Domina's Outlet

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Slaves should only ever hear their mistress's voice. To that effect I have you bound in my dungeon, body encased in restraints, head covered in a thick hood that leaves you blind, gagged, and only able to hear MY voice.

Left tied up, waiting for my next desires...

Left with my recording, my voice playing in your ears...

Until at last you hear me return, my heels popping on the dungeon floor —

"Here's our session, my pet. Are you listening? My schedule has been cleared just for this, just for you. I’m going to tease, taunt, and torment you. After all… Where's the fun in having a toy, if you don't try to break it."

This is the commissioned sequel to my file, "Sensory Deprivation". It continues directly afterwards, and picks up the scene mid­way. So they are best enjoyed together. Be aware that this sequel is a bit harsher in tone, and content then my original loop.

This file has been sponsored by the wonderful Alan, so that you can use scripted toys such as a vibrating butt plug.
If so have it safely inserted before you press play.

Recommended lovense toy - Hush **

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