Dropping into the Loop - Freeze


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Dropping Into The Loop // Modular Series Module: 3 / 7
Get ready to be played with in a whole new way.

Let me show you, just how much physical control I can take over you, as I freeze you in place.


For anyone playing with a partner. This file installs the trigger "Freeze" into the listener, which when said accompanied by a snap, will freeze them in place until you release them by saying "Move Freely" with a snap. If you say a body part and snap, just that piece of them will be able to move. After the listener finishes this file they will still be in trance and should be susceptible to any additional triggers or play you would like, or you can wake them up and tease and play with them using their new trigger.

Remember to wake them from trance you just have to tell them you are waking them up, that when you say "Five" they will be alert and awake, and then count up from one to five.

Suggestions on how to fuck with them:

1. Have a normal conversation or do a normal activity- tell them to “Freeze” while snapping your fingers, then ignore them for a minute… or play with them for a minute- taunting is ALWAYS the right thing to do- before using their release command “Move Freely” and another snap of your fingers.
2. Have them play a video game while you watch, and every so often use the trigger to get them killed. Or just inconvenienced.
3. They are expecting you to use this trigger on them. Fuck with them. Make them think you are about to by bringing your hand up like you might snap, your mouth parting as if to say something… and then lower your hand and smile at them, before doing something else.
4. Instruct them to play with themselves until they are on the edge… and then freeze them so they can’t finish at crucial moments. Or fuck them, and do the same.
5. Freeze them, and then decorate them like you would a manakin. Scarves, hats, sunglasses. You can also draw and write on them with markers.