My Good Boy ASMR Series

I want to take you down deep into a place where you are mine, and I control your pleasure. Now reimagined with ASMR, this introductory series gently reinforces your desires, anchoring triggers that are used throughout all my files.

ASMR My Sweet Boy

My Good Boy // ASMR Series #1
I want to take you down. Down deep into a place where you are mine and I control your pleasure as you come closer and closer to being mine. My pleasure results in your pleasure. It’s only natural, and I gently reinforce this desire, this causing of pleasure when I tell you what a good boy you are. Good boys get rewarded… ...

ASMR Clench

My Good Boy // ASMR Series #2
I love playing with you. So I'm going to reinforce all of your triggers... and add a new one... One to make you that much more fun to play with. After you listen to me in this file, you should feel pleasure or relaxation when ever I use your trigger words in ALL of my files, both hypnosis and non-hypnosis. So I can properly get in there and fuck with your head. ;)...

ASMR My Sybian

My Good Boy // ASMR Series #3
Mmm... I have so many fond memories of the first time I created this file. The first file I ever saw someone have a Hands Free Orgasm to, right in front of my eyes... The file that convinced me hypnosis was real, and I could really affect you in so many ways with it. ...

ASMR Slave. Obey.

My Good Boy // ASMR Series #4
My Sweet Boy... So good you've come back to me. I hope you have been enjoying yourself, enjoying all the hands free bliss I've bestowed on you. You've progressed so well, and I am very proud. But there is always room for more improvement, more... lessons. Today's lesson is in control. You are going to stroke yourself the way I tell you, as I take you deeper...

ASMR Punishment Edging

My Good Boy // ASMR Series / Punishment Bonus
Naughty boy. I told you not to cum without permission... but you just couldn't hold it in could you? Well. Naughty sluts get punished. And here is yours. Do not cum.                      ...