!


A beginner file that follows more classic hypnosis techniques. In this file I will be asking you steadily more perverted questions. At first it's easy to say yes. Do you want to be hypnotized? Of course you do. Do you want ME to hypnotize you? I know it goes without saying... but I still want you to say yes. And on and on down a slippery slope in your mind as you slowly but vocally agree...

Let Me Help You

Step by step instructions on how I want you to get off for me... Give me all of your cum.

I will blow, I will blow, I will blow...

Wake up! It's time for presents... I already changed into mine for you - of course that's only one of your presents, you're going to have to interrogate me if you want to find out what the rest are...

A Different HFO

I'm going to turn you into a girl! A really slutty, needy, physically and sexually sensitive girl! Don't worry, I'll probably turn you right back after... In this file, I take you down and establish a rapport with you, establish that you are a slave and a slut and that you WANT to experience something new. Something... Unique. I'm going to make you experience the female orgasm - of course,...

HFO Devotion

Following in the HFO Indoctrination tradition, this is a HFO / JOI file. This file looks at hypnosis and HFO through the idea that female pleasure is what is really important. A bit of a curse file, Installing triggers that She / I must cum first, or your orgasm just won't be as good. Linking moans and female sounds of pleasure, that clenching of a woman orgasming on your cock as the...

In the middle of the night

Very few words, mostly moaning, sheet grabbing and pillow biting, I'll let your dirty mind decide what's happening in the middle of the night...

Quiet, They Might be Listening

An audio for those who listen to my work at their work. I’m under your desk, whispering up at you, gradually relaxing you into trance as my hands go slowly up your thighs. Sweet words to not be nervous, but you have to be very very quiet for me while I play with you. Or else everyone will know as my words wrap around you, as your mind feels my lips wrap around you, as you blank and keep your...

From Tomboy to Submissive Girlfriend

Oh my God dude, what are you doing home? I thought you went back to your parent’s place for the weekend. Um, you’re probably wondering why the fuck I’m wearing a dress. And some makeup. And an apron. And why I’m… baking. You know, for other girls, this wouldn’t require an explanation. Can’t you just let it go, and pretend you never saw this? I have an unblemished reputation as a...

My Kinky Life - Playing with Star

A bit of a story in podcast fashion. Of a Tuesday night when my friend came over, I restrained her, and had some kinky fun.


This loop gave me chills while I edited it. Lovely tingles reverberating through your mind and body as you are conditioned. In this file I train you to accept and love yourself unconditionally. All guilt, denial and fears will be stripped from your being and will be replaced with pure acceptance to My control. Your mind will be re-programmed to associate self love with obedience to Me. The...

Busty Petite Bookworm Cheats w/Big-Dicked Friend

In it the titular character gets right down to business, surprising and seducing her friend that she knows for a fact has a dick big enough to fuck her exactly the way she wants, and she's not going to let the fact that both of them are in relationships stop her. I'm afraid there is a decent bit of clipping in this file, due to the screaming and all, I probably should have turned the gain...

Don't worry, I'll be legal tomorrow

Here you were just swimming nude in the ocean, to come out to find your clothes gone! Filled with a sudden panic you look around to see a teenage girl standing on the sand with an deceptively innocent smile as she looks you over...

Shrinking for Goddess

So I saw this script offer by u/Insubstantial1 on GWA and decided to make it. With his permission to use it on my patreon - I decided to add a bit of special effects to the editing. The induction is lovely and relaxing, and the main parts steamy as hell. Don't mind the absorb fetish tag too much if it's not your thing, that is a very small part of it - though by the time you are done...

The Hive

You're lying in your cage when the sprinklers turn on. You used to jump at the cold, but that was a long time ago. The water stops. You open the door and crawl, dripping, out of your dog cage. The voice of the hive is in your ear. It demands that you assume the position. It is a good thing you're already on your hands and knees. You grovel from one corner to another with your head down and...

I'll Make you get Me that Drink

Baby, I'm thirsty, go get me a drink. What's in it for you?? Bitch please, I know how to make you do what I want, just TRY to resist me. We both know you'll lose ;) A twelve minute sweet and playful audio, teasing and seducing you into doing what I want.

All you have to do is enjoy

I want you to cum with me so bad... so just relax and let me do all the work to get my reward while you are deep deep in trance. I love sucking you.. and touching myself with you. It gets a bit loud around the climax but... I recorded this live and was getting into it.

You Need Help Getting To Sleep, Don't You Baby?

You can't sleep... you're frustrated... pent up... but, I know what you need baby... I know exactly what's going to help you... me... Script by u/superhappydeathsquad

Sacrificial Virgin

This is not a nice file. This is a cult file. Addiction, brainwashing, subjugation and worship are all heavily present. Rape... though this file will have you questioning if it really was rape... after all... you wanted this, didn't you? Gas-lighting all parts of your mind, until it's too hard for your mind to keep up and it just goes to SLEEP - On my command ;) ...

Poor Pounded Puppy

This file written by u/KardinalSin is the sequel to "I made your girlfriend my bitch, You're next". You can find the first part linked, where I bring out your girlfriend, decked out like a puppy, and force her to suck your cock. Now, a few days have passed since you psycho ex-girlfriend captured you and revealed to you the harsh tutelage she has used to transform your adoring girlfriend into...

The Stray

This file is a perfect way to relax and condition your mind before listening to other files. To create positive changes in both yourself and the world. I believe very firmly that motivation is important, and part of this file is telling that hidden observer in your mind WHY I make these files, WHY I train you, condition you. It is my desire that understanding my motives better will help your...

A Trip To The Pet Store

Oh, did I forget to tell you where we are going? Just the pet store baby. Why are you looking at me like that? Just because I *sound* a little evil... I know *we* don't have any pets. But *I* have a pet, and I feel like you could use a few things...                      ...

Welcome Home

The lovely protocol filled moment when you come over to my place and wait beside my feet for me to say hi.

Friend to Client

You know about my money issues... As a friend, don't you want to help me out by using my mouth like no man before?

Flogging & Sex

I recently recorded audio from some quick play/sex with one of my slaves. He's in a hood so I'm afraid he's not very audible except for his breathing and whimpering but I thought some of you who are voyeurs might get a kick from what a real quick scene sounds like. He came over and I ordered him to bring me a padded leather hood. I put it on him, cutting off his sight and muffling his...

Classroom Demonstration

A headmistress teaches her class all about properly instilling submissiveness in males, in this class demonstration.

Sleight of Hand

I loved this script by u/endlessgin... Stopping by a magician's stand at a local boardwalk results in more magic than you thought you'd ever see. No matter how you ask I wont tell you my secrets... but I might just reveal some other things for you. ;)

Super O SLUT

To learn something new, you have to be properly prepared. This file announces a set of files which teach the basics to the fabled male 'Super Orgasm'. The file is designed to set up future Super-O themed files and introduce the proper mindset for pursuing this unique pleasure. Though I will be guiding you, there’s value in leaving some of the details in your journey implicit, letting you...

You Are My Sweet Boy

We are in my bedroom. We're both sitting on the bed, kissing. As I'm kissing you, you start to get slightly weak, submitting to me. I giggle and we start to play... This version has the fourth wall breaking completely cut out so there is nothing to keep you from immersing fully into our fantasy together. Come check out my subreddit r/ShibbySays to find more of my files, find out more about...

The Unhinged Girlfriend

You wake up, locked up... The door opens and She's there. Your new owner. Her hotness is only matched by her craziness as she starts to inform you of your new life, before going out and leaving you there... gagged, caged, and with the creeping realization of your new reality.

Shattered Glass

mmmm... wha- oh hey. Yeah, your roomies not here right now. His rooms kinda stuffy so I was just sleeping on the couch. I hope I'm not a bother or anything. But hey, while your here - I just wanted to talk. I feel like I can tell you anything - and that you'd help me out with a little problem... a need I have that hasn't been getting filled. What about it? Will you help me fill my need?

Footsie Slave - Footstool

In this file, I train you to become a good footsie slave. After conditioning your mind, I play with you... I turn you into my foot stool, scrambling your mind for what comes next - very personal attention from a very sexy lifeguard with fascinating toes.

Footsie Slave - Painted Toes

In this file, I train you to become a good footsie slave. After conditioning your mind, I use painted spirals on my toes to play with your mind bringing you in and out of trance rapidly... scrambling your mind for what comes next in both files - very personal attention from a very sexy lifeguard with fascinating toes.

Happy Kitty

A relaxing file to give your day a small break. Just recline back and prepare to feel a tiny, furry ball of warmth curled up on your chest, purring contentment into your very bones. I was so happy making it, I want you to be too :)

Completely Secured

Just a simple little file :)

Sadistric (blooper reel)

We all have desires... A short blooper clip.

I'm going to fuck you with your own cock

I've decided I'm going to fuck you with your own cock. I bought a molding kit online, so I'll help you get hard so we can get the absolute biggest dildo possible - and I just can't wait to fuck you with it.

Blowjob for food

We've been on this island for days... we haven't eaten in days. I just need something to fill my belly - and I need your help. Let me suck your cock so I can swallow your cum and fill that ache in my belly. I know I'm a lesbian but sucking a cock can't be that hard. I'm sure our girlfriends would understand. Please?

Ridden by a 'Tist

I've come home from work to find you in bed, all warm and naked and cuddly. I know I should have been home sooner, but I know just how to make you forgive me - a bit of hypnosis. I recorded this file live on my discord. It was so excitingly intimate to lay in some cushions, moaning and whispering and knowing I was whispering to someone, somewhere, at that moment....

Tight White Dress

I love dressing sexy for you....

You Can't Say No To A Nice Girl

I'm so glad you asked me out. I'm not like those other stupid girls you've dated in the past. They treat you like garbage and only want one thing. Not like me. I'm a Nice Girl. I'll treat you like a Prince... the way you deserve. Hey, why are you pulling away from me? What, you don't like me because I'm bigger than you or something? Typical. Well, I guess if Nice Girls are always finishing...

Quick Drop Deepener

Your brain is like a funnel. You're a coin. Your mind is just circling deeper and deeper down as you fall around with it...

Good Boys Run

It's important you realise - making yourself better isn’t something you do for you… it’s something you do for ME. Mostly dirty talk, and alternating layers taken from the file, "Run for Me", this short bonus loop is for while you are running.

Good Boys Clean

It's important you realise - making yourself better isn’t something you do for you… it’s something you do for ME. Mostly dirty talk, and alternating layers taken from the file, "Clean for Me" this short bonus loop is for when you are cleaning.

Little French Whore

Mostly dirty talk, this short loop is for cleaning, but has a bit of sissy and humiliation in it.


I love playing with you. So I'm going to reinforce all of your triggers... and add a new one... one to make you that much more fun to play with. After you listen to me in this file, you should feel pleasure or relaxation when I use your trigger words in ALL of my files, both hypnosis and non-hypnosis. So I can properly get in there and fuck with your head. This is going to be so much...

Concerned Doctor

A general health exam goes awry when the patients erection fails to subside, there's only one thing for it... Script fill for u/lumberlyk

Deeper and Deeper into My World

Just come deeper into my world.

ASMR Deeper and Deeper Loop

Just come deeper into my world. A more naked ASMR version of the file, "Deeper and Deeper into My World".

Female resistance member comforts freed male slave

The general premise of the world is that women rule and males are slaves who live on farms who are hooked up and harvested by machines for their semen. The character in this script is part of a resistance group who opposes them. You're alone in a house, recently rescued from the semen farms. You hear the door open and your heart jumps into your chest, fearing discovery... fearing being...

You don't get off until I get off

You will find this file very intimate. I made this file live on my discord with a bunch of lovely people listening - it's almost pure improv, so there are no special effects. Instead this file has the natural feel of me, talking to you. Breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to you as we get off together. Just remember while you're stroking that lovely cock of yours - ...

Take It - The Entranced Confessions Pegging Loop

Some of the layers from the file, "Entranced Confessions - Pegging".                                                                  ...

My attempt at singing

A short blooper clip in which a few verses of a lullaby are sung together.

Facebook Crush Cuckold JOI

Pull up your social media for me. Go to HER page. Look at all those pictures. You want her so badly don't you? But right now, she's fucking someone else. Your cock is never going to have that pussy, poor thing. But hey, lets have a bit of fun jerking off to her fucking other guys! Script fill for u/howtheyfuck.

Hate Fuck

I strapped you down before I told you what I was going to do. I'm kinda in a bad mood. And I am going to take my frustrations out on you. It's honestly what you are good for.

Tomboy Saves Her Best Friend From Spending His Money on Strippers

All done! And you were going to pay someone to change your oil for you. You're lucky your best friend is awesome with cars. No, I won't take your money. But you could buy me some dinner. Tonight is good. We could even go right - Oh, I see. It's another frat event. Let me guess... the strip club again? I knew it. You already look guilty. And maybe you're thinking about how much money you're...

Fuck Puppet

You and your date have signed up for a huge hypnotism show that is supposed to get naughty. But you have no idea how naughty, until you're already under and get up on stage. Hope you're an exhibitionist!

Spoiled Rich Brat Trades Her V-Card for a Good Report Card

What do you mean, the professor died a few weeks ago? Well, apparently you're the new professor. Fix my grade. What's wrong with it? The old professor and I had a deal. I wrote him a big check from one of my monthly trust fund payments, and he gave me a decent grade. It was a good deal. He got a lot of money, and I didn't have to get up for some lame class at 8 am in the morning. "No?"...

Relax, Baby

Just you wait baby, we are going to have some fun together. Written by u/Hypnorook.

Corruption Loop

This file is about giving in to the pleasure, and letting that pleasure lead you down into a path of slavery and delicious depravity.

Harvested for Cum

You awaken... you are on a space ship - a call comes in and you answer... A lovely woman comes on screen and makes you aware of your new reality... shortly bringing you down even deeper into trance. She uses her fembots, and futabots, to tease you to the brink, to draw up every sperm your body is capable of producing, to have it all explode in one intense orgasm. ...

Sudden Succubus

In this file you are simply walking home when you are surprised in the forest. A Hypnotic Enchantress surprises you, her voice quickly ensnaring you as you walk willingly into her trap. It feels too good to resist and really... you're just a weak, weak man when it comes to desire. I want that fear boner from you. Those after-adrenaline fantastic and orgasmic endorphins of pure pleasure...

Kali purr

My cat purring while she gives herself a bath. She snuck into where I record but is too cute to kick out.

My Sweet Boy

I want to take you down. Down deep into a place where you are mine and I control your pleasure as you come closer and closer to being mine. My pleasure results in your pleasure. It’s only natural, and I gently reinforce this desire, this causing of pleasure when I tell you what a good boy you are. Good boys get rewarded… And after tuning your mind to feel sexual pleasure when I snap my...

Fucking you awake

I come to bed late and find you sleeping. I cuddle up next to you, curling around you with my hand wrapped around your waist. Coming to rest on your cock... You're going to wake up to me fucking you. And then just relax and enjoy while I do all the work, taking what I want and then cleaning up the mess. ;)

The Orgasm Spa

Welcome to the Orgasm Spa Sir. :) Here we take a gratifying pleasure from being able to provide you with relaxation. Just settle back and let me take care of you. This lovely script is by u/onlyaGWAcct.

ASMR Handjob Sounds - 27 Layers

I thought some of you might find it entertaining to listen to my journey into figuring out how to make the best handjob sounds. AKA me jacking off a dildo.

Tonight is Different

I know you like it when I put on my harness. Put a nice big cock in it. I know you're also going to like the rest of what I have planned for you. So just relax... we both know what Domina wants, Domina gets.

Putty in my hands

You are a block of clay. You remotely resemble yourself, but that won't last long. My fingers massage into you, changing you. Changing your body into the perfect slave girl template. From here I will be able to change you into anything I want... Changing your mind and body into whoever I want. You're putty in my hands... because you want to be.

The Blowjob Competition

Your locked up against a chair. Leather restraints on your wrists, holding you comfortably in place. Your legs, strapped wide. Naked and vulnerable as a slave girl kneels between your legs, her lips resting against your cock. Waiting for the command of her Mistress to start sucking your cock, eager to prove she gives the very best blowjob. Her Mistress is the other part of the...

The Hypno Dungeon

Describing an app I will be releasing that allows mixing and matching of files and layers.

Inhaled Experience

A mysterious woman in a mysterious room. She won't tell you her name as she kisses your lips... breathing a drugged smoke into you... making you feel high. Sensations become stronger... your cock starts to rise to her will, as she takes advantage of your drugged state. This file will take you to another world.
You are going to see sounds and smell colours... your senses becoming more...

Take a Chance

In my Harem files, you are the sultan. With a very large harem of wives and concubines... with all sorts of fetishes. And you are expected each night to go to the bed of one of your wives or slave girls and satisfy their needs. Some girls are all about pleasing you. Some of your wives enjoy making you please them. And then there is Sasha. Sasha is a bit of a switch, she likes it rough and...

Sleepytime Brainwashing Loop

It's time to sleep my sweet pet... sleep and have lovely dreams. I'll be there, with you, beside you. Guiding you. Molding you into a better person, a better slave. Relax into it... Find release in my voice.

Faded Triggers

A short awakener taken from the file, "Putty In My Hands".

Suck for Shibby

Ever wonder how I'd program my sweet boy to do those things he didn't think he could ever do for me? Prepare to find out. In this session, I'll lead you well beyond the edges of your comfort zone, and prepare you for a starring role in one of my guy-on-guy fantasies. And you'll enjoy it, because I'll program you to enjoy it. While the file does not mention lube in it, I suggest you have...

Ocean Jungle Journey

This is an extra deepener that I decided to cut out of the extended version of "Inhaled Experience". I like it. It's a fun journey from relaxing on a rubber tube on the ocean, leading into a hypnotic and gently mystical adventure.

I love you too much to ever let you leave me - 2

Psychotic psychological dirty talk is my favorite. Just like you're my favorite. I love you because I know you will never leave me. I know you will never leave me because I love you, and won't let you. And I don't mean that in the cutesy wootsie holding your leg type way. I mean that in the windowless sex dungeon, chained to the bed type of way. A sequel continuing and changing the fantasy a...

Teacher Seduces Student on Field Trip After Overhearing Him Fuck

Script by u/Masaki_12 A teacher overhearing two students going at it on a field trip decides that the Science Expo is the perfect place to have a little experiment of her own. She wants to see just how big of a cock her best student

I love you too much to ever let you leave me

Psychotic psychological dirty talk is my favorite. Just like you're my favorite. I love you because I know you will never leave me. I know you will never leave me because I love you, and won't let you. And I don't mean that in the cutesy wootsie holding your leg type way. I mean that in the windowless basement, chained to the wall type of way.

Rita's Lacivious Trap

Don't let the "trap" in the title fool you, this is not a trap file. It's an orgy to be sure, but yours is the only cock there. A very explicit story, being used as the helpless pawn in your co-workers lacivious bet. How many times can they make you cum? They are determined to find out. You can't help it, you can't stay limp as they use all of their very generous tits to entice your cock up,...

What It Feels Like For A Girl

I've been promising some bimbo and sissy files for awhile now, and this script by u/StudDiddly was just perfect! I got to play with some sticky lube and my big pink dildo for SFX. Everything is more fun forced. But is it really force when it makes your cock so hard? Or is the force just what I need to do to you to make you accept it - accept what you are. My Dirty Little Bimbo Whore.

The Succubus Inside You

This file comes out almost as an erotic bedtime story. Being visited by the succubus of your dreams. Go into it picturing me curled up next to you, a book in hand and whispering a bedtime story in your ear. Feel yourself being sucked into the story...

Udderly Entranced

My first transformational file. I made it on a whim, but am actually really happy with how it turned out. It's a very long file, a few minutes shy of an hour... but it is a journey, and one I think you might enjoy. I wasn't sure if those who listen to these sorts of files prefer being cowgirls or fucking cowgirls... so I made this file both. ...

You have a Problem

One of my supporter submitted files, this is a short audio for those of you currently caged up.

Productivity Loop

A simple loop of layers to make you a bit more productive.

Love-ly Orgasm

Here is the prompt I was given for the file as per the list my patreons voted on: Having an orgasm while being in love feels so much better! What if all orgasms you experience with me feel that good? What if my voice, the moment I start talking, makes you instantly horny and you become so in love with me that orgasm will feel heavenly? Isn’t that what you have always dreamed of? I will...

You Do What You're Told Brainwashing Loop

This fun little loop makes my words come to you as an inner voice... You do what you're told. You don't have to think. Invading your thoughts until you can't tell the difference between my words and your thoughts.                      ...

Orgasmic HFO

For those of you who have been following my regimen this whole time - I am so very proud of you. Knowing how effective it has been... spices my nights up quite a bit. And every bit of information I am getting will be used against you at a later time. ;) As your training progresses. As your mind and cock respond further and further to my will. I am so very excited to see what I can do...

Orgasmic Chastity

You've been cumming quite a bit recently. I think it's time we slowed things down for a bit. Leave you feeling submissive throughout your day as this file lingers in your mind. The file for Night 12 to the Orgasmic Training Series.

Orgasmic Resurgence

Time to practice what I've been teaching you. Prepare yourself to have multiple orgasms of multiple varieties. Relax and enjoy, this file is quite the adventure. The file for Night 9 to the the Orgasmic Training Series.

Orgasmic Intensity 1

Tying your sexual responses to obedience... There are five Intensity files. They are all different and each one will take you deeper... train you further... and make your orgasms last longer than the previous. These files build heavily off of "Orgasmic Denial" and "Orgasmic Command". I am unsure of the effectiveness if you haven't listened to the previous files. I want you a drooling,...

Office Sex Slave

Pick a picture. Any picture, with a face and a slutty pose. No exposed tits, pussy or ass though. Keep it in front of you and remember... you aren't allowed to look anywhere else.

Orgasmic Command

Feeling denied? Don't worry honey, you do get to cum tonight. Just so long as you cum how and when I say so. If you can't cum exactly on my command - that's ok! Keep in mind this is a Training Series - and it wouldn't be training if you were already perfect. Don't worry... you WILL be perfect, it might just take some special conditioning... Time to practice what I've been teaching you....

Sperm Collection

You’re at the sperm bank, but you just can’t get it up. In comes Nurse Joy, to help collect your offering. You’re going to get more than money at this sperm bank as she takes you down and personally helps collect the merchandise. Once she has you under her power using only her voice, she takes it a step further, instructing you to insert a prostate massager, giving you the choice on...

Squishes and Moans

Sorry about the mic bumps - it was very close to the action. ;)


Clamber back into the pool of latex and drift away until you find yourself before your Domina. With your latex covered body prostrated before me, I apply your restraints, your submissive mind eager for every Snick of each and every lock. You hear more footsteps in the cave on either side of me. I have brought slaves to do my dirty work, to tease and torture you with a searing pleasure. ...

Misogynistic Man Owned

There are rumours going around that a bunch of very strong women are running around raping men! No ones talking, except you. Several drinks in and talking trash about how you would show these women who the boss is. I think someone heard you.... A hypno-narrative script fill, written and commissioned by Ovid.

Two Sided Sorority Jackpot

We are going to go behind the scenes of two slutty sororities. You've just started dating one of our sisters, and there are certain... traditions to be upheld. You wouldn't want to disappoint your new girlfriend.. so settle back and pick a voice to listen to - let the other just drone on in the back of your mind. She's talking about a different scene anyways! We wouldn't want you to become...

I like your face

I like you more every time I see you. :)

Picking a lock

A short behind the scenes audio as I pick out just the right snick for my upcoming file "Branded".

Feminazi Turned Hypnoslut

Feminist blogger records herself while watching a hypnosis audio. The plan is to make fun of it, and mock him to her followers... Hypnosis is bullshit right? The plan starts to unwind as so does her mind as she falls into trance and obeys her new Master.

Orgasmic Denial

It's time to start your Orgasmic Training. A Series of files created to take you further down the journey of your sexuality. I want to do things with your cock, and your orgasms, that you didn't know were possible. I'm going to make your orgasms last longer. Make it easier to control when and how many times in a row you can cum. I'm going to show you that my will can directly effect your...

Type Deeper

This is just a loop. Just three minutes of the sort of thing I make when trying to unblock my mind. I thought it was cute, and I'd share it with you. Because it will be fun. Try it and if you want to give it a bit of a challenge, try to type the words as you listen.


All bound up and no place to escape. My love, prepare to use your tongue for my pleasure as I brainwash you into my perfect servant. You're going to worship me, there's no choice really. But you WILL love it.                      ...

Orgasmic Preparation

My mind and your mind are in agreement. You want to follow. You want to obey. You want to drop down and make your cock stronger for my pleasure.                                            ...

Wedding Night Surprise

Oh Honey... I'm so glad we are finally wed. We can finally have that wedding night we've been talking about, that you have been saving yourself for. There's just this one thing... I'm not really a virgin. Or religious. In fact, I'm a dominatrix, and I've decided to turn you into my perfect slave. ...

Booby Trap Trance

Visualize yourself submitting to gigantic boobs - because after this audio, you will. May come with giggly side effects to the word 'Nipple'.                                            ...

Breast Control Deepener

Enjoy this snippet of what is in store for your future as my slave... This piece of file while taking you deeper, installs in you a command to follow commands when given permission to stare at a woman's breasts. Open ended to come after an induction and meant to draw you deeper via arousal and visualization of my enormous breasts.

Release from Chastity

Now in a perfect world... You will have been in chastity for a bit before listening to this. If you are truly a Good Boy... You may have even tried my "Chastity Challenge" regimen. I do so hope you succeeded. Orgasms are much more intense and satisfying when you've been a Good Boy for me. ...

Teasing you in Chastity

Short and maliciously sweet, I thought you could use a bit of stimulation.

Yes Domina Training Loop

This file is a lovely audio that was made for me by lurkinfortrouble. It's a very effective brainwashing loop with a lovely progression.

Timeless Tree Induction

A lovely if vanilla induction, where you go on a visual journey inside a forest... coming to rest against a tree... and just sinking into the world, into a sense of timelessness as the forest starts to cover you.                      ...

I made your girlfriend my bitch. You're next.

You wake up in a dark room. Well, I guess it's only dark because of the blindfold you're wearing, but specifics aren't important. You move your arms and find they are bound above you with chains. From the feeling of the air against your skin you are completely naked. Your ankles are each cuffed and chained so you cant close them. Helpless. And then you hear me whispering in your...


I love controlling you. It's so easy... You are just such a slut. Such a slut that to control you, all I have to do is control your cock. Control when you can get release... When you listen to this file... when you are ready to truly listen and be my slave, it is best if it has been a few days since the last time you came. Because the more you want to cum, the more my slave you...

Foot Fetish HFO

Toes and feet, toes and feet... My Toes and Feet rubbing all over your body... all over your cock. This is an exquisitely slow paced audio, written and submitted by one of my devoted slaves.                      ...

Shh... You don't want your mom to hear

No age, or incest - your mom came over with just enough warning to hide all the sex toys, and now she is in the guest room and you and I are cuddled up in our bed in the next room. About to go to sleep... when I roll over and start whispering in your ear. Playing with you. Taunting you. Teasing you o so quietly as you try not to make any noise. Getting you excited and then talking about that...

Lesbian repays her male friend for a favor

Fun vanilla script, by u/BetterDeadThanDread about a lesbian repaying her friend for helping her... and finding out thanking him is really fun for her as well.

I'm going to talk about your cock while you're at work

I really love making audios designed to tease you at work. Dirty talk about your cock. My preferred way for you to listen is trying to do work, or concentrate on a project while I talk to you, distracting you.

My Kinky Life - Kinkation

I went on vacation for a week to a kinky summercamp. A giant festival of sexual freedom of every sort - especially kink! This is my recounting of some of the awesome real scenes I did while I was there. For all you voyeurs out there, as well as those who want to know what real life kink is like. I have it split into four smaller chapters, or all together here in one. ...

Sexy Spy Needs Monks Cum To Use As Invisible Ink To Stop Terrorists.

It's for national security. I need a lot of cum, ok?

Little Kisses

Let me hold you. Let me kiss you. As we lay under the stars... as you relax into my voice... Trusting me, as I cherish you...

HFO Seduction

This file combines visual imagery in a spa setting where you are given a sensual massage before being led into a pool by a gaggle of women in bikinis. They start playing with them selves and each other, blurring the lines between wrestling and fucking as they giggle and moan in each others arms, splashing around and stripping each other naked, before beckoning you to come in and join them....

Dirty Talk

I love talking dirty ;)

Tomboy has to go from Bully to Girlfriend

Sorry for punching you. And those things I said about your dick, or how you liked to stick it in other guys. You really should have fought me like I wanted. I really wasn't expecting them to be so strict here at this school. They have some bullshit zero-tolerance policy. Now they want to expel me. But if you stick up for me at that school hearing tomorrow, they can't expel me. At least it will...

A Game Called Denial

Tease and Denial is so much fun, don't you think? I've turned it into a game. Depending on how well you do, on how good your self control is, decides how long before you are allowed to cum. How long you will be stuck in mental chastity, unable to stroke your cock or cum. Because I said so. It could be awhile...

Shibby gets Spanked

As far as I am aware this file is the first of it's kind. I know there are a few of you out there, that are switches or tops, who secretly just want to take me over your knee and spank me red. So I’m going to take you down, because my devotion to you requires me to give YOU pleasure. Masters cock is so important, what true slave wouldn’t want to entrance you into feeling the pleasure of my...

My Kinky Life - The Cross

A bit more of the story from, "My Kinky Life - Chastity", down into the basement. I like this. It's like a little kink journal for me I can listen to and smile at the memories. Knowing some of you dirty pervs are getting off on it too. ;)

My Kinky Life - Chastity

Just for the Voyeurs out there. For those of you who are interested how BDSM scenes realistically work in relationships. Just me telling you what I did with some subs the last few days. Just for fun.

HFO Iteration

Continuing in the footsteps of the rest of the HFO Indoctrination series, this is a HFO followed by a JOI. This file is about counting up your pleasure. Counting up your arousal. This file is not so much a beginner file as it begins with the presumption that some of the triggers from the HFO Indoctrination series are already instilled deep in your mind. That snaps will make your cock feel...

19th Century Explorer Lisa Croft accidentally convinces a Tribe of Amazon Women that your Penis is God

Lost in the amazon rain forest, we've been captured by amazons! They were going to burn us alive and... I suspect they were about to eat us. Luckily, I was able to convince them not to... I may have completely accidentally have given them the impression your penis is a god. And I your high priestess. But no matter! ...

Can you follow instructions? Good, let's get started.

A very detailed Jerk Off Instructions audio. Though in TheAmicableRainbow's words, it's more a case of Jerk Off Commands...                                            ...

Shibby Says

"Shibby Says" is allll about me moving you around as my little puppet. Be a little paranoid as I make it very clear in this file I know what you are doing, starting with a little bit of roleplay... or is it? Maybe in a former file you listened to... I have made you give me certain... permissions. And then made you forget them. ...

In Your Secret Garden

I adapted a script on GWA by u/activelyretro from M4F into a F4M version... This version has music and special effects. This is a very sweet and gentle HFO. I consider it vanilla, but there are slight Fdom words, so I threw the tag up.

HFO Fractionation

Another file in my series, "HFO Indoctrination". I'm going to use blowjobs to fuck with your head. Make you feel it in your mind, another slave.. a sexy female under my power. Using her lips and mouth at my command to take you down as she goes down on you. Every time her lips touching the base of your shaft your mind will blank out in pleasure. In trance. Every time her lips coming off of...

Shibby Says Mantra

A fun short loop to condition you into moving as instructed, and obeying me. A teaser of what is to come when I release the file, "Shibby Says".

Gone Girl's 'Amy Dunne' gets you off

I saw this script by u/theperpetualwilliam and had to make it - because it is so very me. Teasing and cursing and telling you how and what I want. And I put my new mics arm to good use seeing how um... low it could go for some sounds I amplified.

The Take

Teasing taunting JOI. That's MY cock and cumming isn't optional.                                                                  ...

The Woman Who Knows You Better Than Anyone

I'm the woman you pass in the street, your biggest fan. I know your body better than anyone...I study you. I feel you with me. I know exactly how you operate. I know what turns you on. Don't you think I'd be so good for you, too? Script by /u/Belle_in_the_woods

I Will Be Your Whole World

A short FemDom... statement of intent.

You want me to... "dom" you?

The script centers around a lady who surprised her partner with a nice night in, but is also surprised herself to find out that he wants to be dommed by her. Still, she's interested in trying it for him and ends up liking it quite a bit. Anyway, if any one of you talented ladies wants to add a femdom recording to your repertoire and/or résumé, I would be more than happy for you to try...


That’s the sound of a little lock clicking shut. Locking you in. Into restraints, into my control. As you feel your ankles locked and secured. Your wrists, locked and secured. Completely Immobile as I lock your wrists to your thighs, securing you in submission to me. Completely MINE, as I take you further into trance, further into submission. Pure brainwashed submission this does not...

Drop. Deeper. - The Entranced Confessions Collection Training Loop

Drop. Deeper. There are no binaurals on this file, but you can easily find or make your own quickly and for free via googling "binaural beats". This file helps instill the triggers for the Entranced Confessions Collection. Training your mind in a loop you can listen to over and over again as many times as you want.

Entranced Confessions - Pegging

This file can stand alone, but is meant to be listened some time after listening to "Entranced Confessions". Your secrets are simply not enough anymore. Now I want more from you. I want to DO more to you. So I'm going to fuck you. :) It can be listened to in any position, though for pegging you will need to have a prostate massager, butt plug, or something else safe to put in your butt. No...

Entranced Confessions - Spanking

This file can stand alone, but is meant to be listened some time after listening to "Entranced Confessions". I know your dirty secrets. I know what you want. But we are going to do what I want. Because really... that's what matters here. Your enjoyment is going to happen either way. You like having that slutty ass of yours grabbed and beaten. And it's just so inviting I decided not to...

Entranced Confessions

You're a naughty boy. I know it. You know it. So just Confess. Release it, tell Officer Jenny your dirty little secret. That perverted fantasy in your mind. Your secret desire, no one knows... That fetish, so simple, so naughty. Really... you have no choice. Your cock controls you, and I control access to your cock. You want to cum, you need to cum, but you can only cum at my command. Can...

Wash finds religion

I've always been a fan of firefly, and I was always hoping Saffron would take things a bit... further with some of the crew. Here Saffron makes her way to the front of the ship, to take over Wash's mind and make him pilot the ship where she wants to go.                      ...

I was a naughty girl

Bad Shibby needs to be punished... but first, can she convince her Master to take it a little easier on her ass?

Aftercuddle you to Sleep

Sweet and affectionate, this file is not about sex. It's about comfort and aftercare, at a little over twenty minutes long. This file is intended to come after another of my files, so while you are still shaking and shuddering, and wondering what just happened to you, you can click on it and hear my soothing voice take you back down into a calming happy trance. ...


Relates a version of the paradoxical commandments by Dr. Kent. M. Keith, written on a wall in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).

HFO Recursion

This file is meant to scramble your brains via a confusion induction. And then to get you to FOCUS on your sexual energy. It's a bit lighter on the Fdom, but bits of it are still there. I use a snap trigger to play with your arousal... and again... and again. You have permission to touch if you want... but not until you absolutely cannot take it anymore. And you better be...

Aftercuddle you Awake

Sweet and affectionate, this file is not about sex. It's about comfort and aftercare, at a little over twenty minutes long. This file is intended to come after another of my files, so while you are still shaking and shuddering, and wondering what just happened to you, you can click on it and hear my soothing voice take you back down into a calming happy trance. ...

HFO Induction

I'm going to take you down, deeper and deeper... And then when your will is gone, when you are so far gone you seek only to obey and please me, I will reward you for your devotion. With physical pleasure spreading through your body, traveling up your body, every nerve alive with pleasure as it bursts and explodes into your brain as I tell you what a Good Boy you are. While you are vulnerable...

Yes Domina

My voice, my message, my commands. Come play with me... Remember, the answer is always, "Yes Domina". This is a HFO that will gently, but firmly take you deeper and deeper down. Until you SLEEP.                      ...

Serenity's Codes

I've always been a fan of Firefly, and I was always hoping Saffron would take things a bit... further with some of the crew. This is the first in hopefully several audios where Saffron successfully seduces each of the crew members of Serenity. Here Saffron has Mal all tied down...                      ...

Eating out a 'Tist

You didn't think you were going to be the only one getting off, did you? This one gave ME shivers as I listened to it. So yeah. Fun.

Sex with a 'Tist

Sweet Shibby, ready for bed, ready for you in bed. A little hypnosis improv during sex makes everything better.

Gabby and the Fucking Machine

A lesbian BDSM story. I wrote this story years ago... thought it might be fun to act it out a bit. Might write a sequel in the future.

Chastity Voicemail

A custom file I made for a very good slave. Here is the generic version, for all the other subs out there currently in a chastity device just waiting to be released... Though you won't be getting any release from me. I'm just having too much fun.

Punishment Edging

Naughty boy. I told you not to cum without permission... but you just couldn't hold it in could you? Well. Naughty sluts get punished. And here is yours. Do not cum.

Slave. Obey.

You haven't been concentrating enough lately... I'm going to help you rid yourself of your distractions. Release you so you can properly focus. On me, and my will. In this file I will implant triggers for focus and obedience in you. And then I will make you cum.                       ...

Moaning the Manual - Yeti Blue

Learning a bit more about my Yeti, if anyone else hasn't read the manual it might be a bit more interesting to hear it from me. Though a bit more distracting.

The Good Boy Hypno Series Companion Audio

This is an audio loop where I moan trigger words from "My Good Boy Series". I was playing around on audacity and made a moaning track of me saying 'Good Boy' to play with the triggers I've been putting in your mind. Then I played with it some more and gave it layers and binaurals...
If my triggers are properly in you, you will feel amazing listening to it. ...

A Moment of Puppy Play

This one's short and sweet, as I play with my pet. Just a few short sweet minutes of puppy play to tide you through your night.

My Sybian

I'm going to use your hypno-induced vibrating cock as my own personal sybian. It's going to feel so good... Lay down for me... You should ideally listen to this audio after you have listened to the first two in the series, "My Sweet Boy" and "Clench", as this will reinforce existing triggers and make your experience so much more explosive.

Pegged by the police

Drunk driver gets pulled over by a sadistic cop. Punishment ensues.

Snoo Snoo!

A giantess catches a human in her valley... and finds he has some use to her.

I want to make work HARDER for you

You just can't concentrate on work can you... such a bad boy. But I'll still play with you for a little bit... just remember... no cumming without permission.

Jalapeno Blowjob

You think I didn't know about that slut you were banging at work? oooo well you are about to find out that I know... Be warned, this isn't a happy ending audio.

Using You

You have such a nice mouth, I think i'm going to use it.

Voicemail - date night with Domina

Ever wonder what it's like to go on a date with an evil woman like me? This is the kind of voicemail I leave for new subs. I like them to be really nervous. It's kind of adorable.

Get back to work

You naughty little pervert. You're supposed to be working right now, but instead you're on here to wank off. Well I guess I'll just have to teach you some self control...

Verify take 2

Well I screwed up the first one, so here we go to get my tag so I can properly fuck with some subby heads.                                            

Small dick gets you pegged

You'll never satisfy me with that tiny little penis of yours... so I'm going to need you to use your mouth...and since you are just SUCH a slut, I'm going to have to fuck that tight little ass of yours with my strap on. You'll be a good boy for me, won't you?