So, You Want To Be Hypnotized?

This is the perfect place to start for newcomers to hypnosis. Let me guide you down into trance by following my voice, introducing you to the various techniques and conditioning that will serve as a foundation that is built upon in all my files.

"Shibby Live and Uncut" Podcast

A podcast series of recordings, taken from my live events, for you to listen in on the experience at your own leisure and enjoy the raw naked performance.

Haptics: New Arrivals

A regularly updated list of the ten most recent haptic file releases, as they happen, so check back here if you'd like to stay informed.

HFO Indoctrination Series

I love experimenting, which is really what this entire series is about, trying out all the different ways to take you down via hypnosis. Each file will explore a different style of induction and deepener so that we can find out what works best for us both.

Orgasmic Training Series

Are you ready for some intense fun? ... We are going to do things with your cock, and your orgasms, that you did not know were possible. This is a two week training regimen towards having a longer climax, culminating in experiencing a hands free orgasm.

My Good Boy Series

I want to take you down deep into a place where you are mine, and I control your pleasure. In this introductory hypnosis series I gently reinforce this desire, anchoring triggers that are used throughout all my files. Good Boy's get rewarded…

My Good Boy ASMR Series

I want to take you down deep into a place where you are mine, and I control your pleasure. Now reimagined with ASMR, this introductory series gently reinforces your desires, anchoring triggers that are used throughout all my files.

Do It For Me Series

A series on self improvement using my pleasure as your motivation. I want you to be better, to look better, treat the world better. And it's important that you realise - making yourself better isn’t something you do for you. It's something you do for ME.

Sex With A 'Tist

This hypnotic series is a girlfriend experience reflecting how I play with slaves who matter to me. Expect my playful affectionate dominance, and tons of dirty talk!

Enslaved To Your Wife Series

This series, by Tsub, has a heavy emphasis on brainwashing, and is part of a nightly training regimen to turn you into a slave for your wife.

The Entranced Confessions Collection

This intermediate series is all about admitting your secret dirty fantasies and then exploring those kinks... You're a naughty boy. I know it. You know it. So just Confess! It will be a bit harsher then normal and is best enjoyed after both "HFO Indoctrination" and "My Good Boy".

Shibby's Chastity Challenge

A week long regimen of files I want you to listen to in order while in chastity for me - cock cage or no. I want to see just how devoted of a slave you can be.

My Latex Series

A series scripted both by myself & broken which is all about your pure brainwashed submission. It's a long way down into my dungeon, sweetheart. Into my world of latex slaves. But that doesn't hold you back... No... You were born kinky. You were born to serve and obey.

Slut Inside You Series

This five-part gender transformation series, by u/ShadowedScripts, is all about releasing and fucking the slut inside you. I am going to be changing you into someone who's a bit prettier... a bit girlier... and definitely more than just a little bit sluttier.

Tomboy Saga

This lovely three-part series, scripted by u/OnlyaGWAcct, is a playful tomboy tale of friends to lovers. Take your time over the course of a few days to truly envelope yourself in the fantasy. To bring yourself to the most satisfying orgasm possible.

My Kinky Life

A collection of files, on my kinky life, told in podcast fashion. Each retells the story of a real life BDSM scene.

Dropping into the Loop

A washing haze of mindless trance drops over you in this modular series of files. As I take control of you. Each fractionating loop linked so that you can mix and match them together for a deeper experience. Just look into my eyes...

Shibby's 2048 Challenge

Can you beat my score at "2048"? Now that there's my own version sent to me by LostDjinn, let's see how far can you go in this week long challenge.

The States of Mind Series

In this hypnotic series my voice surrounds you, wraps you, in multi-tracks and luxurious whispers; bringing you down through a lovely mix of layers, recursive layered techniques, and the psychological dirty talk that is my own special style. I can't wait to play with your mind...

Futa Abduction

This series collaborates my ideas and voice, and u/ShadowedScripts scintillating writing to bring you a tale of abduction and enslavement set at the edges of space. Will your new mistresses find you worthy?

The Super O

To learn something new, you have to be properly prepared. In this set of files I will be guiding you as I teach the basics to the fabled male "Super Orgasm" in order to introduce you to the proper mindset for pursuing this unique pleasure...

The Two Sides Series

In this experimental series, written by my minion, I use all the hypnotic tricks and triggers in my arsenal to covertly brainwash you. Each loop is linked by this simple underlying premise: that my voice surrounds you from two sides. In one ear, I speak to your conscious thoughts. In the other, I whisper at your subconscious desires.

Sex Slave Simp

This femdom trilogy is an episodic glimpse into life as a newly bought sex-slave, and each of the many humiliations inflicted on you by your devilish new owners.

The Slave Mode Collection

I love playing with you, and, in this intermediate series, I'll let your mind know when it's time. You'll have no choice but to obey me when you "Slip into Slave Mode". And once you're shaped to fit my desires... I'll be able to play with you and your new trigger in lots of fun ways.

Good Morning Slave Routine

A four part session to put you into the right mindset for the day - brainwashed to serve, conditioned to follow my control.