Submissive Sissy Slut

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You find yourself at a club. Not the kind with flashing neon lights, loud music, and crowds of strangers dancing. No. It’s the kind of club you would only find if you really knew where to look. In a back­room, down a velvet-entry­way, reserved for only those special few with all-night access.

Your friend is up at the bar. She told you she was going to order drinks for when you arrived, but as you watch her you begin to notice that her attention has been taken by something else, by someone else. She has completely forgotten about any drinks, and is instead chatting to a cute boy.

She’s his favorite kind of girl. The kind who isn’t afraid to approach and show interest. He loves the attention he gets from girls like her, girls who have urges and desires too difficult to tame. But something is different tonight. For as polite and delicate as he may be, he seems… distracted? Her advances are being met not with a flirtatious dismissal but rather indifference.

Your friend seems to take the hint, at last, and returns to the table. She drops a few teasing words about the chance encounter before suddenly breaking off in thought — taking you by the hand, and leading you towards the bathroom. Dragging you into a stall she reaches down into her purse and pulls out a vial filled with tiny pink pills…

This audio is not about pleasure, well, your pleasure. Under no circumstances are you allowed to orgasm during this file. If you break this rule, you must start this audio from the beginning, still plugged, still caged. You will not be allowed to ‘clean up’ or ‘come back later’.

I am going to train you until you are able to listen to me without orgasm.

While not required to enjoy this experience, it is highly recommended that you use the following:

• A chastity cage (worn).
You can now enjoy this experience with one of my very own branded chastity cages.
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• A vibrating butt-plug or prostate massager (inserted).
Haptic integration for "Submissive Sissy Slut" has been scripted for use with a prostate massager.

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Please remember this is a fantasy roleplay and intended as escapism. As such it uses mixed gender terms. If this doesn't sound like it is for you, you're welcome to look up all the tags before listening. I want you to feel at home and safe listening to me.