Trust me but don't trust me


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Do you think you're able to entertain me?

Do you think you're enough to satisfy me?

Slave, I think it's finally time for you to put your training into practice — to be a good pet and obey me. I'll be watching, so you'd better follow my orders till the very end. You're going to be naughty for me. So very naughty, my dear boy.


Trust me, this is going to be messy, get sloppy, and feel oh-so slutty.

Now when you're ready, hit play, this may take some time ;)

This extra dirty version of the file includes ass licking commands. If this is a hard limit for you then you're very welcome to listen to the standard variants of this file instead. I want you to always feel at home and safe listening to me.

It is mandatory to read and follow all the instructions below, before listening:

• You will present yourself to me fully clothed, and standing beside your bed. I know for my good slaves that feels wrong, even dirty, perhaps, to be so hidden from my gaze. I know you don't want to be clothed before me. But it's what I want - what your Goddess wants.
• You will make sure you won't be unduly disturbed during this audio. You belong only to me. And I want nothing else to come between us during our time together.
• If possible you should have a blindfold or sleeping mask in hand, (although this is not required).
• If possible you should have lube and clean-up supplies ready, (although this is not required).
This file was kindly written by u/iceman7sf, and offered personally over on my subreddit to use as I see fit.