Orgasmic Preparation


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My mind and your mind are in agreement.

You want to follow. You want to obey. You want to drop down and make your cock stronger for my pleasure.


There are layers, and layers, and it is left open ended. So you can loop this file - again and again - with it also looping within itself. I carefully arranged the layers to provide your mind with the perfect conditioning, so that struggle as you might against my words, they will tire your mind out until you cannot help but let them slip past your defences.

But why fight it?

Simply relax and follow my simple directions.

This is the naked version of the file without binaurals or music.
A special thank you to Justin for sponsoring the haptic support!

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This file is a part of my "Orgasmic Training Series" and the loop & exercise, that makes all my desires of what I want to do with your cock possible. Listen to this file at least once a day for the series; in the background, in the foreground, it does not matter, simply follow and obey my instructions for your cock, which you will naturally be giving up to me.

Instructions for the accompanying exercise can be found linked on reddit. Do so at your own risk. Don't worry if you can't always keep up. Follow as many times as you can, in a safe and healthy manner only.