The audio includes a roleplay scene or story in which someone is depicted being physically beat (not necessarily, as impact play).

Wedding Night Surprise

Oh Honey... I'm so glad we are finally wed. We can finally have that wedding night we've been talking about, that you have been saving yourself for. There's just this one thing... I'm not really a virgin. Or religious. In fact, I'm a dominatrix, and I've decided to turn you into my perfect slave. ...

My Kinky Life - Kinkation

I went on vacation for a week to a kinky summercamp. A giant festival of sexual freedom of every sort - especially kink! Most interesting and fun people watching EVER. You could be talking to someone one minute, and the next see someone coming up behind them and hooding them out of nowhere. To be followed by several more guys and girls picking them up and carrying them off with their legs...

My Kinky Life - Sensory Deprivation

I went on vacation for a week to a kinky summercamp! This is the fourth chapter in my recounting of the awesome real scenes I did while on "Kinkation".                                            ...

Pegged by the police

Drunk driver gets pulled over by a sadistic cop. Punishment ensues.