Edged And Brainwashed Into A Better Toy

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Dominant, Sweet
Modern, Dungeon
Romantic, Consentual, Verbal Agreement
Female Domination
I count us both down with Snaps to Clench and Fuck in a hands free orgasm together
Make sure that you are completely naked or in loose slutty clothing before you begin. Ideally you should also be listening in a relaxing position, laid down in bed or seated with soft pillows. The lights should be off and the room dark enough such that you can settle back nicely with your eyes fully closed. As this file is long you should be well hydrated, and have sufficient time set aside to listen undisturbed, without distractions, and with complete privacy throughout.
Intended Effect
I love playing with my sweet boy's mind. I love edging you until you're so hard, hot and horny that your brain is a mush. So in this file I will drop you down deep into trance, tie you up, and then lead you through an intimate sexual encounter in my dungeon — where I edge you relentlessly — until you can earn that pleasurable release that will keep you coming back to me. In this session there's a strong focus on brainwashing you to be a better submissive for me throughout. Including objectification and light humiliation for my amusement while I condition you to be my perfect toy, and most obedient submissive sybian.
[Edged And Brainwashed Into A Better Toy ]
[Edged And Brainwashed Into A Better Toy ]
Haptic Script
[Edged And Brainwashed Into A Better Toy ]

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Countdowns, Layers, Echoes, SFX / Reverb


Hypnosis Style: Pure

Pretalk / On What You Need Today, Instructions{ Relaxation / Deep Breaths, Quick Trigger Drops, Building Pleasure / Reinforcing Trigger < Good Boy }, Spiralling And Dropping Deeper Down / Countdown{ Quick Trigger Limp, Building Pleasure / Addiction, Reinforcing Suggestibility, Submissive Conditioning / Reinforcing Triggers < Pleasure < Deeper, Quick Trigger Clench }, Rapid Trigger Drop
Scene Begins / Tied Up In My Dungeon, Objectification "Boytoy" Deepener{ Reinforcing Triggers < Good Boy < Good Toy, Quick Trigger Drops / Countdown, Quick Trigger Drop }, Edging / Handjob{ Teasing, Trigger Testing = Drop = Drip = Buzz = Fuck / Building Pleasure }, Begging / Blowjob{ Verbal Responses, Mantra / "I'm Just A Toy. I Belong To Domina", Training / Orgasm Control } ... Deep Breath ...
... Objectification / My Sybian{ Reinforcing Triggers < Snaps < Clench, Quick Trigger Drops, Fucking You Deeper / Sex{ Repeating Mantra, Quick Trigger Snaps / Countdown, Rapid Trigger Drop, Focusing / Pleasure, Conditioning, Countdown / Cum Milking }}, Quick Trigger Drops & Snaps, Ear Licking / Intimacy, Verbal Agreement, Reward / Sex{ Countdown, Climax }, Scene Ends / Aftercare



Are you ready to be trained and conditioned into a better, more useful toy for your Domina?

To be dropped into trance and brainwashed for my amusement?

Then relax for me pet. And let each of my countdowns and snaps make you fall deeper and deeper into blissful submission... As my voice and my words condition you to my liking... As my triggers cause you so much pleasure that you drop deeper than ever before.

And before you know it, you will find yourself in my dungeon, naked and restrained. Prepared to be teased and played with like the toy that you are. Ready to serve your purpose in giving me pleasure... A service for me which in turn brings you pleasure. That I will use to edge you again and again, before I make you release for me.



This commissioned script fill was written for me by u/HighlyAdventurous and offered up privately.


This session builds upon and reinforces the conditioning from my earlier work. As such it assumes a familiarity with triggers from files such as "Give In", "Spellcast Slave", and of course all of "My Good Boy Series". So make sure that you've recently listened to "My Sweet Boy" a few days beforehand, and if you are new, the series as a whole. In particular an appreciation of "My Sybian" is a good indicator that you'll enjoy this experience too!

This is a file for you to achieve a hands free orgasm for me. So you will be a good boy and do as you’re told. Do NOT touch you’re cock while listening… Because if you fail in this and touch yourself at any point, then you've earned yourself the more fitting "Punishment Edging".


Note that there are a few short mentions of succubae and sucking the listener's soul which some listeners may find unsettling. Please remember that this is an erotic roleplay and intended as escapism. If this doesn't sound like it is for you please look up all the tags beforehand — in this file I want you to feel safe and secure with me.


Thanks to a kind anonymous supporter, this file now has haptic support enabled and designed for you to listen with a toy such as a glans massager.

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