Shibby's Chastity Challenge

A week long regimen of files I want you to listen to in order while in chastity for me - cock cage or no. I want to see just how devoted of a slave you can be.

ASMR Slave. Obey.

My Sweet Boy... So good you've come back to me. I hope you have been enjoying yourself, enjoying all the hands free bliss I've bestowed on you. You've progressed so well, and I am very proud. But there is always room for more improvement, more... lessons. Todays lesson is in control. You are going to stroke yourself the way I tell you, as I take you deeper and deeper... Get you more and...


I love controlling you. It's so easy... You are just such a slut. Such a slut that to control you, all I have to do is control your cock. Control when you can get release... When you listen to this file... when you are ready to truly listen and be my slave, it is best if it has been a few days since the last time you came. Because the more you want to cum, the more my slave you...

Slip into Slave Mode

This file will make you feel more submissive. It will take you to a peaceful blank place in your mind, where you are so very vulnerable to my suggestions. In it, I place the trigger 'Slave Mode'. You will feel more submissive when you see those words in text. This trigger will let your mind know it's time to play. Time for you to obey. You will have no choice except to obey while you are in...

ASMR Punishment Edging

Naughty boy. I told you not to cum without permission... but you just couldn't hold it in could you? Well. Naughty sluts get punished. And here is yours. Do not cum.


That’s the sound of a little lock clicking shut. Locking you in. Into restraints, into my control. As you feel your ankles locked and secured. Your wrists, locked and secured. Completely Immobile as I lock your wrists to your thighs, securing you in submission to me. Completely MINE, as I take you further into trance, further into submission. Pure brainwashed submission this does not...

Teasing you in Chastity

Before clicking on this file, I want your cock bound in chastity. Just for me. ♡
Short and maliciously sweet, I thought you could use a bit of stimulation.

Release from Chastity

Now in a perfect world... You will have been in chastity for a bit before listening to this. If you are truly a Good Boy... You may have even tried my "Chastity Challenge" regimen. I do so hope you succeeded. Orgasms are much more intense and satisfying when you've been a Good Boy for me. ...

Drop. Deeper. - The Entranced Confessions Collection Training Loop

Drop. Deeper. There are no binaurals on this file, but you can easily find or make your own quickly and for free via googling "binaural beats". This file helps instill the triggers for the Entranced Confessions Collection. Training your mind in a loop you can listen to over and over again as many times as you want.