Enslaved To Your Wife Series

This series, by Tsub, has a heavy emphasis on brainwashing, and is part of a nightly training regimen to turn you into a slave for your wife.

Enslaved to Your Wife: First Session

First Session // Intro / Part 1 Day: 1
They told the wrong person to Love, Honor, and Obey, at your wedding. Your wife is ready to fix that, so she sent you to me, telling you it would be a simple therapy session. And it is simple, you just have to listen... And when you go home to your wife, you will OBEY. ...

Enslaved to Your Wife: Submission and Sleep

First Session // Intro / Part 2 Month: 1
I'm being paid good money to turn you into a slave for your wife, you want to be a good boy and follow my training so I continue to get paid right?
Happy Wife, Happy Domina. You must keep falling... Deeper & Deeper. Just follow my words, follow my instructions and picture your lovely wife. ...

Enslaved to Your Wife: Triggers

Second Session Month: 2
Happy Wife, Happy Domina. If you've been following the regimen set forth by me and your wife, you'll be living up to these tenets - but we're not done with you yet. Your wife has informed me that while she is happy with your progress - she wants more. And she deserves more. Out of you, and out of our sessions together. ...

Enslaved to Your Wife: In the Kitchen

Third Session Month: 3
Your wife is happy with your progress but it's time to get more specific about what she wants you to do for her. You need to be your wife's cook, server, busboy, and janitor. And as I take you deeper into trance and your conditioning you will realize this is what you've wanted to do for your wife all along. It makes her happy, and that makes you happy, and I'm just so...