Latex Lobotomy


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broken, Alz
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Before we continue, my sluts. Let me start out with a warning. The themes in this file may be uncomfortable for some listeners who find the idea of their mind being turned into a liquid latex mush distressing. And I wouldn't want anybody to be enticed in further, that wasn't prepared to be mind-fucked beyond their wildest imaginations...

The Chip implant looks as though it has been a success, but much more rigorous testing needs to take place before the Doctor can be sure. This is just the beginning of your medical trial, as a set of invasive tubes and devices are inserted and secured in place to monitor and manipulate your most private parts.

It's time for your next round of reconditioning, Patient 207.

This file was made from the ground up with [Haptics] in mind, so now is the perfect time to get yourself a vibrating toy if you haven't already before the full release hits. For the most immersive experience possible, please pair listening to this file with a vibrating buttplug via the provided haptic script (linked above under the expanded file details).

Recommended lovense toy - Hush **

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