Can you beat my score at 2048?

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Ever play 2048?

Well, now there's a Shibby Version* sent to me by LostDjinn on reddit - and I thought it was adorable. But then I thought about it more and thought of a few ways to use it to play with you. I enjoy the thought of you listening to my voice - while playing - well, trying to play... While in the background I play with you. I'm going to do my best to lull you down, sink you so deep you get lost.

But let's make it fun!

Let's make a bet. I want to see if you can beat my score. If you beat it... well, you get to beat it. ;) You can try as many times as you want. But if you don't beat my score, you don't get to cum. But one day of possible orgasm denial isn't really enough. So if you want to play, play for seven days with me. Each day I will post a file and a score, and each day you try to beat it - try to beat my score.

That's not so hard, right?

How far can you go?

Here are your scores to beat:

Day One - 6756
"Drop. Deeper."
Day Two - 15760
"Deeper into Pleasure".
Day Three - 4246
"Two States of Mind".
Day Four - 3094
"Brainwashed and Begging".
Day Five - 10,000
"Touch Yourself for me".
Day Six - 6,000
"Compliance brings Reward".
Day Seven -
Win the game by reaching "2048" !

The following audio is just me introducing this game to you. However, it contains hypnotic language and should not be listened to unless you are willing to take up a week long orgasm control challenge (over on reddit).

This is a play at your own risk file. *Do keep in mind I didn't create this version or this game. I honestly haven't played it as far as I can go, as far as some of you might go.