Fly Like A Fairy With Me


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I'm so glad you could join me. Are you ready to relax? Good, I'm so glad to hear it.

Start by just listening to the gentle sound of my voice. Consciously allowing your body to completely relax and let go of any tension.
As I talk, focus on your body. Focus on yourself and for now, focus on just one part of yourself.
Feel your muscles in that area becoming softer and more at ease as if a wave of warm soothing energy is washing over you. Carrying away any stress or discomfort.
And since all of you is connected, as that one part of you relaxes, so does the rest of you.

Feel the earth beneath your feet, the air is cool and fresh. Filled with the subtle sense of flowers that mingles together to create a perfume that is both intoxicating and revitalizing. Going deeper into the forest with me. Appreciate the majestic wonder around you. Feeling a sense of transformation taking place within you. Gradually spreading throughout your entire body. As you feel delicate wings unfolding from your back. Your new wings begin to quiver with excitement and you can sense the latent power they can unleash. As you spread your wings for the first time a gentle gust of wind lifts you into the air. You feel weightless and free. You are now a creature of the air. Able to glide and explore the wonders of this hidden realm. You can feel the suns warm embrace on your skin and filling you with a sense of joy and serenity.

Come Fly Like a Fairy With Me