From Tomboy to Submissive Girlfriend

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Oh my God dude, what are you doing home? I thought you went back to your parent’s place for the weekend. Um, you’re probably wondering why the fuck I’m wearing a dress. And some makeup. And an apron. And why I’m… baking. You know, for other girls, this wouldn’t require an explanation. Can’t you just let it go, and pretend you never saw this? I have an unblemished reputation as a tomboy, and I’d prefer to keep it that way. Just walk away and pretend you never saw this.

You’re going to be a dick about it, aren’t you? Maybe it’s because I’ve been so vocal about hating girly things. My mom was always pushing me to be as feminine as she was. But I was a tomboy. She hated that, and I kind of loved that she hated it. At some point in my teens, I started to change. Internally, at least. I still liked being a tomboy. But I saw the girls my age being feminine and cute, and I kind of wanted that too. I guess deep down, I’m as into traditionally feminine things as much as my Mom. Except I just couldn’t give her the satisfaction of knowing that. I… I couldn’t even tell you, and you’ve been my best friend longer than I can remember. But now you know. So... what happens from here?

Written by the amazingly well written Homersoc_