The audio contains a blooper.

Monster Brothel for Cute Girls

As an aspiring hero who dreams of more then just fighting monsters and rescuing damsels in distress, you have slipped away from the rest of your adventuring party to seek out one of the local brothels under the cute disguise of a travelling noble-woman. Though your feminine guise is perfectly carried off, and you pass with ease through the human townsfolk towards your tawdry destination, your...

Blooper Reel - Grrrr

Snippet from a commissioned script fill I am working on today. I really need to figure out growling I guess. Thought you might enjoy! =P

Blooper Reel - Tummy Blooper

A tummy blooper clip.

Blooper Reel - Sadistric

We all have desires... A short blooper clip.

Blooper Reel - My attempt at singing

A short blooper clip in which a few verses of a lullaby are sung together.