Drained in Denim

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I love finding more ways to control you, more ways to tie your desires with me.
Finding new threads to tug, unravelling your mind before me.
Threads that weave around and around inside your brain.

My voice is so soft as it slips past your defences so easily.
Surrounding you, enveloping your consciousness with my words.
They cross, they knot, they twist and entwine.

Your mind becoming entangled in my control as you feel that soft fabric.
Slipping up the back of your neck.
Those threads going around and around your mind in circles...

As you're joined by three gorgeous women.
A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.
They're wearing tight, white tank tops.

Their lace bras are visible underneath, defining their cleavage.
They're the kind of girls you've always fantasized about.
As you feel the denim begin to tighten around your mind.

Wrapped in denim. Bound and squeezed by my control.
By my voice. So open to suggestions.
Every word from my mouth becomes a picture in your mind.

This is what dominant women like me love.
Implanting inside you new fetishes so that I can use it against you.
Taking your dirtiest fantasies and forcing you to focus and fixate so intensely on it, that you lose yourself completely.

Put on your headphones, lie back, relax and listen to me as you are "Drained in Denim".