Pets belong in Cages

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I want your cock where it belongs, in chastity, restrained under my control. But be warned... In doing so you are agreeing to fully submitting yourself to me for a long time. So far I have only toyed with having you in chastity. Now, I’m going to take your training to the next level.


This file makes for the perfect companion loop for both my upcoming Shibby Cages and "Chastity Cum Calendar". Designed to be listened to again and again, and again. It takes all of my tempting whispers, and teasing suggestions, and threads them together in tightly interwoven multi-tracks... To own you. To control you. To chastise you.

Aww, my poor pet. It’s going to be hard, really hard, mentally and physically, I’m sure.
But you will not pleasure yourself without my permission —
A good pet, after all, belongs in their cage.

You can now experience this file with one of my very own branded chastity cages, made in collaboration with OXY-SHOP.

Shibby Classic Chastity Cage **
Shibby Chastity Training Kit **

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Know that whilst you are expected to have a cock, your gender is not mentioned. Since I make such a wide variety of files, and adore the uniqueness of so many of my listeners, I decided I would make sure all of you can hopefully enjoy this to its fullest.

If you are unfamiliar with long term chastity or do not yet have a cage, then this may not be the file for you. However, for those good boys who're still interested and intrigued by the prospect, do check out my more accessible "Chastity" file, alongside the accompanying "Shibby's Chastity Challenge" as well.

This challenge could lead to an endless cycle of frustration and enslavement. Listen at your own risk.

I want your cock caged. This is not negotiable. Before you press play on this loop, you should be locked in chastity for me ♡