Full Body Massage


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A long, full body massage taking you deeper into relaxing trance...

Before your massage turns into a happy ending, and your masseuse has a happy surprise for you.                                             nbsp                    

For those of you who are straight but really love it when a woman straps on a fake cock and makes your ass feel good. Makes you feel used while she milks your prostate, and sends you to bliss. And by all means make this file even more fun with an Aneros or butt plug inside of you. Just make sure it's something safe and meant to be shoved inside of you.

This file is insanely relaxing, in all its forms. The lovely music used is the same favourite I used to put on when I did massage therapy professionally, and the same one I use now when I work on people just for fun! — Most of the ASMR comes from me whispering, switching of ears, and just having fun blowing into the microphone and making small noises to make some ears correspondingly tingle every now and then. You can also now experience all variants of "Full Body Massage" with a scripted vibrating toy for even more sensations.

Haptic support for this file was generously sponsored by My_Good_Pet, and intended for a vibrating butt plug.

Recommended lovense toy - Hush **

**Affiliate link, please use if you plan to buy a toy, as it helps encourage me to get more scripts made for my files.
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This original script was written and offered up by u/B3nB3ckman. (I also with a few slight tweaks made this pegging version for those of you who like women to have vaginas, but still put things in your butt).

"Music for Manatees" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License