Ultimate Milking Challenge

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Hi Slut,

It's me, Shibby. Your Domina.

Alone in our private dungeon where nobody will disturb us.
I know you're just so excited, patiently waiting for a one on one meeting with me.
You know the rules. Get naked for me and lay down comfortably on the bed. Relax and just listen to my voice.
My seductive voice. The voice that you like. That you adore.

Just lie back and take care of business. I wanna have a perfect view as I subject you to my Ultimate Milking Challenge.
Let's make a bet. If you finish the challenge without cumming, I'll let you fuck me.
But if you do... I will torture you. I will make you twitch, cry, and I will make you beg.

Don't get confused thinking that you will beg for me stop torturing you.
At the end, you will be in all tears knowing full well that you will NOT see me again the second I take off my hand from your abused cock.
You will thrust into my hand just to look at your precious Domina for another second.

So just don't cum, should be a rule easy to follow, no?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you,

I make helpless boys like you cum... Without Touching.