Cool Girl

The audio includes a female character whose mannerisms are cool, and she knows it.

Bratty Classmate Trances You into Her Fucktoy

You can't believe you got partnered with her for this university group-project. She's hot, extremely hot even, you won't deny that, but she's a total bitch other­wise. You can't stand how stuck up she is and the fact that she clearly realizes the effect she has on people. On top of that, you've never seen her so much as hold a pencil, but she somehow has perfect grades anyway. Everything about...

Gone Girl's 'Amy Dunne' gets you off

I saw this script by u/theperpetualwilliam and had to make it - because it is so very me. Teasing and cursing and telling you how and what I want. And I put my new mics arm to good use seeing how um... low it could go for some sounds I amplified.