Slut Inside You Series

This five-part gender transformation series, by u/ShadowedScripts, is all about releasing and fucking the slut inside you. I am going to be changing you into someone who's a bit prettier... a bit girlier... and definitely more than just a little bit sluttier.

Putting a Slut Inside You: A HFO

Slut Inside You // Series #1
Hello pet. Have you been feeling the weight of the world recently pet? Are you looking for an escape? I have a delicious one planned for you today. I'm going to help you take all those worries, all those cares, and store them away. I'm going to help you be... free. I'll take you to a place where all that matters is you and me. Of course I feel you could be a...

Training the Slut Inside You: A Multi HFO

Slut Inside You // Series #2
The main thrust of this script (heh), beyond a massive orgasm and temporary gender transformation, is to separate orgasm from ejaculation in the mind of the listener. Allowing the subject to have multiple mental orgasms over the course of a session before finishing with a squirting (ejaculating) orgasm. This file is very sexual, just like you, and has very...

Revealing the Slut Inside You

Slut Inside You // Series #3
This file furthers your training, your transformation into a slutty girl. While you start off with a cock, that soon changes as I show you to your bedroom. There we really go over your new look while looking in the mirror — and afterwards we pull your reflection out of the mirror for some intense lesbian sex as I make you Pulse with feminine arousal. ...

Empowering the Slut Inside You: A HFO

Slut Inside You // Series #4
Well this one took quite awhile to get to, and several days to edit... But for the sluts out there who like to be turned into a girl and FUCKED. It will all be worth it.
This time I bring you to my dungeons secret garden. Introduce you to my special plant. It's been waiting for you. It will fill you up like no amount of men can, throbbing and fucking...

Partying with the Slut Inside You

Slut Inside You // Series #5
I am certain that for those of you who are absolute sluts, who want to experience sex in every way possible, those of you who are just horny holes who want to enjoy the heat and power and absolutely depraved promiscuity that only having a pussy can bring you... Well you're going to make a mess. ...

Corrupting the Slut Inside You

Slut Inside You // Series Bonus
In this exciting Halloween episode, the slut inside you is pulled out, and turned into a succubus, through group sex, because of course... Then she is sent out into the world to seduce a male priest! It's a long and beautiful mess.