Fractioning Your State of Mind


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The States Of Mind // Series #2
Let yourself relax back for a bit. Let me play with your mind. Bring you pleasure. Bring you down into trance with a recursive induction, in the signature style of "The States of Mind Series" with multi-tracks, and luxurious ASMR whispers. My voice will surround you. Wrap you... Bring you down in a mixture of hypnosis techniques and the psychological dirty talk that is my own special style.

I can't wait to play with you...

In this sequel to "Two States of Mind", the layered recursive induction used takes on the delicious addition of using a 3Dio mic — with moans, whispers, and soft ASMR to send tingles from your brain splashing all over your body. So be sure to wear stereo or binaural headphones. This is a perfect file to listen to on it's own... but it works especially well if listened to after it's beloved predecessor.


Since I make such a wide variety of files, and adore the uniqueness of so many of my listeners, I also decided I would make sure all of you can hopefully enjoy this to it's fullest. The main variation being use of gender terms, and some have different length times. This file is gender neutral, with no mentions of gender or genitalia.

Haptic support sponsored by a very Slutty sub.

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As a thank you to my supporters when I reached 5k, I told you I would make a sequel to a file of your choice.
"Two States of Mind", a beautiful file that many have loved, ended up being picked.