Love-ly Orgasm


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Here is the prompt I was given for the file as per the list my patreons voted on: Having an orgasm while being in love feels so much better! What if all orgasms you experience with me feel that good? What if my voice, the moment I start talking, makes you instantly horny and you become so in love with me that orgasm will feel heavenly? Isn’t that what you have always dreamed of?

I will create a training session where I take your natural safety defenses down with a new reusable trigger, so I can burn this love for me deep in your subconscious mind. After that, I will take you to the moment in your life where you felt that super intense being in love feeling for the very first time. I will take that feeling and imprint in your brain that you will feel exactly the same for me, the moment you start listening to my voice. My voice will become the most wonderful sound you ever heard and will ever hear. Being in that heavenly sub-space I will make you orgasm in a way you never knew was possible and in the afterglow, I will imprint all triggers and suggestions again and make sure that all future orgasms you experience listening to me, feel this good again and again!

Here is the file I made for you ;) This file is a bit heavy on devotion and love, and quite possibly goes places only a therapist should. Be aware if you choose to listen.