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Tonight, my pet, I’m going to tell you a story, or more specifically, I'm going to read you a bedtime story, of sorts...

And just like all the best fantasy novels there will be adventure, wonder, and perhaps, some peril. For no doubt our hero will need to overcome a terrible and truly hideous monster in a tale so fraught as, The Silken Web. I do so hope he is up to the challenge ahead.

* * *

I just can’t wait to get started.

But first I need you to be all curled up and cosy for me. This is a bedtime story, after all, you should be right there on the edge of sleep. At that dreamy space where you can just let down all your defenses and simply drift away as you follow my voice. Feeling so calm, so relaxed. Just breathing in and out. Finding yourself caught up in the thread of my voice... As I spin out my words, spin out my story, spin out my web.

Until you are caught.

Trapped —

In my Silken Strands.

This file, at almost an hour long, is similar in approach as to my own "Spellcast Slave" and "Sirens Song". So if you enjoy this style of bringing you down into trance, and using the erotic story to take you deeper, then you may also wish to check those out along with my "Bedtime Story Induction" for more fantastical adventures and dream-like escapades.

There are also haptic scripts available for you to vibrate in tune with "Silken Strands"; designed for use with a vibrating butt plug.

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