Putting a Slut Inside You: A HFO


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Slut Inside You // Series #1
Hello pet.

Have you been feeling the weight of the world recently pet? Are you looking for an escape?

I have a delicious one planned for you today. I'm going to help you take all those worries, all those cares, and store them away. I'm going to help you be... free. I'll take you to a place where all that matters is you and me.

Of course I feel you could be a bit prettier. A bit girlier. A bit... sluttier. So I'm going to transform you into a slutty girl.

And then I'm going to fuck your brains out - with your own cock.


Please be warned this file involves gender transformation. It is not for everyone — remember this is a fantasy roleplay and intended as escapism. I want you to always feel at home and safe listening to me.

If you enjoyed this file, you may also enjoy "A Different HFO" by the same author. Another suggested file to listen directly after is my recent file, "Healslut". I feel the two would go very well together. As with all the "Slut Inside You Series" this 'keystone' file implants important triggers used throughout each subsequent file.

This standard version of the file has binaurals for a more mind melting listening experience. You can now also listen to "Putting a Slut Inside You: A HFO" with a scripted vibrating toy! The haptic support for this file was kindly sponsored by Mia, and scripted for use with a prostate massager.

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This script was created by u/ShadowedScripts.