Bad Woman's Anatomy

The audio includes joking references to female anatomy which are inaccurate.

Discovered in the Bedroom

Oh my god. Did you see the girl your roommate brought home tonight? What a snacc ! Mmm, maybe I need to be trading up to a curvier model. Awww, don’t look so scared. You’re a much more fun to fuck than she could ever be. Nobody else could ever submit for me the way you do, my little pet. You’re such a good little slut for me. And only me. Remember the bet we made the other day? ...

Excuse me, What the fuck!

Was there not enough scissoring for you? A short and snappy continuation to, "Yeah Baby, Let's Scissor".

Yeah Baby, Let's Scissor

Yeah baby, yeah baby, we ain't nothin' but scissors. Let's do it like we do it for all of the jizzers...