Tomboy Series

This lovely three-part saga, scripted by u/OnlyaGWAcct, is a playful tomboy tale - of friends to lovers. Take your time over the course of a few days to truly envelope yourself in the fantasy. To bring yourself to the most satisfying orgasm possible.

I Don't Have my Own Cock to Play With, but Maybe I Could use Yours?

Tomboy // Series Part: 1 / 3
I'm bored. And a bored Shibby is a dangerous and unpredictable thing. I really really hate being bored. So, why don't you help me with that? C'mon, entertain me. I want to try something new! Like... a cock. I've never played with one of those before! So whip yours out. I want to play! ...

Is it Cool If I Shower With You, and Maybe Also Suck Your Cock?

Tomboy // Series Part: 2 / 3
Hey Roomie - I'm back from the gym, quit hogging the bathroom and let me in!
Oh... you're showering? Well let me in, I'm a sweaty mess and if you wash my back, I'll suck your cock.                      ...

Let's Just Fuck Already!

Tomboy // Series Part: 3 / 3
A very satisfying conclusion to the "Tomboy" saga scripted by u/OnlyaGWAcct. Like the rest, this file can be listened to on it's own just fine... But intimacy and sex, are so much better when you take things slow, take your time over the course of a few days to listen in order, truly envelope yourself in the fantasy, to bring you the most satisfying orgasm...