Yes Domina


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Modern, Bed
Consentual, Verbal Agreement
Gentle Female Domination
I bring you to a hands free orgasm as you moan Yes Domina
Make sure that you will not be disturbed or overheard for the duration of the file. Take the time to find a comfortable position, such that you able to relax as much as possible. Ideally you should be reclined in a soft bed, propped up with pillows or cushions. Just let your body settle there while you press play. Follow along to my words, and simply let my voice guide your thoughts.
Intended Effect
In this session the hypnosis exists to relax you down deep into sleepy trance, and let someone else take over, while I build your sexual arousal through two new trigger phrases, backed by femdom conditioning layers, that emphasise and reinforce your willingness to surrender control of your cock to me. Such as: "I only get hard for Domina" — "Domina wants me to get hard" — "Giving in makes me hard" — "Domina is going to make me get hard". No hidden traps, just pleasure in your obedience. Because in this file it doesn't matter what you want any more; I want you to get horny and hard. The file also includes post hypnotic suggestions of contentment and the desire to return — knowing my commands will only become stronger and stronger the more you listen.



This is a HFO that will gently, but firmly take you deeper and deeper down. Until you SLEEP. Until you are down so very very deep that you simply HAVE to obey me. My voice. My message. My commands. Such simple commands really... Just triggers to send you deeper, and to make your arousal grow.

So come play with me? —

Remember, the answer is always, 'Yes Domina'.


This file is sexy, and layered, and a bit brainwashy. Enjoy!

Tell me what you think, I get off on your feedback, so tell me what my voice did to you.

For the first time ever someone else did all the hard bits of making a hypnosis file for me! So many thanks to u/lurkinfortrouble for writing, editing, and making this match my style. He also taught me a bit about editing so the next hypnosis file I make and edit myself will be even better.

If you enjoyed this experience then check out the equally lovely "Yes Domina Training Loop" they made for me.


The central thrust of this file is all about making your cock rock-hard through submission to your Domina. As such it includes thematic conditioning and heavily layered psychological dirty talk about complete submission, exclusivity, and the idea that you should only get hard for me — which some may find uncomfortable. If you're unsure that this session is right for you, you're always welcome to look up the full details and tags before listening. ♡