Dropping into the Loop

A washing haze of mindless trance drops over you in this modular series of files. As I take control of you. Each fractionating loop linked so that you can mix and match them together for a deeper experience. Just look into my eyes...

Dropping into the Loop - Base File

Blank blue mind. Blank blue thoughts. A washing haze of mindless trance dropping over you, as with this base file for a modular loop series I take control of you. Bringing you up and down as I fractionate you deeper and deeper into bliss.

Dropping into the Loop - Rocking Deeper

So hazy, so mindless... So irresistibly swayed by the movement. Just finding the perfect tempo to help you relax. Rock for me, my sweet pet. Rock yourself deeper and deeper into trance.

Dropping into the Loop - Freeze

Get ready to be played with in a whole new way. Let me show you, just how much physical control I can take over you, as I freeze you in place.

Dropping into the Loop - Silent Witness

Stare deeper into my eyes. Watch them glint and sparkle... Try to focus on them, you can think of it like a contest. But every time you blink, just a little, they become so much heavier to open the next time...

Dropping into the Loop - Rubber Slut

I want you to tell me what you are. Scream it... I'm a Rubber Slut. Chant it... I'm a Rubber Slut. Until you truly accept that you really are just my empty rubber drone.

Dropping into the Loop - Thrown Down

So sweet, so cute. So helpless. Helpless to resist my voice. It wraps inside you, plays… Almost sentient in the way the words themselves seem to wrap around your being. Nudging and focusing you towards my goals without you even thinking…

Dropping into the Loop - My Voice, My Lips, My Mouth

I know what makes you tick. That burning desire that resides inside of you. You’re a puppet ready to be strung by me, and every part of you is an asset I can bend, exploit. You just can’t get enough of my words, these suggestions I’m whispering in your ears…