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In my Harem files, you are the sultan. With a very large harem of wives and concubines... with all sorts of fetishes. And you are expected each night to go to the bed of one of your wives or slave girls and satisfy their needs. Some girls are all about pleasing you. Some of your wives enjoy making you please them. And then there is Sasha.

Sasha is a bit of a switch, she likes it rough and playful. Yes, Sasha just loves to play. She has a set of dice she uses to make up games for stroking your cock. She has such amazing control of the muscles around her pussy she can milk you without moving an outward limb. (Apparently this is called pompoir. I guess I didn't invent it... I might have perfected it though.) With Sasha you never know if you are going to get to cum or not. She loves denial, of herself and you. She treats lust like a drug, using any means to drive arousal further. Sexual need aching and invading your every thought.

In this set of files, the beginning is always the same. But the way the night ends changes, some nights Sasha fucks you, some nights she torments you and then leaves you chaste. And other nights Sasha brings out her dice. Take a Chance and try one...

These naked versions of the files, without binaurals, are lightly Fdom, with some heavy Fdom and fsub mixed in.

The induction requires a spiral or moving image - have one ready or the file will instruct you to find one.