Let's Quarantine Together


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I'm so sorry you are sick, all I want is for you to feel better, for you to feel GOOD.

I do not have the energy to ride you, to fuck you - I'd probably suffocate if I tried to blow you or eat you out.
So grab your vibrator and we will pleasure each other with the lowest effort needed!

And if you are really sick - I get it if you don't have the energy.


UpdateI got fucking covid again. Maybe from this being the second time, or getting my booster shot, at least there doesn't seem to be any weird shit this time, it's just like a cold. I'm starting to feel better, and get some of my energy back- but it really is just a mood, and I can't help but think of you when you're sick. And how fun it would be to give you a handjob. Or soup.

So I made this just now, it's not scripted or super polished, but if you are feeling a bit sick, maybe it will give you some comfort. This file is somewhat vanilla, though I may threaten to tie you up so we can binge TV shows, and in the moment you might get called a dirty little slut. So it's up to you what you feel up for -

After part one, play either "I Just Want To Cuddle" or "I'm Sick not Dead".