Dropped into Tentacles

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You can now experience Dropped into Tentacles with a scripted vibrating toy!

Haptic script
Recomended lovense toy **

Relax into the raindrops as my voice rambles your mind down into that sweet, suggestible place.

Washing away stress, washing away thought...

But it's not just relaxation that I offer.

I have a wonderful and sweet pet, that obeys my every command. My command is to conquer your mind and body, to rule you with your pleasure.

You'll be captured. Penetrated. Forced to suck. Tentacles running over your body as my creature violates every one of your holes. My snaps will make you clench and convulse with pleasure until you can't take it anymore. Your overloaded body and mind will submit and serve and...

Well, you know how it goes.

Don't worry if you can't get your release hands free. I allow you to take things into your own hands after I command you via HFO, so there is no pressure. Just pleasure.

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