My Latex Series

A series scripted both by myself & broken which is all about your pure brainwashed submission. It's a long way down into my dungeon, sweetheart. Into my world of latex slaves. But that doesn't hold you back... No... You were born kinky. You were born to serve and obey.


My Latex Series // Session One #1
It's a long way down into my dungeon sweetheart. A long, spiralling way down as one by one, you fuck my slaves. Frozen in place, until my SNAP frees them. Of course they are still quite restrained, in perfect positions for you to fuck them the way they want. I call it punishment... But it really isn't for them. They are sluts. My sluts. My...


My Latex Series // Session Two / Full #2
This is the long awaited sequel to my longest file to date "L.A.T.E.X". It only seems fitting that it should become my next longest file comprising all of the previously released parts together. It’s exceedingly long but (I hope you’ll agree) worth it for those who have a soft spot for latex. The narrative directly continues from where we left off...


My Latex Series // Session Two / Alarm #2
This companion audio to "My Latex Series" is designed to be listened to as an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning, preferably after listening to "R.U.B.B.E.R" in the evening and falling asleep. It’s pretty simple, just grab your phone, download the “Sleep” app and add this file as the alarm “Tone”. Make sure to select headphones...


My Latex Series // Session Three #3
Welcome to the third & final file in “My Latex Series”, and the last step in your journey through slavery to prove you are special. After all this time. All these years spent listening to me. It really has been a long way down into my dungeon, sweet­­heart. Remember? ... All those many many nights spent together, deep within my rubber world,...