You're such an Easy Slut

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There’s something so uniquely fulfilling about spending an afternoon in your favorite café as you enjoy the ambiance.
Of course, that means that you're not truly interacting with anyone...
But who can blame you?
It's been a long, arduous week. Your body is worn out. Your mind is tired.
It's nice to just let all of your stress drift away as you sip your drink and watch the people go by...
That is... until you see Her
Her striking, long blue hair draws your eyes from across the room.
She’s beautiful, elegant even. As your eyes follow her hair down, you can’t help but trace her form.
She’s got curves in all the right places, and an outfit to match. Your eyes move back up her body, noticing her boots, and how nicely they frame her long legs. Her black skirt, so short, her wide hips swaying from side to side.
Until your vision drifts up and you see her knowing smirk, your eyes locking with hers as she looks directly at you from across the café.
Caught in the act, you nervously look back down at your drink, desperately hoping she didn’t notice you staring.
There's no use trying to hide.
You're such an Easy Slut. And she knows it.

This file and it's accompanying haptics were part of a commission.
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