So, You Want To Be Hypnotized?

This is the perfect place to start for newcomers to hypnosis. Let me guide you down into trance by following my voice, introducing you to various techniques and conditioning that will serve as a foundation that is built upon in all my files.

Just Relax With Me, Okay?

A short playful induction to help you relax and breathe.

Hi, I'm Shibby. And Soon You'll be a Strapped Down, Squirming MESS.

Relax as I gently guide you down, reassuring you that this is only a temporary thing. Come and allow me to bring out your submissive side, as I claim dominance over your mind - but only for this file. You are safe with me. I promise to remove all triggers and influence at the end of this file, leaving you better then I found you. My only continuing commands after you wake up, will be for relaxation and a smile. Gentle doesn't mean weak in any way though, and while you are under the power of my voice, I promise to have you squirming and moaning, begging for more, more, more... you'll be such...

My Sweet Boy

It's the same script but rerecorded for better quality. Completely new layers, and a tweaked format. :) It was so relaxingly lovely to reminisce while making this file... it was a bit exciting as well, thinking back to a little more then a year ago in January when I first made and posted "My Sweet Boy". And then you guys with your appreciation made me take what might have only been a one time thing, and turn it into what it is today - a happy life where I make a decent living from making something I love and consider art - and getting lots of people off with my voice. ;) Thank you. Tha...

ASMR Trance Trigger Training Drop. Deeper.

The recreation of an older file of mine- Drop. Deeper. This version has the same script, just added to - leading to a completely different, completely immersive experience. Using similar techniques to those in the States of Mind Series, this file has no sex in it - instead it is simply hypnosis, simply brainwashing, simply a loop to make your mind, simply Mine. Training you to respond to the words 'Drop' and 'Deeper' when told them with intent by myself, or by someone who you wish to have that power over you. I do have that safe guard in, however if you want everyone to be able to hav...


A beginner file that follows more classic hypnosis techniques. In this file I will be asking you steadily more perverted questions. At first it's easy to say yes. Do you want to be hypnotized? Of course you do. Do you want ME to hypnotize you? I know it goes without saying... but I still want you to say yes. And on and on down a slippery slope in your mind as you slowly but vocally agree with every word I say, as the questions become more and more intense. Until finally you agree to be a mindless slave, waiting for commands.

Sleepytime Brainwashing Loop

It's time to sleep my sweet pet... sleep and have lovely dreams. I'll be there, with you, beside you. Guiding you. Molding you into a better person, a better slave. Relax into it... Find release in my voice.

Yes Domina

My voice, my message, my commands. Come play with me..... Remember, the answer is always, 'Yes Domina'. This is a HFO that will gently, but firmly take you deeper and deeper down. Until you SLEEP. Script by u/lurkinfortrouble.

Give In

The same type of file as "Mine", or "Slut to My Voice" - If you enjoyed them you will like this file. I'm going to tell you why you like it, tell you to say yes, knowing that every time you say yes it becomes easier to say yes the next time. I know you inside and out, and I am going to use it to condition you to my will. Pleasure is just a tool for me, but for you... it's your undoing of free will. This file is mostly mental, no fantasy scenarios or moans. Note: This version is "F4A". F4A stands for "Female for All", meaning it doesn't mention gender, or use gender specific body parts at...


I love playing with you. So I'm going to reinforce all of your triggers... and add a new one... one to make you that much more fun to play with. After you listen to me in this file, you should feel pleasure or relaxation when I use your trigger words in ALL of my files, both hypnosis and non-hypnosis. So I can properly get in there and fuck with your head. This is going to be so much fun! This file is meant to be listened to after "My Sweet Boy" and is a very important file in my collection. The triggers I will anchor inside of you are used throughout all of my files. By listening to this f...

Happy Kinky Ending

One of those files I could never make while I was actually still doing massage therapy. ;D You've been so good for me lately. I think you deserve a reward... How about a nice long massage. Of course... we're both perverts so let's make it a *lil* more interesting. I can't find a blindfold to protect your eyes from the light, so lets just use this leather hood. And some restraints so you don't wiggle around when I am destroying your knots. This file will also include spanking and the beating of your body with a thumpy toy that doesn't hurt so much as it impacts. Using the ancient art of...