The Two Sides Series

In this experimental series, written by my minion, I use all the hypnotic tricks and triggers in my arsenal to covertly brainwash you. Each loop is linked by this simple underlying premise: that my voice surrounds you from two sides. In one ear, I speak to your conscious thoughts. In the other, I whisper at your subconscious desires.

Sleight of Voice

The Two Sides // Series #1
In this file, I am going to play with your mind. Your conscious mind will listen to the right-hand side, while I tinker with the subconscious, embedding my staple triggers deeper inside you. I will use all manner of social tricks and triggers I have in my arsenal. And you won’t be any the wiser, you won’t even hear them... But you will feel them.

Irresistible Illusion

The Two Sides // Series #2
In this file I relate to you a new and fantastical story, told in the same way as “Sleight of Voice” with all my tricks in play. Come. To a carnival, inside your mind...

The Sublime and Subliminal

The Two Sides // Series #3
In this file, the third installment in "The Two Sides" mini-series, I follow the same simple and yet subtle underlying premise of “Sleight of Voice”. It's time to recondition your subconscious to be more... receptive... to my voice and those sublime and subliminal whispers, which shall for now remain a teasing mystery.

Devious Distraction

The Two Sides // Series #4
The next file in the "The Two Sides" mini-series. Do you ever find yourself… getting distracted? Would you describe yourself as easily distracted in fact? Focusing can be so incredibly difficult, in certain circumstances, or to look at it from another perspective… Some things can be extremely enticing, so alluring that it’s impossible to look away...

The Whispers of Our Voice

The Two Sides // Series Bonus
A remix of an older hypnosis file and series; this new bonus loop is now available, combining all the whisper tracks from the "The Two Sides" mini-series!