Your WoW Crush Hypnotizes You Into Her New Minion


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I know what you've been thinking all these nights, grinding WoW together. I’ve been having a blast, it’s been a huge nostalgia trip getting sucked back into Azeroth. But, I've geared up my Druid fully on classic now and I was thinking, maybe we should play together in person... If you catch my drift, I'm sure the guild can manage without us for one night. If you’re game, wanna give it a shot? Wanna have some fun?

To really spice things up - I have this kink that I want to experience with you. The first time we meet, for real, I want you to be in a hypnotic trance. I want you plugged, lying down in your bed, completely naked, arms and legs bound in real life, secured with nowhere to go. No choice but to keep listening to my voice, as my suggestions seep further and deeper into each crevice of your mind, finding the weakest spot as I slip inside...

It doesn’t matter if you don't “believe” in hypnosis. I want you to be sceptical, I want you to be sure that “nothing” will happen that you can’t control. All I can say is, I'll totally make it worth your while if you give me a head start. You want to play with me, it's obvious. You want to be played with. You want me to show you my kinky side, so I can show you yours.

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