Sex With A 'Tist

This hypnotic series is a girlfriend experience reflecting how I play with slaves who matter to me. Expect my playful affectionate dominance, and tons of dirty talk!

Blowjob from a 'Tist

Sex With A 'Tist // Series Part: 1 / 3
Sweet Shibby, ready for bed, ready for you in bed. This is how I Blowjob... A little hypnosis improv during sex makes everything better.                      ...

Eating out a 'Tist

Sex With A 'Tist // Series Part: 2 / 3
My turn... You didn't think you were going to be the only one getting off, did you? This one gave ME shivers as I listened to it. So yeah. Fun...                      ...

Ridden by a 'Tist

Sex With A 'Tist // Series Part: 3 / 3
I've come home from work to find you in bed... All warm and naked and cuddly... I know I should've been back sooner, but I know just how to make you forgive me — A bit of hypnosis.                      ...