The audio is centred on imparting useful information to the listener.

Shibbydex Haptic Guide

I’m happy to announce the release of a brand new feature that’s been in the works behind the scenes - haptic support on the ShibbyDex! I know plenty of you have been interested and enjoying haptics, but one complaint I saw over and over again was not knowing how to get it to work, and even when it was able to work, you had to use all these external programs and all sorts. So… fingers...

Clicking Orders

Follow the Pattern. Follow the Plan.                                                                  ...

Almost Everything

Almost everything comes out free eventually...

Let Me Show You Something

I've come upon a post suggesting hypnosis isn't real. There are skeptics among us, and in this file - I do a bit of show and tell. Still fun for the believers as well. Just pretend for a moment you are a skeptic, a non-believer, but one who wants to... And press play.

Shibby's Ritual for summoning a Succubus

Awww, ya'll are so cute, so I'll let you in on the secret ritual...

A playful excerpt from my impromtu LIVE Recording yesterday

I thought you might enjoy it. No real tags, but there is a bit of teasing and rambling, naughty whispers and ASMR.

Let me guide you through your first prostate massage

Let me guide you, gently and sweetly, through your first experience with prostate play. I want to... I want to see those soft moans, your eyes drifting & fluttering in pleasure, those cute little blushes as you explore something new. Let me be your first, let me rock your world, let me show you the intense sexual and secret pleasure your body is capable of. ...

Rambling Shibbydex Plans

Rambling through a post on what I have in mind for the Shibbydex...

Classroom Demonstration

A headmistress teaches her class all about properly instilling submissiveness in males, in this class demonstration.

The Hypno Dungeon

Describing an app I will be releasing that allows mixing and matching of files and layers.

Moaning the Manual - Yeti Blue

Learning a bit more about my Yeti, if anyone else hasn't read the manual it might be a bit more interesting to hear it from me. Though a bit more distracting.

Verify take 2

Well I screwed up the first one, so here we go to get my tag so I can properly fuck with some subby heads.