Ear Brushing

An ASMR audio-technique involving softly brushing the microphone.

ASMR Hairdresser Mind Massage

“Hey! Would you like another hair styling sesh with me? Just a nice simple trim? — I want to help you feel relaxed, and feel good again. If that’s okay.”                                            ...

ASMR Sissy Makeover

Hey honey, ready to get ready to go out? I'm setting the make up gun to whore mode, and plan on putting the mascara nice and thick so it can drip so pretty down your face later.

ASMR Clench - Loop

My Good Boy // ASMR Series / Snippet #2
I made a bunch of snippets while working on "ASMR Clench", including this short track that you can listen to, or add to other files for fun.                                            ...