Discovered in the Bedroom


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Oh my god. Did you see the girl your roommate brought home tonight? What a snacc !
Mmm, maybe I need to be trading up to a curvier model.

Awww, don’t look so scared. You’re a much more fun to fuck than she could ever be. Nobody else could ever submit for me the way you do, my little pet. You’re such a good little slut for me. And only me.

Remember the bet we made the other day?
Whoever won the round got to demand sex whenever and however they wanted for a week?

I know you threw the game. Not that I wouldn’t have fucking rolled you anyway. You just didn’t want to take any chance that I wouldn’t make you my obedient little toy for a week, did you?

You didn’t have to go through the whole charade, you know. You could have just begged. Told me how bad you needed it. I might have even said yes. You’re not fooling anyone Slut. We all know who gets fucked in this relationship. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t try to speak.
You don’t have to defend your sluttly little ass to me.

I want you to expose it instead.
Strip for me...

This is the sequel to "Discovered in the Doorway" written by the ever amazing u/ShadowedScripts.
However they can each be very much enjoyed on their own as singular experiences.

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